Have you signed up for the Earth Hour?

I have…
On March 28th (which happens to be my husband’s birthday this year) from 8:30 to 9:30 PM, people are encouraged to vote pro-Earth by switching off their lights for an hour. I think we’d go the extra mile by not using electricity that whole hour.
I first learned about the Earth Hour in our apartment’s bulletin board. It was written in Korean. However, there’s a friendly soccer match between South Korea and Iraq on Saturday at 7PM. Will they stop the game for an hour and turn off the lights at the stadium?
If you haven’t signed-up, it isn’t too late to join the Earth Hour.


  1. Hi. . heard you on the radio! kakatuwa naman yung 아빠 eat하세요.. ang cute! ^.^

  2. eww! am I looking at this poster now?? very bad. But anyways, the electrical department here have had their hands full loadshedding during the same day. So no regrets of any kind.

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