Billy Joel in Seoul

[singlepic=824,250,250,right]I always keep on forgetting to write a post about this. Anyway, I learned almost two months ago that Billy Joel is bringing his concert tour to Korea. My sister in Ohio attended his concert in Columbus in the spring and I was so green with envy!
Billy Joel is one of my favorite musicians and in fact, I have almost all of his albums (cassette tapes!) at our home in Angeles City. In short, I’ve been a fan of Billy Joel since I was young. When I was a senior in high school, I had the chance to see him in concert in Clark Air Base (near Angeles City where I lived).
On January 16, 1991 (I still remember the exact date) Billy Joel went to the Philippines as part of his USO concert tour. I was living in our school’s dormitory that time and I had to miss school for a whole week because I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to go out just to watch the concert. My mother is so cool to allow me to miss school! LOL! Mr. Joel did not disappoint and me missing school was oh-so-worth-it!
Billy Joel gave a super duper unforgettable performance despite the light rainshowers that time. His only complaint were the bugs, while mine was having to stand for almost five hours (three hours in line and two hours for the concert!) Anyway, I still remember how the crowd sang with him when he performed the “Piano Man” and how couples swayed to his version of “Unchained Melody” which was really popular that time.
Billy Joel’s concert in Seoul is next week, November 15. It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t go since my husband will be on a business trip abroad. I could’ve taken that 20% discount on tickets since we have a Hyundai card.


  1. piano man rocks!!!
    how about get a nanny who’s being paid by the hour? or have a friend take care of him? too precious, yea?
    have a great day!!!

  2. hi, so sorry i haven’t mailed the books from tesha yet.. anyway, i am planning to watch pareng BILLY JOEL this weekend..will u have time to meet me? sat or sun afternoon will be okay..
    if not please email me your mailing address again..wala na sa inbox ko ..thanks!

  3. Hi. How are you? It’s nice to read your blog. Keep on working on it. So, I drop EC for you. Don’t forget to Keep on Smiling. Salaam.

  4. Hello. Why will a Hyundai Card give you -20%? Is it a discount card (if ever there is something like that) or Hyundai Group has a bank that their card has something like rewards program?
    And let me try saying it again in Korean…
    안녕하세요. 왜 현대카드는 당신을 -20%을 드리게습니까? 이 것은 Discount Card (만약 세계에 Discount Card[카드]를 있어요) 또는 현대그룹은 은행을 있다면 그때 그들의 카드는 Rewards 프로그램을 있습니까?
    Wow. I found it hard to translate and I don’t even know if I have correct grammar.
    More power to your blog Ate/Tita Betch.
    Aarons last blog post..영어 블로그 다시 오픈

  5. Hey, don’t forget who brought you there to that concert in The Philippines! Yes, it’s Gary, your sisters old boyfriend from the Philippines. I recently spoke to Luz and she mentioned about how you fondly remembered the concert and suggested I attach a note on your blog. Anyway, I hope all is well and I wish you the best. Warm Regards, Gary

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