Bi in Cebu

Bi was in Cebu (Philippines) from the 11th to the 14th of December. He was there for the pictorial of the 2009 S/S collection of clothing brand SIX TO FIVE. I wonder if he had a much needed R&R when he’s only there for three days. Anyway, I just read about this while looking for a Korean news on the oblation run.
Bi will also be in the launching show for the clothing brand on December 23 in Ilsan’s Kintex at 7PM. He will also hold a mini concert and of course, he’ll be at the catwalk with 10 other models.
Any paparazzi pictures of Bi in Cebu?


  1. Really! I wonder in which hotel he stayed in Cebu. At least now Bi and I had one thing in common: we both went to Cebu this year 🙂

  2. “unBIlievable” but true(_)^^…korean stars are apparently drifting to philippine shores( e.g.Romantic island movie)…ive read this piece of news,too in…i believe that the philippines is a popular tourist destination for koreans^^..”the beauty of the philippines shining through^^”….

  3. i remember one officemate offering to lend me her Rain cds and dvds, further telling me they memorize his songs’ lyrics.. many kababayans loved him in full house and my mom’s one of them…
    jehans last blog post..Little Cacheros…

  4. omg!now ko lg nalaman na pumunta c rain sa cebu.kng alam ko lg pumunta din ako at ng checkN din sa shangrila.ang movie nya speed racer how many times ko na ang latest ninja assassin coming soon case sya ngayon d2 sa US.HE SO HOT!

  5. news ba na babalik sya uli sa pinas?update nyo nmn ako sana mka punta din sa pinas ang ss501 ang gwapo nla nkita ko cla d2 sa L.a.tnx

  6. …talaga? ngaun ko lang din nalaman…sana man lang nalalaman ko at makapunta sa Shang Ri-la para makita si Bi…kizzia anong case niya diyan sa US? yeah his Ninja Assassin coming soon this Nov. 25, 2009 gonna watch that movie with my hubby…and hope na matutuloy na ang Full House Season 2 nila SHK…Kudos to you Bi…!

  7. I’ve seen these pics at there were some paparazzi pictures of Rain in Cebu after he went scuba diving or something. And some of him in the airport. I forgot which website I saw them though. (x,x)

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