Another Kpop suicide

[singlepic=867,450,450] The most popular news on Daum today is the death of Lee Seo Hyeon or Lee Su Hyun (real name is Lee Jong Hyeon), the leader of the group M. Street. I’m not really familiar with the group nor the leader who committed suicide. Looking at the group’s profile, they had only released one album in 2004 which is “Boy’s Story in the City.” What seems to interest the public with this suicide is that he did it because of religion?! His suicide note read “Father, mother I’m very sorry. I want to be with God.” Lee Seo Hyeon’s body was found at 4:30 PM inside a music studio in Yangjae-dong in Seoul.
A list of MVs of M Street’s music.


  1. We had a bull session about this in Sharedtalk with Korean friends they told us that it’s because of pressure and competition but this one seems different. Hmm… interesting. Syang bata pa naman.
    Edens last blog post..On A Silent Night…

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