No more junk food for Korean kids?

Not necessarily. A law has been passed against the sale of high in calories but low on nutrition food, aka “junk food”, within a radius of 200 meters from primary and secondary schools.

Under the law, “unhealthy food’’ cannot be sold within a radius of 200 meters from primary and secondary schools.
It is the Korean government’s first attempt to introduce a law to halt the rising obesity and health problems among teenagers. (Or else they might need to take weight loss pills in the future!)
However, the list of outlawed foodstuffs ― those high in calories and low on nutrition ― has yet to be decided, but noodles and fried chicken have already been removed from it.
Read the full article on “Law Against Junk Foods Take Effect”

I think this could be a good initiative, but could it really be effective? This is something that would require the cooperation of parents. The kids may not be able to buy junk food near their schools but what about in other places? When I went to our neighborhood store today, I noticed that they have emptied their shelves of snacks. I couldn’t find the unsalted baked potato chips that I sometimes indulge in. It could be quite difficult (but not impossible) to “deprive” the kids of snack treats once they tried ’em.


  1. This is nice! I think, the more you provide healthy foods, the more these kids will get to like them. I don’t know with other people but this is what I’ve experienced back in my school days. Our cafeteria in school will only serve meals that are like home cooked and healthy “merienda” per directors policy. If you want “junk foods,” you have to go outside the school. But, students are not allowed to go out during break time back then so we have no choice but to bring lunch or eat in the cafeteria.
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  2. LMAO!!!
    seriously? they’re doing that? but what defines junk food here in korea? pizza and burgers? The sweet cinammon pancakes sold in every corner? Or cookies and chips with sodas?
    SO what are these kids going to eat during their breaks? rice and kimchi? they’re delusional.

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