Angel Locsin, Sam Milby and Diether Ocampo in Seoul

I’m “jologs” and I’m not ashamed of it!
An acquaintance, whom I met through Tesha last year, called me up at 7:30 AM! He asked if I’d like to come over to Hyewha to hang around the taping of a teleserye. I just said “sure” but I haven’t decided if I’d go over there or not. However, the jologs in me won so I immediately took a shower and bought breakfast. I wasn’t expecting my boys to get up early since they slept really late last night. (And yep, when I came back home at lunch time they were still asleep!)
The teleserye is called “Only You”, an adaptation of the Korean drama with the same title starring Eugene Kim. Honestly, I didn’t see that drama so I don’t have an idea of what it is about. Anyway, the Filipino version stars Angel Locsin, Sam Milby and Diether Ocampo. It is being directed by Rory Quintos, well-known for the Vilma Santos-starrer “Anak” and who also directed Angel in the recently shown “Land Down Under/Love Me Again.”
This isn’t my first time to visit a set. Almost a decade ago, I often frequented the set of “TGIS” (Thank God It’s Sabado) while I was attending an MBA program. I’d remember that during that time, I’d be in school the whole day from 8 o’clock in the morning till 5 in the afternoon and I’d still have some energy to visit the set just so I could see my gay and gay wanna-be friends.
Anyway, there weren’t a lot of “uzis” yet when I arrive at the set. It was at the Hyewha Rotary branch of Lotteria. I just took the village bus #03 in front of our apartment and transferred to village bus #8 to get there. It wasn’t far at all as it only took me 15 minutes to get there.
They were shooting a scene where Angel Locsin was in a phone booth and Sam Milby being chased by two Filipinos. Sam went inside the phone booth with Angel and kissed her. Angel was surprised and tried to beat Sam. They had several retakes before “direk” was satisfied.
It was around 11AM when the Filipino church-goers and Pinoy food shoppers really started arriving. By that time, I was chatting with the production designer (PD) and the masseur . The PD said that they’ll be staying in Korea until the 12th. On Monday morning, they will tape at Seoul Station and then they’ll transfer to a province later. Next week, they will visit Namiseom and shoot some scenes there.
The set was visited by policemen in cars twice! It was all because of the crowd. When they were shooting in front of Starbucks, the crowd swelled almost occupying a third of the road. Several Korean pedestrians would stop and inquire what’s going on. I left just before lunch.
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  1. T_T . . sayang sana nakita ko rin si sam milby!
    I remember merong ‘koreanovela’~Only You starring Han chaeyoung, budding chef sya dito and yung bestfriend nya, kya lng na-preggy ng isang guy who was looking for his mom who’s also a chef. Not sure kung ito yung remake version nila. I remember this drama bcoz of the pasta na me kochujang. . .ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹

    1. Oh si Han Chae Young ba? Hindi ko kasi napanood ang drama at sabi ng mga tao sa set si Eugene Kim. Thanks for sharing.

  2. wow~
    how lucky-.-
    never been in a set!
    never been in korea!
    and am lookin forward on watchin this!!!

  3. the lead stars for the original version were han chae young and jo hyun jae and that’s the remake that abs-cbn is doing…it was quite a hit in the philippines but i havent watched it either…there are a lot of remakes for korean dramas in the philippines though – kc and piolo pascual are doing lovers in paris…i heard full house and coffee prince are in the planning stage…im not really that keen on these remakes but i hope a collaboration from both countries will happen soon^^it’s not too good to be a copycat^^

    1. thank you for the correction… i didn’t like ‘lovers in paris’ but i’m curious to see whether kc and piolo will click

  4. hello betchay! kakatuwa ka naman… pareho lang tayo, baka nga ako himatayin pa pag nakaharap ko na yung artistang gustong-gusto ko eh. ok lang naman maging jologs minsan, diba? ito yata yung drama na kasabay ng Kim Sam-soon noon, pareho kasing nagluluto yung plot ng show, kaso yung isa comedy, ito naman drama. sana lang maganda yung pagka-remake nila. Full House nga pinaplano na, sila Dingdong Dantes at Marian Rivera daw ang naka lineup. well, let’s just hope that we do not disappoint the Korean Film/Drama Industry in doing such remakes. 🙂
    marians last blog post..‘Female Big Bang’ About to Be Revealed

  5. thanks for sharing the pics.
    i love sam and angel (samgel) more than kc piolo . i am looking forward to Only you remake i love the original actor jo hyun jae and the one who is doing the remake Sam Milby.. i also love han chae young same with angel locsin.
    i am not looking forward for lovers in paris remake i dont like the leading man park shin yang anyway lol he is too ancient and looks like mongoloid LOL , the other guy however lee dong gun is okey hehe

    1. hi! i took more than 130 images and about 30 clips but i’m not sure if it’s ok to share the clips… i have better pictures though but i’m in them so i can’t share them… thanks for dropping by


  7. bakit palaging remake?? oh wells thx for the info anyways xD usually i prefer the original ones, but from the looks of those pics it looked like maraming bystanders sa side while shooting.

    1. correct dami ngang bystanders… i was told that the filming was halted in the afternoon as some koreans complained of the crowd…

  8. i love angel locsin at ngayon like ko na rin si sam at diet ..please keep on blogging about the shooting 🙂

  9. kahit sino partner ni angel onscreen.. support ko siya.
    excited na ako dito. sa only you…..go angel

  10. Hi Betchay,
    Thanks for sharing with us this TV shoot in Korea. I’m a fan of Angel Locsin. She’s a great actress, yet humble and very simple. She works really hard because she’s saving money for the eye operation of her father who is blind. It has been her greatest wish – that her father can see again.
    Thanks also for sharing this blog to us, it gives us a glimpse of “Life in Korea.” Take care. God bless.
    from : Berny

  11. what were the saying about angel? 😀 that she’s pretty? or she doesn’t conform to their standards of beauty? 😛

  12. Thanks for sharing bts clips and pics of ‘only you’ pinoy version. U said you have 30. Can you upload the rest too? Thanks so much. I’m an Angel locsin fan and I’m dying to see her.

  13. mam do you have any updates of the location of their shooting here in Korea. What is their for this coming weekend? Thank you

  14. Hi
    I’m Jo hyun Jae Myanmar fan.Thanks info&pics,vod.i will indroduce to jo hyun jae offical fancafe Carpediem^^

  15. sana poh madami pa kaung maupload na videos dina kc ko makapaghintay sa tv hehehehe….samgel super kilig…

  16. hi angel.
    im waiting for your next teleserye. im your avid fan ever since. i really like you. ang agnda mo kase and your so sexy.
    i like you much than marian rivera. wala naman sinabi si marian sayo e. maputi lang sya. pero mas sexy ka dun. and mas maganda ka. alam mo dito sa opis namin ang daming nag admire sayo. ang ganda mo kase.
    gud luck idol!!! dont change

  17. I really like angel and piolo after watching the Love me Again movie, they really are great pair.. From then on I start searching about them over the net.. Thanks for sharing these pics.. I love Angel hope to see her soon in Primetime. And hope you can share some more pics of Angel, sam and diet.. Thanks a lot and happy Easter!

  18. hi angel….excited na akong mapanuod ka uli sa primetime…sa wakas may aabangan na uli ako….

    1. hi giyeonniee! oo punta ka rito… pero nakita ko na trailer ng Only You at para ka na ring nakapunta ng korea!


  20. is it really eugene kim? dba si Han Chae-young un?
    eugene kim is from another korean drama similar to only you.
    nagluluto din xa dun sa really, really like you. kasama nya si lee min ki..

  21. when the korea version of only you was aired in the Phil TV, i really like it. but having the Phil vrsion, I like it more, may pagka kwela kasi, yung sa korean mejo drama yung attack.. haha, i was watching it here in the Phil, and I already know what will happen.hehe ohwell, I like angel locsin a lot, then when she moved to abs, I love her na.. super kind hearted pa nyan, nung bday niya, imbis na party sa sarili nagbigay xa ng scholarship, then I heard yung npanalunan nya sa isang show, binalik lang nya sa tao. I love her more 😀

  22. So sad that the Philippine entertainment industry has come to this point of just making versions of Korean drama. Korean drama plot is very simple that’s why I don’t understand why Filipinos can’t make a better one. Our scriptwriters are undoubtedly very talented. We’ve proven ourselves thru the various international awards we had won in the past. In fact, Himala, was voted last year as the best Asian Film besting Old Boy and other Asian entries. Europeans contributed a lot to its winning. Recently, 3 of our indie movies have made it to Cannes Film Festival. And last week, 2 more Filipino movies won in the USA.
    Korean drama is fast-paced and isn’t smorgasboard which makes it more interesting. Now, ask Filipinos and many of them will say that our actors aren’t good looking and can’t even act. In my opinion, Korean actors aren’t really good looking and beautiful. But they become appealing because of the character they play in the drama. One good example is Rain in Full House. We definitely have more beautiful talents in the Philippines. Our actors are better looking but Korean actors’ appearance is heightened because of their clear, white complexion. Filipino actors have very expressive eyes and almost perfect facial features.
    I guess, it’s just Korean hype why Filipinos now have a different taste of beauty.
    Every time my Korean students would tell me that Koreans are the best looking people in Asia I tell them, “Yeah, because you wear make up, wear fashionable clothes, and you have white complexion. Aside from the fact that you go under the knife. Imagine yourselves with brown or black skin, are you still beautiful? I doubt it.” — which makes Filipinos very lucky. Whatever shades we are still beautiful.

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