Kapag may tiyaga…

I attended my Korean class at the “iju imin sen-teo” or the Women Migrants’ Center near Dongmyo station this morning. I was absent for three classes and I really need to catch up. I am in the 중급 or intermediate class. Finally! I thought I’ll forever be in the beginner’s class (초급).
There are about 18 students in my class. Only three of us are Filipinas and the rest are Chinese and Vietnamese. I first attended the center’s Korean classes two years ago. I was absent for more than a year, so most of the people I studied with before have moved on to advanced classes. The lessons and the books (plus the snacks) are free. I’m such a cheapskate that I wouldn’t want to spend money on Korean lessons if I could have them for free. LOL!
Anyway, a pamphlet tacked on the center’s bulletin board caught my attention. It’s for the TV program on EBS “Basic Korean for Foreigners.” My friend Jasmin, who is also regular on Love in Asia, hosts the Tagalog episodes of the show. You can find more information about the show on her blog.


  1. sana naipapalabas din yan sa Arirang channel dito. kasi ako, i learned a little from watching Let’s Speak Korean. interesting din kasi, before akala ko mahirap. but once you get to learn hangul, kayang-kaya! sabi mo nga, diba? 🙂
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  2. Hello!..Is this class for free?…who can avail this class?..I am just here in Seoul as a Tourist and I want
    to spend time to learn the language a little….I am also
    from the Philippines…thanks..
    by the way, I have been reading your post…
    it’s interesting….
    nerissas last blog post..Doll Festival in Seoul

  3. hello ate! about sa pic namin with my students, i actually asked permission from the school, and they said it was okay… sila pa nga nag-volunteer mag-picture, kkk…
    i was actually waiting for the women’s center here to call me for my (offline) lessons, they said they’d call me by the first class of january pero wala pa rin, feb. na, hehe…
    but i learned some basics from here: http://ecamp.kdu.edu/ –for those who are interested to learn online…
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  4. nga pala, forgot to add:
    though the title says its basic Korean, i’d have to say it’s not for the first time learners. (hindi ko ata nasulat sa blog ko ito coz we were still shooting back then and we ourselves(teachers) have no idea how the lessons will be formatted yet 😀 )
    i’d suggest viewing the said classes pag may basic knowledge na kayo in reading and writing the Korean characters.
    the first chapter was about basic greetings and how to introduce yourself, yun i think maiintindihan ng mga first timers, but i think magmula sa 2nd chapter eh napasok na yung grammar and usage…which would require the learner to have some knowledge in writing Korean characters.
    the teachers and the staff discussed this matter kasi as the lessons progressed eh medyo nalalayo na sa “basic”. halos magkahalo na ang beginner at intermediate lessons (more on intermediate)kaya lang we can’t change the lessons since we’re following a book issued by the National Institute of the Korean Language.
    the sample conversations were basic, but most of the explanations were concentrated on grammar and usage. actually I, myself learned a lot while doing the show.
    kaya i would suggest na you have basic knowledge of the Korean language(at least 6 months) before taking “my” classes 😀
    saka okay din for those na marunong nang mag-Korean kasi i think you’ll find it useful(like I did~) para matuto ng Korean grammar and usage ^^, might answer some questions you had in mind. Or to support the conversational Korean you learned in centers and hagwons. 😀
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  5. Hi Betch, do you think she (Jasmine) is capable of doing the job? I have seen the program twice but I think she is not the right person to do it . I am sure there are lot of experienced filipinos who could do the job well- with good diction and of course with credentials.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Jennifer! What do you mean by credentials? Clearly, the producers of the show believe that Jasmine is the right person for the job or else they won’t hire her. And AFAIK, Korean language teachers provide pointers to the host and the other people involved in the show.
      I personally know Jasmine and she is one of the smartest persons I know. My husband also thinks that she speaks like a native.

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