Korean flag – Taegukgi

I went to visit my doctor at 12:30PM. The usual lunchtime of clinics here is from 1 to 2PM. They open at 9AM and close at 7PM. The Korean flags hanging on the poles caught my attention. Then I remember that March 1st is a national holiday. Unfortunately, a lot of the non-working holidays this year will fall on weekends.
The following are the remaining official non-working holidays for this year.
March 1 Independence Movement Day – Sunday
May 2 Buddha’s Birthday – Saturday
May 5 Children’s Day
June 6 Memorial Day – Saturday
August 15 Liberation Day – Saturday
October 2-4 Chuseok – 3 is a Saturday and 4 is a Sunday!
October 3 National Foundation Day – Saturday
December 25 Christmas Day
The Korean flag is also known as the “Taegukgi” (also the title of Jang Dong Gun and Won Bin’s movie.) On several national holidays, the populace is encouraged to display the flag. We do have a flag at home but we sometimes forget to display it. As early as Wednesday, our local post office has sent letters requesting the residents to raise the flags. They noted that last October 3rd (National Foundation Day), less than 12% did so. Pitiful number isn’t it?
The Korean flag was proclaimed official in 1883. It has three parts: the white background, the “taeguk” in the center and the four black trigrams. To know more about the Korean flag, read the wikipedia article on the Taegukgi.

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  1. I might be weird but I just love how they used the color white on their flag’s background. I know this is a little bit off post but don’t you find seeing Koreans cool when they wear pure white or pure black? I don’t know but they just suit these colors.
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