Kim Bum's piercing

Would you believe that Kim Bum’s black piercing was a hot topic among Korean netizens yesterday? In fact, it was in the top 10 of Daum’s list. If you’ve been watching “Boys Over Flowers” (꽃보다 남자), Kim Bum’s character is that of a playboy son of a chaebol. For me, he looks quite young but he’s got a killer smile (that kinda reminds me of the late Rico Yan). He’s such a cutie!
I first noticed Kim Bum when he did the CF for KTF’s Show last year – The Sho-Al game. He was so cute in that commercial, but then the CF didn’t last long.


  1. hmm.. kim bum?? isn’t he a member of the korean boy group called suju? super jr?? I might be wrong— perhaps a diff guy which I’m referring to but with the same name. if in fact it is him… oh mys—- for some reason he looks so different. I remember watching mvs of super jr (i still do btw) and he does not look anything like the kibum in those vids eheh but you know what I agree… he is indeed a cutie pie ^^

  2. yeahp— definitely a different guy. kim kibum=super jr and kim beom=staring in hyd x) neways they are both young. eheh kim beom<– starred in kdrama boys over flower is younger though eheh both are very charming young boys

  3. Kim Beom(Bum), He’s just an young actor. He has a killer smile! Yes so much! I adore him. I bring here some information. His character name is 소이정(So E Jung). So E Jung is the 2nd son of the potter a class of national treasure, in this BOF. He’s not a son of Chaebol.
    BOF’s popularity! It’s going to the top. And I love this drama too.

  4. Kim Sang-Beom^^
    i first noticed him in mkmf 2007 too!!!
    he love to smile since he’s a baby^^

  5. where i want to search kim bum pic…in yahoo is non of kim bum pic…where is my love?????

  6. I LOVE him! he’s such a cutie! and when he smiles…….’sigh’
    i just wish i could grab him out from the tv and rape him! LOL
    it’s sad that i could never meet him because he’s from korea and
    i’m from the Philippines……. :3

  7. ..haYyYyYYyyYyYyyYYyYYyyYYyyYyyYyYy……………..
    i just cant get enough of KIM BUM..←
    tHe most hottest and cutest star in korea for me..
    i really really love his killer smile., with his dimples.. cUte..
    honestly i always watch BOYS OVER FLOWERS because of him..
    .,if there was a chance 2 meet him..=c
    bUt how?? he’s in korea and im in the pHiL..
    howEver..i never stop believing and dreaming that i will meet him..
    hopE that i can find a guy hu is a bit like him..(sigh)
    wish that KIM BUM(YI JEONG) was in good health.. more power to his career.. anb iLy..(i LOVe yOU)<3

  8. >
    <3 his killer smile!..
    <3 makes me melt..
    <3 that’s why i luv him….
    <3 i luv him so0o0o0o0o0o mUcHhHhHhHhHhHh…………
    <3 I LUV U KIM BUM <3 [4everrrRrRRrRrRrRrRr]

  9. .,_+i love you kim bum!! you have a killer smile,, and i really like you!! I want to say hi and I love you!! i want to see you in personal, and I want to hug, and kiss you!!

  10. watta nice face he have! .. having that cute dimples on his cheek,a very seductive killer smile .. gosh ! he’s perfect and kinda boyfriend material ..! all of you are right guys .. he can easily get attention because he’s so cute and his kiler smile also fact , i already watch the full season of BOF because of him .. i admit that i already LOVE HIM .. haha .. but i still remember that it was only an impossible dream of mine for him to feel the same way .. haha ..

  11. h! kim beom (bum) ol of my cousins luv u so much, u have a very beautiful smile, dat attrcts us,,, i luv u 4everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, luv ya,

    1. i so agree! he’s got the cutest smile and he’s even cuter in his “show” CF last year!

  12. OMG !! sobrang CUTE nya!!! lalo na silang dalawa ni Kim So Eon!!! Sana they end up together!!!grabe Patay na patay ako sa killer smile nya!!!!i wish ako nlng c Kim SO Eun!!:))

  13. i really love aguy hu has ear piercing!!
    kim bum’s really cute w/ his
    i love him!!

  14. hello how are you kim bum, I love you, miss you, and I like you,you are so sweeet,
    from dewi indonesia

  15. also kim bum wants a gf that is always giving him a nice launch box after shooting i hope true and i hope kim bum can read this

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