Boys Over Flowers (꽃보다 남자)

Everyone I know who is a fan of Korean drama is looking forward to the Korean version of “Hana Yori Dango.” The Korean title is 꽃보다 남자 (kkot boda namja) or “Boys Over Flowers.” A short teaser has been on air and I was impressed by what I’ve seen so far. They did spend money on this drama which will air on January 5th. Are you guys excited? I think expectations are high on this Korean version. Will it surpass or even equal the Japanese version which I like so much?
Watch the 45 second teaser of Boys over Flowers here.


  1. early on this month ive been checking out, and even youtube(there is a korean version of the taiwanese ost^^) for this much awaited drama^^…i didnt know i needed a few more weeks to watch it…aarggh!! of the casts, who played as the younger song seung hoon in the east of eden, is really good looking and talented…oh well, seems like everyone will get a “red tag” again (with much delight!)^^ and i wonder if the earth would stood still once this will be shown in the philippines(“,)

  2. I really liked Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango. I am watching season two of Hana yori Dango right now. I really can’t wait for it to start airing. I really really want to see it.

  3. I’m happy. ^_^
    I’m patiently watching Boys over Flowers Korea online.
    I just finished ep.10.
    ABS-CBN got the rights to air this drama here in the Philippines.

  4. ate betchay, how can i get the calendar that ive won?:)thnk you so much for picking me.:)

  5. 꽃보다 남자 episode will be postponed because the main female who plays jandi had a car accident and well experienced a major injury to her face. Hope the new episodes will come out soon.

  6. ‘bof’ began showing in the philippines last night may 11.a tabloid writer in people’s journal described kim hyung joon(ji hoo) as a look alike of bebe gandanghari(you know bebe(rustom)right?) what do you think betchay? you know how our movie reporters can be so irreverent and cruel. are reporters out there the same?

    1. Hi Ellen! I heard that BOF rated fairly well. I think the Korean netizens can be quite awful as well. However, entertainers can sue when a negative write-up is written against them. I guess reporters are careful about the things they write. That doesn’t stop them from talking about the entertainers though. One of my Korean friends used to be an intern at a Korean paper and she would pass to us whatever gossip she hears from her ex co-workers. My other Korean friends would just wonder whether she was telling the truth since they haven’t heard of those stories she tells us anywhere else.

  7. 🙂 ive finished watching it already!! got addicted when i saw the 1st episode, then i watched it online.. super marathon tlga.. hehe 🙂

  8. helloo everybody…i finished watching all episodes from 1 – 25(took me 2 and a half days straight from morning till evening).its so cool and very romantic…i even cried watching some of the scenes.they really did a good job, all of them.good luck to all F4 and Jan Di ofcourse.i will never forget Go Jun Pyu (Lee Min Ho) and hes a great actor.I wish you the happiness and success in your career.Hope to see more of your movies.To Mr. Lee Min Ho — THANK have lots of fans now.take good care of them and i pray for all your success.

  9. love da BoF guys (the F4 only!) ^_^ !
    soo cute !
    i did not realized that it was going 2 be VERY PRETTY!
    at 1st didn’t care.When i watch the 2nd episode i really lov it bec. it was soo PRETTY!
    now super addicted!

  10. . i really do love boys over flower .!
    . and these Korean version is the better than the ori6inal version .!
    . promise .!
    . i like the way the lead actors/ actresses perform their part .!
    . and these drama is really heart fellin6 .!
    . keep up the 6ood work to the cast .!
    . nd ILOVEYOU mr lee min ho .!

  11. gwe suka bgd drama asia boys before flowers Btw kapan2 jumpa fans di indonesia kapan nieh… enk bgd lagu paradise ALVATHZER 32

  12. gwe suka bangat ma cowok yang di movie boys over flower tu..gwe juga suka ma lagu-lagu boys over flower..kapan=kapan gwe mau pergi korea cari diaorang………love boys over flower

  13. so good lah drama ne………
    so sweet i like to drama korea..
    love joon pyo & jan di………so romantic……..
    heee..i ira from malaysia…….. phone 6ber o148698785…….
    nice to met you all……
    LOVE U DRAMA KOREA………Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

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