Visa-free entry to Taiwan for Filipinos

Yehey! Aside from ASEAN countries, Philippine passport holders may now VISIT Taiwan without a visa. Isn’t Taiwan our closest neighbor?
Filipinos can now travel to Taiwan without visa requirements provided that they have never worked in the country as blue-collar workers. There are other conditions and more information is provided on their website. It is so considerate of the Taiwanese government to provide information in Filipino (better than some Philippine government websites).
Check Taiwan’s Online Application for Entry Permit.
Of course, don’t forget to purchase a travel insurance online before you do any traveling.


    1. Hi all,
      Philippine passport holders still need to secure a visa before going to Taiwan except those who have a VALID US, Canada, Australia, NZ, EU and Japan Visa. If you don’t have one of these, you need to go to the embassy and apply for a visa 🙂

      1. hi, sir/ma’am, i want to ask you a question,
        i want to trip to Taiwan from The Philippines
        do have visa free?
        I am Deaf. thanks
        i will wait for your response

      2. hi, sir/ma’am, i want to ask you a question,
        i want to trip to Taiwan from The Philippines
        do have visa free?
        I am Deaf. thanks
        i will wait for your response

        1. If i still have a valid u.s. visa so i don’t need to apply for taiwan visa. But do i need to secure a pass to enter taiwan? Where can i get that pass? Please help………..

    1. Nagonline application ako for taiwan visa free authorization certificate on Oct1. Naapprove naman agad Ang problema ko expiration ng visa free is Oct 31, 2013. E, Oct 31 ang date ng travel namin. Sabi ng embassy, try ko ulit online apply 2-3 days before. But what if on the date ng travel ko di pa rin nacancel ang expired na certificate. Does anyone has experience like this?

  1. hi samantha! 15 years ago visa-free entry mga turistang pinoy sa korea… mismong pinoy govt nag-request sa korean govt na i-require ang visa sa mga turistang pinoy kasi naalarma pinoy govt na maraming hindi bumabalik sa pinas…
    kapitbahay namin sa pinas at kuya ng kaklase ko noong college nakapasok ng korea visa-free after pumutok ang pinatubo…

  2. good news. 🙂 i think pag may us visa pwede rin punta korea. ganun ginawa ng mom ko eh. di naman sila ni require

    1. Hi,
      Going to S. Korea will still require us (Philippjne Passport Holders) to secure a visa even you have a Valid US visa. The advantage is, mas malaki ang chance to be approved.

  3. Hello, just asking… ano itong no visa needed for taiwan, khit sino pwede mag avail? pls. answer po. thanks co’z i really wana go there.

    1. visa free nga po di ba.. so anyone who wants to go there is possible provided with proper documents..

  4. was that mean we can easily visit taiwan now with our philippine passport? just like thai thing? so wla ng visa needed tlga? tickets and phil visa nalng?

  5. not just philippine passport holders per se.. you need to hold a valid us/japan?schengen or eu visa … if you dont have any those,you still need to apply for a taiawan visa

  6. Hello guys and gals…please huwag po kayong mag panic . I just want to make it clear to all of you whose always visiting this site na ANG VISA TO TAIWAN AS TOURIST AY MARAMI PONG CONDITION …JUST LIKE FREE VISA KA IF MERON KANG valid us/japan OR schengen or eu visa … if you dont have you still need to apply for a taiawan visa. AT KAPAG NAKA PAGTRABAHO KANA SA TAIWAN AS DEMESTIC HELPER, ENGINEER , ENGLISH TEACHER ,FACTORY WORKER OR ANY BLUE COLLAR JOBS AY HINDI PO KAYO FREE VISA SA TAIWAN…KELANGAN PONG MAG APPLY NANG VISA TO TAIWAN…

    1. Hi! Pano kaya sa kaso ko at mga anak ko kasi canadian citizen kami at the same time filipino citizen(dual) kaso yung canadian passport namin expire na ayaw naming i renew kasi mahal saka hindi nagagamit dahil dito na kami nakatira sa pinas, pwede kaya na gamitin ang phil passport then i present lang canadian passport? thank you

  7. what are the requirements of a tourist visa to taiwan then if you do not qualify doon sa conditions na nabanggit nyo?

  8. I worked in taiwan before for 6 yrs together with my wife, and now I work here in japan as engineer visa for almost 3 and half years but my wife have only dependent visa here in japan. Can we avail a free visa to taiwan? We’re planning to take a vacation there next month.

  9. Paano po kung meron na akong expired na taiwan visa? kelangan ko ap din bang mgaaply ng bago? wala ko nung mga special qualifications…

  10. ahh ganun ba?klangan ba my mg invite sau kung mg tutourist lang sa taiwan?kc my bf is an american tapos my business trip cia sa taiwan mga 5 days..wla akong ka kilala sa taiwan na pwe mg invite saakin kc,,so pwed bang mg appy nang tuiorist kahit wlang mg invite?

  11. Hello, to be able to be granted with an entry permit to Taiwan (since VISA is no longer needed) they are also asking for other documents such as a Permanent Residency Card. Do we have such in the Philippines? Is the Philippine driver’s license sufficient? I hope you would respond to my email indicated here. Thanks!

    1. The Permanent Residency Card is issued to those who are permanent residents of US, EU, Japan etc. Un ang kailangan, at hindi un issued sa Pinas, correct me though if Im wrong.

  12. thanks so much for providing the link to Taiwan’s visa-free site. It was easier to use this link than clicking all the other government links.

  13. GOSH. Buti nabasa ko ‘to!
    Readyng ready na kami ng husband ko for the Christmas vacation trip to Taiwan, tapos biglang KAILANGAN KO PA RIN PALA NG TOURIST VISA nila!!!
    I went to their RCBC Makati office this morning, and here are the requirements:
    1) Duly filled up application form, downloadable from
    2) 2 pieces passport size photos (1.5×1.5) with white background,taken within the last 3 months.
    3) Passport valid for atleast 6 months, and old passport showing previous travels.
    4) Birth certificate issued by the NSO
    5) Marriage contract issued by NSO
    6) Supporting documents, such as:
    i) Financial Statement of the Applicant:
    – Income Tax Return
    – Bank Book or Bank Statements
    Single Entry – Php2400.00
    Multiple Entry – Php4800.00
    41st Floor, Tower 1
    RCBC Plaza
    Ayala Ave., Makati City

    1. Hi po! I just want to ask if its easy to get a tourist visa to Taiwan?
      I’m planning to go there by july 6-28 2010. I’m fiance is going to have a business trip in kaohsiung. He is an American. would that be easy for me to get a visa? I hope you can answer me.
      Thank you po!^^

  14. ilang days kaya ang processing ng visa kasi sa april 28 ang alis namin papuntang taiwan eh..thank you very much

  15. anu po ba ang complete requirements for getting taiwan visa, sa may 19 po ang alis ko puntang taipei… thx

  16. ano po ba ang dapat kng gawin if gusto ko magtourist dyn s taiwan? kung not needed na kumuha ng visa,,,except doon s mentioned above na yong dapat lang kumuha ng visa yong dating work na dyan,,pls help me naman,,thnks

  17. nice! i tot mrong ngang visa, be boughtcketz n kc, den after whch i was told n nid nga daw ng visa! can u suggst plcwe 2 visit in taipei!?? nd cheap hotel 2 stay!? thnx

  18. ask lng pd n kya kmi visa free sa taipe if we submit or bring old passports proof we traveled 2 to 3 times a year international? bukod p local? mkkta kc stamped passports..NK 4 renew n nga km passport e…We are fmily pg ngtravel.. kuala lumpur,macau, hongkong 10x n., ung last oct 2009 travel japan osaka..pd n kya un? TO PROVE TOURIST LNG TLAGa purpose khit 1wk lng stay taiwan..syang dn fee e..hehehe..thnx

  19. so what if nkakuha po ako ng visa in australia twice ok lng po ba na makabyahe ako sa taiwan kahit wala ako ng visa galing sa ibang visang nabangit ninyo??
    salamat po

  20. ask ko lang po kung pwede po ako makabyahe in taiwan for tourist in free visa kahit po 1 week lang po? mostly po nabyahe po ako in singapore(6x) ,Hongkong( 2x), thailand, Malaysia, Australia(2x).. may posibilidad po ba ko makapagtour sa taiwan? please reply po… salamat po

  21. ask ko lang po kasi i am an ofw from saudi with exit/re-entry visa at walang balak na iwanan ang work ko coz maganda naman ang sweldo ko dito… i will be on vacation this may at gusto ko lang po magtour sa taiwan coz my friend from taiwan is inviting me to visit the place. papano po ang mga procedure para makarating doon as tourist na hindi na dadaan sa travel agency sa manila…

  22. what if dati ka ng nagtrabho sa taiwan? does it mean na hindi ka pwede pumasok ng taiwan khit mamasyal lng? anong klaseng country ba yan?

  23. MANILA, Philippines – Taiwan has added the Philippines to its list of countries eligible for visa exemption.
    Effective March 1, 2009, Philippine passport holders are exempted from visa requirements and can stay in Taiwan for 30 days, provided that they have never worked in Taiwan as blue-collar workers.
    Aside from the Philippines, the visa exemption also applies to passport holders of India, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia who also possess a valid visa or permanent residence certificate issued by the US, Canada, Japan, U.K., Schengen Convention countries, Australia or New Zealand.
    Citizens of the eligible countries who have never been employed in Taiwan as blue-collar workers have to first register their documents and personal data with the “Advance Online Registration System for the Visitors of Nationals from Five Southeast Asian Countries to Taiwan” at https://nas.immigration.
    A confirmation sheet should be printed to validate the travelers’ status for online boarding and immigration check. Travelers who fail to produce the confirmation or a valid visa or permanent residence certificate issued by eligible countries will not be admitted into Taiwan.

  24. ask ko lng pnu gwin nmin kc my yung nkilala nmin n my ari ng club s taiwan pinapaasikaso nya smin mga requirements para mkapunta dun sbi nya ipa endorse dw namin yung club certificate namin s taiwan embassy tpos papadala s knila yun…gnun lng b kdali mbigyan ng working visa dun?db nid pa nmin ng invitation gling s knya…pabalik2 n kc ako japan and nkapunta n rin me s korea as entertainers.d kc gnu marunong mg english yung taiwanese kya d ko gnu maintindihan sinasabi nya…

  25. You mean kung walang visa sa japan, us, eu, canada, australia, we need to apply for a taiwan visa pa rin? Are they really strict? I’m a very frequent traveller. I have a multiple visa in China coz I do business there. Marami ba silang na dedeny? Coz I already bought a round trip ticket to taiwan and my only purpose is to travel.

  26. punta sana kame ng husband ko sa taiwan tour 1 week american husband ko di pa naman ako nakakapuntang US…mahirap bang kumuha ng tourist visa sa taiwan?

  27. hello! plan naming mag-asawa magtravel to taiwan. ang dami pa lang reqs lalo na sakin kasi nagtrabaho na ko sa taiwan. miss ko yong place at gusto ko mamasyal don. so yon pla ang mga kailangan gawin. pano yan kung wala akong hawak na bank account? meron man naka pangalan lang sa husband ko pero nsa akin, pwede na kaya yon plus documents proving he is my husband? my husband is in italy don na sya nakatira don na lang sana kmi magkikita sa taiwan. 3weeks sana ang balak namin stay sa taiwan mga magkano kaya aabutin non hehe sana matuloy 😀

  28. sus ginoo visafree lang ang taiwan [sa philippine passport holder] kung may resident card ka sa usa, britain, australia, japan and other schengen visa. eh bat pa ako pupunta ng taiwan kung may visa nako sa countries na nabanngit, anu gagwin ko dun sa taiwan..? hahaha so funny info!

  29. About sa Taiwan Visa.. If you have a US visa… does this mean na free lang ang processing ng Taiwan visa mu..?? and if you’ll apply it online paanu malalagay sa passport mu..?? tHanks po.

  30. if u U.S visa, sure na po ba no need na mag apply ng taiwan visa? kc wer planning to go this december po. hope someone can help me on this. thank you.

  31. Hi, po ask ko lang sana if we need to get tourist visa for travelling in TAIWAN? and what are the requirements needed for this? I am planing to go to TAIWAN for my fiance since he is working there i just want to visit his place, please advise as soon as available…

  32. there’s been a lot of confusion here. i’ll try to make it clear although malinaw naman ang sagot ng iba.
    VISA Free IF:
    1. you have a valid visa or permanent residence certificate issued by the US, Canada, Japan, U.K., Schengen Convention countries, Australia or New Zealand.
    2. you have never worked a blue collar job in Taiwan.
    if you fail in one, then you need to apply and pay for a visa. these rules are not flexible.
    for questions visit
    or call
    (63-2) 887-6688

  33. Hi there,
    Im going to Taipei in2 weeks, i have a filipino passport and a new zealand resident with a valid passport…since i dont need a visa to enter Taiwan for 30 days.
    Would i still need to register to https://nas.immigration.….and have it printed?
    Ive registered last week and i didnt realise that it didnt need me to put in the date that i will be going to Taipei so it approved it right away. Can i still reapply for this and just print it out on the day that im leaving? so the expiry date for this would be thr right one?
    Thank you. Much appreciated.

  34. I am leaving for Taiwan this April for a medical trip. I am a holder of Philippine passport with a new US Visa attach. Do I need to get a Taiwan Visa for my trip?

  35. In protest over the unjustifiable deportation of 14 Taiwan nationals by Philippine government to mainland China, Philippine nationals are no longer eligible to apply for an authorization certificate for visa-free entry into Taiwan. Check the site below.
    I hate it… Why the Philippine Government deported the 14 Taiwan Nationals to Mainland China…They supposed to deport them in Taiwan. I cannot go to Taiwan now enjoying the visa-free entry in Taiwan provided you hold visa of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Schengen countries, United Kingdo…m and United States.
    I went in USA last Oct 16, 2010. My connecting flight was in Taiwan Airport. I was able to use this priviledge.. I went out of Taiwan Airport because I have US visa and have a approved certification.
    One April 10, 2011 I will be back to Manila, Philippines via Taiwan Airport. Sad to say I can no longer get out of the Taiwan Airport because of this issue…

  36. i definitely agree with John! all the comment and answers are very confusing! and the title of this is completely misleading.
    thanks for all the info though.

  37. i visited taiwan last oct 2010..i stayed in my gf house kaya nakatipid. and since sya ung naginvite madali lang process ala masyadong tanong sa visa application.. she’s taiwanese by the way.. very nice place dun..enjoy sa mga papunta:)

  38. ask lamang po!kailangan din po ba ng visa kahit na 7 hours lang ang stay sa taipei,taiwan?masyado kasing matagal ang aming hihintayin bago ang eroplano kaya naisip ko lang na maaari siguro akong magtingin tingin sa Taipei…

  39. Wow this site is very helpful. We are planning to visit Taiwan next week.
    Whether you stay there for 1 day or just hours as long as you enter Taiwan – you need a visa.

  40. ano ba samples ng permanent resident card dito sa pinas? pwede ba ang postal id?
    at pano kung un ang meron?
    mag 5 days lng nmn ako sa taiwan bkit ang dami pa kelangan/


  42. Hi can I ask if there’s anyway I can get tourist visa for 4 days im gonna meet my bf there I always travel every month I have already Indian visa and srilanka visa on my passport I have everything they need for requirements but only one thing I don’t have it’s the income tax return is there anyway I could get a tourist visa there without ITR? Pls reply my msg asap coz were planning to meet there next month hope you can help me and answer my questions thanks

  43. hi..goodnews sa lht n gustong mag travel sa taiwan,ok lng kya kung dun me mangagaling punta canada…may re entry me sa canada,what i mean is instead n sa pinas me manggagaling pblik canada its possible b n sa taiwan me manggaling .or need me p bumlik sa pinas…im working here in canada,dun lng me sa taiwan manggagaling pblik d2 sa canada..thanks!!!

  44. hi, ncconfused po ako ngyn kc gs2 ko spend 2wks vacation ko sa taiwan this year kso dko alm kng klangan kpa tlg mg apply ng taiwan visa, d2 ako sa canada ngwo2rk ngyn and i used to work in taiwan before….tanong ko po ay do i really need to apply for taiwan visa kng my valid working visa ako sa canada???philippine passport holder prin ako…and what if i have an invitation letter from my taiwanese friend, mkakatulong pba yun???Thanks po!

  45. hello!!totoo bang pwde mag travel ng taiwan without a visa?to way ticket lang ba ang kilangan?pwde ko bang malaman kung anu pa ang requirments para mag tourist sa taiwan?pls reply po as soon as posible ty

  46. ask me lng po kc plan aq isama ng bf q canadian going to taiwan this july 2012 meron kc cxa business meeting there for only 2 to3 days pero before kmi punta taiwan manggaling kmi s china to hongkong, i have visa in china but in hk no need coz we always there with my bf no need the visa, how if he want bring me, mag apply po b q ng taiwan visa? plz reply me.
    thank you po.

  47. What about for the domestic helper working in hong kong the employer will go with her for a tour what is the requirments needed for it?

  48. hello……madali lng ba kumuha ng visa? ano dapat gawin ng bf ko? im here now sa taiwan, working po………. bf ko nman nasa papua new guinea, he worked dto sa taiwan b4. now po gusto nya magbaksyon sa taiwan to visit me. ano ba dapat nya gawin? hbang nasa papua po ba cya ay pwede cya magproces ng visa? pautos nya lng?

  49. pano poh kung my invitation from taiwan. may gf kasi ako na taga taiwan. gusto niya akong papuntahin. philippine passport lang nasa akin. kailangan pa rin ba nang visa?

  50. Why I cannot get Taiwanese Tourist Visa?
    I am Filipino, 20 years old. I am still studying in College. I have girlfriend in Taiwan. She wants me to go to their country. I went to the agency here in Cebu. she ask me requirements.
    My Gf Requirements.
    1. Bank Certificate
    2. Invitation Letter
    3. Photo Copy of her Passport and I.D
    4. Job Statement
    5. Financial Statement
    My Requirements.
    1.School Certificate
    2. Bank Certificate
    3. Affidavit of Support of my Parents
    4. My I.D photocopy
    5. Itinerary Receipt (Airplane Ticket)
    6. NSO Birth Certificate.
    7. Passport
    My Question:
    Why I cannot get Taiwanese Tourist Visa? I give to her what shes asking.
    I ask the agency if why? but she cannot answer me if what is the reason. She just said the embassy wont entertain that question because it is confidential. I need to know why?
    The agency told me that some of her client that will go to Taiwan got the visa who has the same situation of me. It feels hurt to us. She is planning also to write message to her President in Taiwan. We are very confuse.

    1. ang tinitingnan daw ay kung kaya mo suportahan ang sarili mo pag andun ka na at kung hindi ka mag TNT

  51. Hi gus2 po namin ng American bf ko pumunta ng Taiwan as a tourist mahilig po kami mag travel d2 sa Asia. Wala po akong trabaho but I can provide bank cert. And I have land title po naka pangalan po sa akin. Valid na po kaya un? Marami narin tatak passport ko. India visa, Jeju Korea, Singapore , Macau , hk, Bali, Thailand, and my old passport po my tatak ng Sweden visa. At kinakailangn po ba my hotel and ticket narin po ba?paanu po pag na denied tapus my ticket na po? Pls advice me.
    Maraming maraming salamat po.

  52. I’d like to clarify that English teachers with ARC are part of the white-collar (professional) force of Taiwan. This restriction is only limited to those who’ve previously worked as a factory worker or as a domestic helper, or other position categorized as blue-collar job under the Ministry of Labor of Taiwan.

  53. I am a Filipino planning to travel to Taiwan for a week. Do I need to secure a visa to get there even if I have a valid US TOURIST visa?

    1. if you have a valid visa.. there is an online page from their website, you will just fill it up and bring it to the immigration in Taiwan..
      make sure you are eligible with all the conditions stated in the website..

  54. hi.. do i need visa to go to taiwan?i bought my 3day stay round trip ticket from cebu pac. i am a newly graduate student therefore i dont have much money for a gf, a filipno. working in taiwan as caretaker will finance all my needs when i get there from hotel food etc..pls i need advice?

  55. mas mahirap pa nga kumuha ng visa papuntang taipei o taiwan kesa sa korea. At least sa korea libre visa application, eh sa taiwan P2,100 single entry at pag na-decline not refundable cya. Eh pareho lang naman ang laman ng bank certificate ko noong nag-apply ako ng visa pa-korea at nitong visa application ko pa-taipei. Sa korea approved ang visa pero itong sa taiwan ang sabi ay kulang daw ang laman ng bank account ko. Mas mahigpit pa sila sa korea.

    1. Bakit magkano ba ang amount ng bank certificate mo at ilang days ka sa Taiwan? Ilang days ka sa Korea? Alam ko yung kasi pinagbabasehan.

  56. hi, i’m planning to visit taiwan for the 1st time this august. the parents of my cousin’s friends’ recently applied for a visa in May and they’re visa was rejected. I was wondering if it’s still safe to apply for a visa to taiwan? because a rejected visa application will hinder future visa applications even to different countries

  57. hi if i have a multiple visa in korea valid til 2019 can i apply online visa plans to travel to tiawan

  58. Ofw po aq dito sa HK… I want to spend some vacation in Taiwan need pa po ba ang visa??? Thanks GOD BLESS

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