Big Bang's TOP and Lee Hyori kissed!

Big Bang’s TOP had a “controversial” kissing scene with Sandara Park in Gummy’s MV last spring. This time, he and Lee Hyori stole the limelight with their “kissing scene.” The scene kinda remind me of that limelight-stealing wardrobe-malfunction act of Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake in you-know-which-show in some way.
The kissing scene happened at the 2008 Mnet KM Music Festival. Lee Hyori performed together with the boy group Big Bang for the first time. Was it staged? Yup. Was it long? Nah. See for yourself…
TOP and Lee Hyori kiss – video


  1. i’m sure like many TOP fangirls out there (and fangirls in general too), i gasped at the sight of this; or squealed, not sure. oh how i wish TOP gave me a peck on the lips!
    TOP and Sandy’s kiss may have been controversial but I didn’t even see any lip connection! I think fans expected more. YG did build the TOP-Sandy pairing up with those teaser photos.
    On a side note, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Rain and his comeback. Unless you already have and I just haven’t backtracked to it yet. hehe. What did you think of Rain’s MKMF performance?

  2. lol.. i watched d whole performance.. and i saw top smiled after he kissed hyori.. lmao.. i bet dey’re both awkward after dey kissed.. lol..

  3. Whaaaatt??!
    OMG…Hyori is soo lucky to be soo god damn gorgeous & to be kissed by TOP !!
    ARGGHHHHh….I envy her—>In a good way if thats possible. lol.
    Well I like Hyori and TOP !
    OMG Seungri I LOVE YOU!! LMAOOOOOOo!! Random much. 😀

  4. sobs WHY?!!! Huhu.. he kissed everyone! He kissed Dae sung n G dragon in coffee prince parody,then it’s hyori’s turn. This is unexceptable! O.o’ You like to kiss people, do you? Hahaha!! Aww,never mind. I still love you. <3

    1. haha!~~ not only that but in drama IRIS too,he kissed a girl..OMG!!! O.O”…

  5. i dont like Hyory. Yet i am not a fan of niether Big Bang nor TOP. I dont like her cause, once there were rumors that she is outing with… Rain! Gosh! I hope beloved Rain stays far away from Hyori and never gets involved in such awkward scenes like TOP had.

  6. T.o.P!!!!!….it’s like my heart cut into a million pieces seeing this scene….no!no! [2] 🙁

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