Naminara Republic Foreigners' Free Festival

[singlepic=929,250,250,left]I was supposed to join friends Wendy, Jasmin and Kaytee on a tour of Nami Island aka Naminara Republic last Saturday. Unfortunately, I got a really bad headache that day. It would’ve been my fifth time to visit the island that became famous through the Korean drama “Winter Sonata”, which starred Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo.
Naminara Republic is holding a “Foreigners’ Festival” from February 28 until March 8. The entrance is free for all foreigners in Korea – immigrants, foreign spouses of Koreans and tourists as well. A special launching event was held last Saturday with celebrities in attendance.
For those who haven’t been to Nami Island (Nami Seom), this is a good chance to explore the famous place and enjoy all that it has to offer. (Although the weather is still cold and the trees are barren)
To go to Nami Island from Seoul, take the train to Gapyeong from Cheongnyangni Station (line 1 – exit 4). The ride to Gapyeong takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Outside Gapyeong station, take a taxi and tell the driver “Nami seom ga juseyo.” There’s always heavy traffic on weekends to Gapyeong (and Chuncheon) so it’s better to take the train.
Read more about my friends’ trip to Nami last Saturday at Wendy’s blog. You can also read about my 4th time in Nami Island.

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