Kim Bum in a traffic accident

Reports are only coming out today that Kim Bum of “Kkot Boda Namja” or “Boys Over Flowers” had a car accident on the night of February 1. He was on his way to the set of the drama in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi province when his car was hit near the tollgate in Gwacheon. He luckily didn’t sustain any serious injury but he was sent to the hospital (after the shoot?) for tests.
It has been reported that he’s been suffering from back pains but he didn’t want the filming schedule interrupted. So Korean! 😀
Anyway, we should all be careful on the road even if we can get a life insurance no medical exam.
Check Daum for a compilation of news in Korean on Kim Bum’s accident.


  1. was he speeding?? hmmm there are a lot of korean stars that get into car accident these days in the news; either car accidents or suicide—-

  2. Yeah, I too always hear about car accidents in Korea. I read on Wiki that the roadway design there makes for a much more dangerous trip.

    1. it’s actually not road design but because of small city(Seoul) with dense population of cars on the road, hence crazy traffic. Any foreigners who drives in Korea I give them props, NY street has nothing on Seoul when it comes to driving in hectic situations.

  3. kim bum… you should be careful..
    sayang nman kung mababawasan ang mga cute sa

  4. sana nasa mabuti na syang kalagayan,sana okey na sya, sana ingat sya next time . . .

  5. hi kim its me yuri your friend be carefull remember me we see each other in hospital you make me cry when i see you and remember tonight were going to a bar love you baby take care

  6. . , .better be careful alwayzZzZzZ. , .
    . , .see you there in korea. , .
    . , .love yah alwayzZzZ. , .
    . , .take care. , .

  7. kim bum!! hope you visit us here in the philippines.,.,
    sna di na maulit pa yung nangyare..

  8. hi yi jong im jollymay i wish that you will came here in see you in personal yi jong.kamsa hamnida yi jong.annyong kyeseyo cause i have no time.bye!i love you mmmmmmmmmmwwwwwwwaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i luv you!!!!!kim sang bum!!!!!
    ……just take care para d kana ma injure uli
    luv pa naman kita……..sana you visit phils.!!

  10. waaaaaaahhh!! good thing that there’s nothing serious about the accident or else many GIRLS will be sad.
    Anyway, he was really cute with a very fine skin guy(which I somehow envy..hihihi). Love it!!!

  11. hi kim bum…my idol you are so pretty boy hehe…my favorite aabangan ko ang hanna yori dango promise….

  12. hi kim bum ur so very handsome in kkot boda friends ba kau nina jung il woo and kim hye ka nmin ng mga friends ko we love you

  13. i love him poor him i wish he is good . he is the best

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