Fin.K.L. reunion at Lee Hyori's concert

Fin.K.L. (Fine Killin’ Liberty – whatever that means!) and H.O.T. (High-five of Teenager) were the hottest “singing” groups when I was first introduced to Korean pop music. That was almost a decade ago and both groups have long been disbanded.
Last night, Lee Hyori held her first solo concert as part of her 10th anniversary in the Korean music scene. Yup, she just had her first solo concert after being a solo artist five years ago. One of the highlights of her concert is a reunion with the other members of Fin.K.L. – Sung Yuri, Lee Jin and Ok Ju Hyun.
While Lee Hyori became a successful solo act since the group disbanded, the other members of Fin.K.L. have joined the acting department. Sung Yuri starred in the drama “The Snow Queen” with Hyun Bin. Lee Jin, who I used to watch with Jang Nara in the sitcom Nonstop, is still a struggling TV starlet. Ok Ju Hyun is also a TV starlet.


  1. 핑클(Fin.K.L)’s reunion in Lee Hyori’s first solo concert must be meaningful to their fans. I have their first album cd. I loved them so much at that time too.

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