The biggest star next year: Charice!

Congratulations to “Slumdog Millionaire” for winning the best picture and best director awards at the recently concluded 2009 Oscars!
The “father and daughter” team of David Foster and Charice Pempengco were at one of the Oscar after parties. The “biggest star next year” (as how David Foster introduced his protege) sang “Listen” at Leeza Gibbons’ Oscar Night at Mr. Chow. The event was broadcast live via a webcast from the official website of the said party.
Charice will be in the United States for three months as she’s recording for an album under Warner Brothers. I’ve been following her since “Star King” and all I could say is that she’s getting better everytime. One of my favorite Charice performances is her version of “I Will Survive” that she sang at the FIDF gala. Can’t wait to see Charice’s name spelled in thousands of led lights.
Parakaycha uploaded a capture of the webcast of the Oscar Night party.


  1. Her version of “I Will Survive” was really amazing! It’s nice to see that you’re a fellow Charice fan. But yeah audio could’ve been better – after all it’s much more important than video in this case.

  2. Heeey! I was just wondering, if me, an average brown-skinned Filipina visited Korea for a vacation, how do you think they’re treat me in average? I mean, recently I read up on how Koreans (not all) sort of look down on brown-skinned, fellow Asian ethnicities. 😐

  3. Wow…This girl really grew up so fast. It seemed like yesterday, she was just singing I Will Always Love You in the final round of this singing contest in MTB(I forgot if it was MTB…but I’m sure it’s a variety show) and now she’s really way up there. Her singing really makes my hair stand. Idol!

  4. it seems like yesterday you are a child singing,and for now you are on artist that went to other places to represent are contry

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