A Sad Story Than Sadness

Awkward! A really awkward title and you don’t need to be a native speaker to know that something’s wrong with it. “A Sad Story Than Sadness” is the English title of the new Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Bo Young (definitely not the LBY of English schools) movie that will open on March 12th, two days before White Day.
I saw the trailer of this movie yesterday, while watching “Old Partner” at CGV Yongsan. I saw the music video today while waiting at the doctor’s office. And I thought that only a masochist would want to see this film. How sad can a story get if it’s sadder than sadness itself? The Korean title is “슬픔보다 더 슬픈 이야기” (seul-peum boda deo seul-peun iyagi). It’s obviously a love triangle story with a sprinkling of accident, cancer, and lots of tears.
When was the last time I saw Kwon Sang Woo in a movie or a TV show? Was it in Sad Love Story? Stairway to Heaven?
Here’s the website of A Sad Story Than Sadness.


  1. Hi, got your blog from thoughtskoto website.
    I have a question. I watched LOVERS and then searched the net about Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun and they were seperated last year.
    Any news about them? naging fan nila ako sa movie nila, even Im in France and cannot understand korean.
    Babalik ako sa sagot. Salamat!
    francescainfrances last blog post..RANDOM NOTES

  2. hmmm… medyo nalito nga ako dun. all the while i thought, “A Sad story, sadder than sadness” ang nakita ko, but after reading it again, tama yun nakita ko. after seeing the poster, it reminded me of “My rosy life”. it brought a lot of tears and sadness to me while i watched it, but still, nagustuhan ko pa din. 🙂 have a great weekend!
    marians last blog post..Looking at the brighter side…

  3. I agree that the title is quite wrong. In my personal opinion, it should be “슬픈 이야기보다 더 슬프다” or “sadder than a sad story”
    I like this kind of story. I might want to watch it when it gets here in our local chinatown. Just kidding. But K-dramas actually reaches our place (Calgary AB, Canada)
    Aarons last blog post..새로운 네이트가 열립니다!!!

  4. Is there another LBY? I couldn’t quite understand (definitely not the LBY of English schools).

  5. ak suke lgu korea…..drama diorg pown bez2….. espcially secret garden….ooowhh touching gile wei….ak minat kim sum soo…wlaupon xensem…tp suara dye mmg superb bg ak…..

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