Filming location: Full House

[singlepic=832,250,250,right]I honestly have not seen the Korean drama “Full House” starring Bi (or Rain) and Song Hye Gyo, and I’m not that interested to see it. (I didn’t even finish “Coffee Prince” and a line of other “cutesy and typical” K-drama)
Last Saturday (November 15) though I visited the filming location of “Full House” in Si-do (Shi Island), which is just at the back of Incheon International Airport. My mother had a 10-hour stopover in Korea on her way to Los Angeles. It is such a short-time to bring her to Seoul or away from the island where the airport is located.
To go to Si-do, we took the ferry at Sam-mok port. The round-trip fare for the car is 20,000 won (US$13.50 – passengers need not pay extra). We landed at Shin-do’s port 15 minutes later. Si-do is connected to Shin-do by a bridge. I was chatting with my mother that I didn’t notice how long it took for us to reach the famous house.
The “set-jang” or the filming location of “Full House” is located by the beach. The weather was cold and cloudy that day. When we arrived at the location, there were only two other cars that were parked outside. A few people were strolling at the beach.
The ticket to get inside the house costs 5,000 won (US$3.37) per person! I bought two tickets for me and my mother. My husband wasn’t interested to get inside and he preferred to walk around. The ticket seller gave me two posters for free!
Here are the pictures of the place. I thought that it would be nice to go there in the summer season. I love the chandeliers in the house, especially the one in the master’s bedroom (find the rightmost picture on the fourth row). The island itself would be a nice place to visit for a walk on the beach, picnic or bathing. It is quite rural in that there are a few commercial establishments and no high-rise apartment building although attractive pension houses abound.


  1. i posted this at about 2AM and i was really sleepy and tired so wala nang descriptions… anyway, ang mahal ng 5,000 won ha! mas gusto ko nga pala yung house sa Sad Sonata…

  2. Hi Betchay! 🙂 Love your blog. I was in Korea last year for a press coverage and I fell in love with Korea. 🙂
    Add to that, my friend lent me a full-season DVD copy of “Full House” which I happily and eagerly devoured in less than a week. 🙂
    Just want to let you know that it’s such a joy to read from you, a fellow Filipina, a personal blog about the country I didn’t expect to fall in love with. 🙂

  3. I have heard so much about Korea from my husband who worked in Seoul for a couple of years and a DVD of ‘Full House’ was one of the very first gifts he gave me!
    25,000 won per head plus 5000 won per person to see where ‘Full House’ is filmed seems really steep though! But if you have a short stopover, it is always better to get out of the airport, see whatever sights are in the vicinity and get back for your flight! Sort of like ‘Stop-watch Tourism’ but it works for me!

  4. Wow..i hope i can visit it too someday…i luv full house its definately my favourite kdrama…been wanting to go to visit korea but still double thinking about for sure i will visit it. thanks for sharing it.

    1. hi xoxo13! Yup, I’ve been to the Coffee Prince coffee shop. They have the most expensive coffee in Gangbuk!

  5. hi! thank you for sharing those pics…
    hope i can also visit that place(oh no! only in my dream)
    i really love full house…we have a phil version anyway…in GMA 7.
    Love song hye kyo and rain so much!
    Good luck! ingat ka jan

  6. hi tanong ko lang from airprt ano ang sasakyan papuntang sam-mok port at gaano sya kalayo at magkano bayad …tnx…

  7. thank you for your post. I’d love to go and see that filming spot. How can i get there from Kangnam station? Is the place worth for picnic with friends? (if not for picnic i am afraid no one will accompany me)

    1. you can go there for a picnic or bike riding… pwede rin maghanap ng mga talangka… it’s fun… we went there again last June… will post pictures pag may time…

  8. hi!
    is it possible that you have an updated info bout d rates to Full House?? 😀 we’ll go there this nov 21-25 po… or at least any email or number to contact??
    thanks! love ur site sobra! 😀

    1. Take the taxi to the pier from Incheon Airport. It’s about 5 minutes. The ferry ride is also just 5-10 minutes.

  9. ms Beth. open po ba ang full house ngayong october? we are arriving on the first week of october, then from the airport we plan to head straight to Si-do island. just a few questions:
    1) what time po open ang full house (coz our plane will be arriving at 7AM at incheon)
    2) when we get to Sido island, malalakad na lang po ba ang full house agad?
    your response would be greatly appreciated. thanks for this very informative website, ms. beth. otherwise, i hope there is a public page where tourists can get info on current rates, hours of operation, etc. God bless!

  10. hi betchay! i’m planning to go to korea next year. just wanted to ask where we could buy tickets for the ferry/car/tour of the house. hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

    1. Hi Jam! The tickets for the house tour is available right in front of the house while for the ferry, you can get them at the pier.

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