Filming Location: Sad Love Song

It’s been almost four months since I visited the filming location for the Korean drama “Sad Sonata” with my husband, son and my mother who was on a layover on her way to LAX. The said drama starred Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Hee Sun and Yeon Jung Hoon.
I suddenly remembered this drama because Kwon Sang Woo’s new film with Lee Bo Young is now showing and its title in English is “A Sad Story than Sadness”. Kwon Sang Woo is such a cute guy but I wonder why he seemed to be typecasted in “sad” movies or dramas.
Anyway, the house in the drama “Sad Love Song” (aka Sad Sonata) is located in Shi-do, about a kilometer or two from the “Full House” location. The house has a commanding view of the surrounding sea. It has a circular staircase and a great room with lots of windows and strategically placed lighting.

Framed stills from the drama are all over the place. The furnitures are quite simple but nice. I like the huge kitchen but my favorite part of the house is really the circular stairs.
A visit to the “Sad Love Song” house costs 5,000 won. It’s really just for fans and curious people (like me).


  1. I really like this show. The scenery’s great! Is Shi-do the same location for the wooden house and the place where they were cycling together when young?

  2. dun sa picture na may stills from the drama si kwon sang woo ba yung kasama ni kim hee sun na naka-canary yellow trenchcoat sya?

  3. المنزل الدى صور فيها قصة حب حزينة خطف فؤادى

  4. Just a quick question 🙂 Is it possible to visit this place right after visiting the “Full House”, since you said that its just a 1-2 km away? thanks! 🙂

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