Charice got a hug from The Greatest

Ate Lulu, an e-pal from Chicago for almost a decade now, sent me a link to Charice Pempengco’s performance at Fight Night where no less than The Greatest (Muhammad Ali) in attendance. When she started singing “I Will Survive”, some people from the audience took her from the stage and made her sing on top of the table where Muhammad Ali was sitting. As expected she got a standing ovation and a hug (of apprecation I guess) from the guest of honor.
Now I’m thinking, is this her best rendition of “I Will Survive” or is it the one she performed for the “Friends of Israel Defense Forces”?
Charice’s “I Will Survive” performance a hug from The Greatest
The Youtube video was uploaded by Charice herself and taken by her mom. You can also subscribe to Charice’s Youtube account.


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