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[singlepic=823,250,250,left]A trip to California wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Disneyland, right? It has always been my dream to visit the theme park. When I was in grade school, I had a classmate who travels to California with her family every summer and of course they always visit Disneyland. I was always green with envy seeing pictures of their travels and hearing stories of how much fun they had.
I’ve been to other theme parks but Disneyland is just so magical! For a lot of people I know, visiting the place is so much like a dream coming true. Oh well, at least it was for me. The first time I visited was on Halloween. We were there really early and it was on a weekday so it wasn’t so crowded. (I remember visiting another theme park on a weekend and we wasted so much time lining up for the rides!) It was so surreal riding the Space Mountain — my favorite! One thing I truly enjoyed though is the parade and the fireworks in the evening. What I hated most was shopping for souvenirs — there were just so many cute stuff that I wanted to buy!
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  1. I totally agree that Disneyland is just so magical…my favorite part is the evening fireworks. I went last year but due to high winds we didn’t see the fireworks :0( I hope you get a chance to go again too ^_^

  2. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think, that Disneyland is not so great! As for me, it’s better to go on some kind of trip, in the mountains or something like that. You know, I just love nature,mountains,forests,deserts and so on,and I dislike such “man-made fun”

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