Sista: Is Sandara Park IN or OUT?

I was checking our mail at Hanafos when I noticed that the number one searched term on their site is 여자빅뱅 (yeo-ja big bang) or female Big Bang. There are a number of news articles about the Philippines’ BOA – Sandara Park. Is she in or out?
I’ve been hearing about the female Big Bang or the female group that YG Entertainment is training since early last year. It was also announced that the group will debut in July 2008 but now it’s most definite that they will finally be formally introduced next month, February 2009.
When YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk was asked about it, he just said that the female group might be composed of three, four or five persons. Three female trainees are definitely IN – Park Bom, CL and Gong Min Ji. There was a video of Sandara on Daum rehearsing with the three that was released last year – yet her management still isn’t confirming whether she’s IN or OUT.
Meanwhile, we’re finally going to see Sandara Park on Korean TV via “Doraon Iljimae” which will premiere on Wednesday (since it’s a 수목 드라마) on MBC. Sandara is a special guest of the drama and you could expect to see her on its January 29th broadcast (after seolnal).
By the way, “sista” or 시스타 will be the name of the female group, according to news reports.


    1. ^^ i think she’s referred to by the korean media as the philippine boa because like the latter, she became famous in a foreign country first

  1. I’m a fan of sandy as well…nakakatuwa sya…i like her sense of humor..i hope she makes it in korea too…

  2.…i really can’t wait for it! ^^…
    and oh..sandy i hope she improved..cause if she did..i think there’s no question about her being one of the yeoja big bang..^
    ^… but i want her more in acting..^^..i trust YG so i think she improved^^…

  3. I saw a clip of Sandy practicing a dance routine; she has improved a LOT. And I think she has gotten prettier. So I’ll be happy if SISTA becomes successful.
    As for the singing voice, well, there’s a lot of room for improvement. But I’m optimistic.
    CyNurses last blog post..Learning Korean

  4. just to let you know, sista isnt the official name ng group ‘coz YG hasnt decided what to call them yet.pero sure na IN na si sandara sa group..and they’re working on the album now. plus the group will debut on first half of this year. that’s accdg to the YG ent’s statement….i know this kasi i love love love BIG BANG.hehe. sandara’s been working/training really hard…so we should expect a much better sandara park.

  5. hi guys kya di sure…si sandy na maging member
    kasi 25 na siya dis year….mga bata pa kasama
    nya pero di sa ayaw ko na di siya makasama….
    pero sna maksama siya sa bigbang female version
    diba..dito nga koh sa busan kong san siya ipinanganak
    suporta pa akoh….sknya….ang yg entertainment nman
    kasi…gulo hehehhee..sna mkita koh sandy dito sa korea

  6. hi, sandy,,,natupad muna pangarap mo d2 sa pinas pati sa korea nkuha mona rin…sikat na kanta u d2 sa cebu,,,tc, pagbutihin u lng lagi…..

  7. hi sandara! ang galing mo pagbutihan mo pa lalo para lalong bumilib sayo lahat ng pinoy. hehehe… alam ko na kaya mo yan! magaling ka kasi, masyahin at hindi marunong mag give up. go! go! go! :))


  9. hi DARA,,im happy for what you have right now…ang galing galing mu and mas gumanda kpa lalo…crush n crush tlga kita since SCQ contestant k pa lng…keep up the good work and more success….mwahhh…

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