Romantic Island on Dec 24th

The Korean movie shot in the Philippines will finally be shown in Korea on December 24! In fact, they had a press conference yesterday in a theatre in Jongro-gu, Seoul yesterday. Those who attended are Lee Seon Gyun 이선균, Lee Soo Gyung 이수경, Lee Min Gi 이민기, and Eugene 유진. The director is Kang Cheol Woo. They also showed the trailer of the movie at the press conference. It looks funny and it’s so nice seeing all those familiar signs of home!
The film is mostly shot in Boracay and they could only be one reason why it’s titled “Romantic Island”, because Boracay really is a romantic island. Its breathtaking sunset adds more appeal to its fine white sands and turquoise waters. Ahhh!
For those who couldn’t afford (due to money or time) to go to Boracay, a fine alternative would be the Outer Banks. Where is it? It’s a popular vacation place in North Carolina with really fine houses, especially in the oceanfront. Check it out!


  1. when i saw their press conference on tv, i immediately called alex and told him about the movie shot in boracay. gusto nya non pumunta kami don pero ayaw ng mama ko. tag-ulan na daw kase…kkkk…
    pag pinoy beliefs kase, like traveling before the wedding e ayaw ng matatanda…
    jehans last blog post..7 Random Facts About Me

  2. naloka ako, ocho-ocho korean version yung isang kanta ng movie na ‘to….
    ay may, itatanong lang ako sa inyo hahaha… ang yahoo ID nyo ba ay ‘avonlea07’???

  3. it’s nice to know that not only Filipino movies were shoot in Boracay…even Koreans…well, no wonder, there are lots of Koreans in Boracay, and maybe some of them are celebrities and important personalities in Korea.
    It’s a very good way of showing Boracay to the world…Hoping that the movie will be a hit and more movies to be shoot in Boracay…
    I’m so proud that Boracay is a part of my Home Province…May the local government of Aklan preserves its beauty and control pollution in the area kz lumalala na rin ang pollution don…

  4. Please approve this one instead of my previous comment.
    I’m watching it now since my boyfriend told me that it was shot here in the Philippines.
    There are commercials in Korea that promotes tourism in our country so at least we do’t have to worry about that.:) Kim Eugene is the celebrity who stars in that advertisement.

  5. ask ko lang yung dalawang bata sa movie parang pinoy artist yun ah…. yung babae…..
    nice movie….
    idol ko talaga si kim eugene ang ganda nya…….

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