Why am I watching baseball?

This post is kinda personal. I’m supposed to go to the district office to apply for a new passport. Then I remember that there’s a baseball game today between Korean and Japan (or Japan and Korea). For some reason, I like watching Ichiro Suzuki. Too bad that Lee Seung Yeop didn’t join the Korean team this year. I just love watching Korea and Japan play baseball so passionately against each other – and it really doesn’t matter to me which team wins as long as they play well.
I called my mother this morning. She lives in Los Angeles with my older brother. I informed her that there is a 90% chance that we will stay there for the whole month of June. I’m so looking forward to this vacation. When she asked what I was doing, I said I was watching TV and then I told her to watch baseball too on their TV. However, she isn’t a baseball fan and she doesn’t really enjoy watching sports.
My mother used to live with my sister in Ohio. She just find the winters there terribly boring. They didn’t have TFC – The Filipino Channel. This reason made my mom decide to fly down to California, where the weather is also a lot better. My brother’s residence is located near “Manila Way” where there’s a Jollibee, Max’s, Red Ribbon (miss their ube cake!), Chow King and of course, supermarkets!
I’m so looking forward to our vacation. How I wish we have a “Manila Way” here too.


  1. haha… I know I may develop A.D.D. during any baseball game. So, you’re vacationing here for the summer? Cool! I hope your plan follows through.^___^ Red Ribbon is literally 15 mins. away from my house in the city of West Covina there is a Filipino community growing strong there.

  2. The baseball game between Japan and Korea is really exciting, Japan being the incumbent champion, and Korea as the underdog. Its a very passionate battle. But i HATE seeing those Korean banners displaying “DOKDO is OURS, DOKDO is KOREAN”. wtf

  3. Just saw the game at ESPN2. It’s going to be Japan vs. USA and then Korea vs. Venezuela. The next game for Korea is this Saturday. I’m not a baseball fan. But the hubby is. So, I try to watch the game especially something like this which is once every 3 years.

  4. hahaha! yesterday my boss (a korean) ask me to check the website of baseball classic.I’m not really interested in baseball, i’ve never ever watch baseball before. But when my boss asked me yesterday, I checked that website. But i told him that im not interested in baseball. he seemed disappointed..haha!
    and then today when I arrived in office he called me. I thought he will tell something important. but he showed me some kind of website in which he can watch the game. but it only shows text explaining what is happening in the actual game. I dont know what exactly it is because its in korean characters. But you can see the names of the players, if they hit the ball or miss, if the player were able to run to the next base, etc. all just in text…
    soooo boring!..haha!

  5. We first moved to Florida. Which was great! Except for the hurricanes :-(. We lived near Orlando and we could easily go to Disneyworld, Sea World, Universal Studios and to Busch Gardens in Tampa. But one time there was a hurricane and we had no power for 10 days! So we decided to move to CA. Living in the Bay Area where there are lots of Asians is great! We have access to both Filipino and Korean food in the supermarkets, groceries and restaurants. My hubby loves halo-halo from Jollibee in Daly City (and now in SF). And we could always get good kimchi from the Korean groceries.

  6. I live in Cali too and lots of Asians everywhere…we have a large Filipino community here too, as a matter of fact Stockton used to be known as little Manila. We just got a Jollibee here.

  7. Hi Betchay, Who won the game. Last week while we were in Japan, Korea won. Is there a website where we can watch it?

  8. Sometimes living with too many Filipinos is a bad thing, even here in the US. Hindi pa rin natatanggal yung “crab mentality.”

  9. It’s going to be the finals tonight for the World Baseball Classic – Korea vs. Japan. Japan won the championship last time. I hope Korea wins this time. The game starts at 6 pm PST.

  10. Hi Betchay you’re probably busy watching the game huh? You’re right, it is always a good game bet. Japan vs. Korea I’m enjoying it right now. Hope Korea wins though. Aja aja.

  11. i have a new crush yu darvish!. saw him the baseball game between japan and korea. i am a little disappointed though that he is already married( to a japanese movie star).

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