"Stuff" network

Have you heard of Acobay? It’s a new and unique social networking site where you “share stuff” to get connected. I registered as a member of the site last week since I like trying out new things. (Yup, that’s why I like samples and freebies so I can try out new things)
Acobay is not like Friendster where you find and connect with people you know. Instead, you connect with people with the things you own (or wish to own). Got a pet? Connect with people who owns pet at the pet network. Love movies? (I do!) Then you can share the movies you’ve seen at the movie network. Wanna “brag” or share reviews of the books you’ve read? Then the book network is the place to go.
To share stuff at Acobay, you’ll only need to register for an account. Fill out the “About Me” section and then start sharing stuff. What I first did was to find something that I have and I wrote a short comment about that stuff (e.g. Asus EEE PC netbook) and upload a photo if you have one. You can also join the forum discussions.
Acobay is still new, but if you have some free time it’s really easy and fun.

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