Practical English instructors for Korea

Proof that the Korean government hasn’t made a decision about hiring Filipino/Indian/Singaporean English teachers is the announcement that they will hire 10,000 practical English instructors over the next two years.

The government is to recruit about 10,000 Korean instructors for conversational English classes at public schools over the next two years amid difficulties in the hiring of native English teachers.
They are expected to replace native English speakers in the long term, depending on their effectiveness, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology said, Monday.
This year, it will hire 2,000 “practical English instructors” for elementary schools and another 3,000 for secondary schools. The ministry will start accepting applications in June and announce the successful candidates in August. The teachers will work from the fall semester.
Another 5,000 are to be recruited next year.
Source: 5,000 Korean English Teachers to be Recruited this Year

Are there enough English speaking Koreans who could teach conversational classes? When I was taking my TESOL classes at Sookmyung University, I was in a group whose English proficiency is rather advanced. Practically everyone in my class spent more than two years living abroad in countries where English is the first language. Majority of them have that accent which tells you that they learned English from a native speaker.
As expected though, some members of the Korean Federation of Teachers’ Associations are against this plan.


  1. I dunno, I suspect native speakers will be phased out soon enough. It’s not that we’re not good teachers, it’s that nobody knows how to use us. I mean, look at the article . . . the guy (girl?) says we “can’t” teach by ourselves, but that Korean teachers can? Please, those of us with experience in public schools know (1) we teach by ourselves most of the time b/c co-teachers can’t be bothered to come to class, and (2) quite a few Korean English teachers simply are unskilled in English and are unwilling to use any English whatsoever in class.
    Rather than an honest appraisal of how to use us in class, of how to work us into their system, I suspect in a few years we’ll get blamed for Koreans making no progress in English, and we’ll be pushed out in favor of cheaper Koreans and Indians. Of course this will drive up the cost of private tutoring, since parents know how valuable it can be to have time with native speakers.
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    1. Long time ago, English was introduced to us by Tomasites. They introduced English using their own methodologies. My grandfather sounds like a real native speaker, as well as my Mom.
      Since Native Speakers are in demand here in Korea, why not introduce your own way of teaching? I believe it’s more effective. They’re way or methods quite far from how you learned your own language, isn’t it. They don’t even know how to spell. Why not use all skills (LRWS) in one lesson? Native speakers now are just going with how Koreans would like to learn English on their own way. You’re spoiling them. So, where’s the learning took place?
      I experienced working with Korean teacher. She’s unskilled though she has an american accent (????) She didn’t even know the uses of adjective and adverb as a modifier. How could she/he be considered as GYOPO? She just studied English for 2 years in USA!!! How come?!!! It’s really impossible!

  2. I find it strange how some Koreans who want to become fluent in English have a mind-set about how they’re going to learn the language. In my dealings with students,(whether young or old), some of them would ask me to not teach certain topics with a certain teaching method and instead teach them other topics and even suggest another method. For example, they would say “Don’t teach us about grammar. Can we do more vocabulary?” Or, “Let’s not do writing. Can we have more conversation?” They can be so impatient wanting to get instant results when learning is a process. Even native English speakers learn English through reading, phonics, language arts (grammar), spelling and writing. And that’s how you learn any other language as well.

    1. Dear Ann P.
      Don’t find it strange but rather do some research about language acquisition, Korean English education, teaching strategies, students learning style, language learning methods. If you are not taking masters in Language Education or learn any language it would be better if you will… so you may understand and realized that Koreans have points saying, ” “Don’t teach us about grammar. Can we do more vocabulary?” Or, “Let’s not do writing. Can we have more conversation?”
      I , still continuesly studying, discovering, observing, researching etc. just to know the craft.
      Perhaps, you are using general English or ESL in teaching? Why not try other method?
      .-= MAESTRA VIAJES-´s last blog ..What a Lovely English !!! =-.

  3. i recently attended the NAtional Conference of Seoul Chapter Korea TESOl last Saturday, and one of the issues we discussed are the collaboration between 2 parties( NETs-Native English Teachers & KETs- Korean English Teachers) is essential for the success of English education in KOrea, however both KETs and Nets cannot cope with losing complete control of their classroon method of teaching.
    NETs are dissatisfied with the following isues:
    – no clear definition or guidance of NETs role. psychological and work site conflict with KETs
    – dissatisfaction with the exam – driven Korean Educational System
    -inaccessbility to korean curriculum and other resource, and
    – KETs level of English competence
    KETs are dissatified with the following issues
    -Lack of NEts knowledge of Korean Education objectives, or how to deal with Korean students
    -no management help for Nets causing extra work on Kets
    -no quality control of Net as a teacher and
    -lack of Nets cultural understanding in work situation.
    these findings were also based on the research done by Dr. Jeong Ryeol Kim from Korea National University

    1. This is irrelevant. Conference didn’t even mentioned about Non-Native English Teachers (NNET).
      So, tell me about the objectives of the program. Do they discussed how to solve the issues?

  4. @ anne
    how are the Filipino,Indians, Singaporeans etc english teachers classified at least in that discussion/meeting? Im asking because i saw only a collaboration between KET and NET as you mentioned. Im referring to those non native speakers teaching in hagwons, there are so many of them i supposed. Or is it that since majority of these non native speakers are Pinays married to koreans (naturalized)then they are classified as KET’s already?


  5. @ Brian
    “I suspect in a few years we’ll get blamed for Koreans making no progress in English, and we’ll be pushed out in favor of cheaper Koreans and Indians”
    – I think that might be the case, its quite unfair i know. Korean economy is sinking (at least for now and in the next few years), so it also plays as a big factor. Many families will opt to choose a cheaper alternative to learn English (Native Koreans, Filipinos, Indians). That is now evident with regards to the influx of Korean students in non native English speaking countries as compared to the trend of years ago where most of them prefers to go to UK, Aus, US, Canada etc. This maybe good for them in many ways, and bad in some ways.

  6. To arvinsign:
    I like your comments here. It’s short and you are not presenting yourself as “all-knowing”. Notable improvement!

  7. I do agree with Ann. That happens to me most of the time when I teach some Korean friends. I would explain my method and ask them if we could try it then see how it goes but it always end up doing it their way. I’m not speaking in general but most of those I’ve taught don’t really have a focus on where they would want to start. I don’t know but I just feel like jumping from one thing to another doesn’t really help in accomplishing something. They want to do it their way, so be it.
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  8. the news of hiring non native english instructors had been posted also in the ministry of labor website..according to the post, the ministry of education will be employing such educators as early as septempter of this year….and that the hiring process will be administered by division… here’s the thing….i called the ministry of education Ulsan division and inquire about the status of the said news….according the the woman i talked to, the Ulsan Metropolitan did not agree despite the implementation….and that there is no way for them to hire non native english instructors…..well, i think korea isn’t ready to employ us yet… might have been decided but i guess this will take a couple more years…what do u think?

  9. I hope they do realize that the upsurge of Korean migrants in the Philippines for the sake of English also takes off as an antagonistic response against this scheme. English abroad is way cheaper and not to mention more competent. This news somehow drives even more Koreans to study abroad. Wahh, I do hope they’ll eye on Filipinos for this purpose soon.
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  10. Ms. Betchay, I was emailed personally by Mr. Harry Jeong and he told me that they won’t be hiring Filipinos in the near future. Yung program daw po eh para sa mga Pinoy na gustong magrecruit lang ng mga native English speakers, ayon eh kung may friend ka sa US,Can,etc. 100USD/head (per recruit).
    This news/ad is just another empty promise for Filipinos who want to teach English there.
    To everyone: Don’t pin up your hopes too high. Carve a teaching-related career path in the meantime. Get certs and experience, and maybe after some more years we’ll be ‘recognized’ as legal & competent Eng teachers in Korea.
    Elliots last blog post..Nosy Doc

  11. Advantages of hiring Filipino teachers to teach english in Korea:
    1)Our english teachers are teaching in other asian countries already (so we are tested).
    2)We even have tons of filipino teachers in america, which is supposed to be the country of english native speakers. 3)We speak english as a second language but we speak it well.
    4)Koreans have been coming to our country for the past decade, just to learn english.
    5)U.S.,UK & AU call centers are here in our country, which shows we are comfortable with the english language.
    6)We are patient in teaching.
    7)We can adjust to any culture.
    8)We can understand some of the korean students struggle in learning english as a second language because we kind of went through the same process.
    9) We have many language institutes & online academies here, which caters to mostly korean students, so we have experienced teachers teaching koreans.
    10)We are good looking!(this is just my opinion..hehehe).

  12. To all:
    This is a good start for Korean English Teachers to establish themselves as a real English instructors.
    I know few gyopos who actually good at start of a conversation but looses the tongue after a few minutes of discussion. Yeah, they have a westernize accent but are they familiar with English Language?
    My opinion is, Westerners are a perfect teacher for English but learning English may varry on one’s culture. So the realization would be, Koreans know their culture more than anybody else in the world and that they’re quite fit for English teaching jobs.
    Let them do the job.

  13. @Eden,
    Teacher is an authority figure whether you’re inside or outside the classroom. There are cases that you need to follow your students but not all the time..You have to lead them…Teachers are leaders, isn’t they? If you followed your tutees or students then you shouldn’t be teaching them… you should have a strong point of view…they have to go with your METHOD… METHODOLOGIES shouldn’t be discussed with your Korean friends or else you’ll screwed up…Why? Who cares about one’s methodologies? Only you..not them.
    Here’s the point, don’t teach if you’re not sure with yourself and your method, whether it’s tutorial or in real classroom situation, because you might be lost and end up not knowing what to do…you have to know how to start the lesson and how to end it up…you have to know if your method is effective, u need some experimentation with positive effect on them, you have to know how to impart knowledge..and you have to know your weaknesses as a teacher or tutor. Take not that a teacher should be efficient doing all these things…
    Teaching is not just earning the money through it, if you do, you’ll following them and spoiling them. There’s no learning at all. Money is far from teaching. Your heart should involve on it…
    FYI, Pursue your dream, nobody with complain, just be reminded that you should set your plans. You should have a plan B and C. Life here isn’t a pleasure. You’ll just be disappointed. This is not the right time.

    1. Hi XOXO! I’ve read all your comments up to this point. There had been some lapses but this has to be the worst.
      And I quote:
      Teachers are leaders, isn’t they?
      IMHO, if we present ourselves as ESL teachers, we should at least avoid glaring grammatical errors.

  14. @XOXOGossipGirl
    You should check your grammar first before posting and criticizing other people. It ticks me off that you’re putting the blame on Visayans as the reason why Korea doesn’t hire Filipino English teachers.

    1. yeah, man..blogs or comment boards dont need perfect grammar but her grammar was way down..but i do get her point anyway..this is crazy..hahaha!!

    2. I have a Korean classmate studying here in the Phils. she told me that one of her friend doesn’t want to study anymore ON LINE because she finds it inefficient. Because she already avails few years back ON LINE based in Cebu and she complains that tutor doesn’t come on time and the pronunciation is bad. Filipino should realize Koreans ears are very sensitive about phonetics because they are using electronic dictionary that talks.
      And they are sensitive too with time. They don’t want to start late but they are willing to end up the session late without additional pay.
      .-= MAESTRA VIAJES-´s last blog ..What a Lovely English !!! =-.

  15. Sorry mga kapatid, hindi ko ksi nachecheck ang naisusulat ko dito. Basta ko lang naitype pati tuloy yung aren’t they ko naging isn’t they. Hahaha. nakakahiya talga. Pasensya na tlaga. Nakakahiya sa nkabasa nito…
    Sorry po mga kababayan. Next time check ko muna before posting.

    1. Ops..sorry..may nag comment na pala dun at na acknowledged mo na.
      I have visayan friends who are excellent esl teachers. I had a friend who had a thick kinaray a accent but koreans love her teaching style. Teaching ESL in the Phil in the 90s was based on how popular you are to Korean students. I imagine it still is. My point is the customer is always right. They always win. Even if you’re good, they won’t retain just bec they don’t like you.
      & even then, some koreans dictate to me what they want to learn.

  16. sorry what i wanted to say was: eden teaches for free and she’s not a teacher by profession but what’s important is that she does her best to teach or assist her korean friends. peace…

  17. •Hi to all Teachers and non-teachers and to all Bisaya and non Bisaya by which Ms. XOXO’s main issue!!!I just wanna share my views on ESL teaching as I’ve read many comments of those teachers and non-teachers especially the comments of Ms. Gossipgirl. I’m here in Saudi Arabia working in an office because I’m a management graduate in the Philippines but before I come here, I used to teach ESL to Korean students to different language schools in Makati, Ortigas and Manila for 3 years. The point of Ms. Gossip girl was that, only those certified teachers and education graduate and with accent who can teach ESL to Korean students. In teaching ESL, licence and accent are not enough and cannot justify that after the curriculum, students would be able to speak, read, & write English. In my first language school in Makati, which I worked as operation manager, we have teacher who is an education graduate from Manila with licence but she taught horrible English & terrible grammar. With that we received lots of complains from the parents of our students. Is that the licence and education graduate teacher? Not only that, I’ve met also some teachers in other languages with the same scenario, I’m bisaya but I get higher pay than those who are not and a license education teacher. There are license teachers who are bookies, not thinking of methods and techniques in order for the students to understand the lesson within their grasp. And apply in their daily activities confidently like communicating to other people in various occasions, settings, transactions and situations. Accent however is just secondary thing for me; the most important is letting students understand how to pronounce words correctly with focused on clarity. ESL is composed of four 4 macro skills, i.e. reading, writing, listening & speaking. Accent is just a decoration, although it is important but letting students understand and apply the four macro skills correctly and clearly are more important. To be fair to those “Bisaya”, maybe Ms. Gossip girl doesn’t know that most of the government officials occupying higher positions in the government are from Visayas and they speak clearly and confidently. In terms of public speaking, it’s fantastic. And you’re accent that you’re proud of, is just a hiding power of those who can’t speak English correctly, like my American boss here in saudi Arabia, writes terribly, really terrible grammar and spelling. The teacher should focus on the four 4 macro skills by letting students understand using vital and innovative techniques and methods and not just on accent and license. This was my comments in other blog for Ms. XOXO, and I still saw in this blog her comments with the same issue I big (beg)u pardon by which she was proud of…

  18. And also I just wanna share my other comments to one who commented in my Comments… I recognized Mr. Roy’s eyes in correcting Grammar. Good job Mr. Roy…
    • Hi Miss. Santos! I agree to your point, that’s why most Koreans prefer native speaker because of the accent. Even just vocational or high school graduate English Speaker can teach because of the accent. I’m not disregarding accent, I pointed out that it’s just secondary for me since clarity and understanding are first.
    So far i don’t have any plan to teach in Korea, in case i decided to go there, I see to it that I’m equipped with the necessary requirements and stand to my points.
    Nothing is permanent in this world but “change”….Trying to explain what is right in learning is not bad…And to those who are license and with certificates, prove to yourself and to your student that after the curriculum, students would be able to understand and apply not just accent but also correct speaking skills, writing, reading as well as listening for them to make use in their respective field they want to and for their personal use.
    Take note that markets or students in Korea are not the same and with different objectives in learning English. Students who are taking TOEFL for them to be part of big companies in Korea are different story, because TEOFL is not just accent, they need to pass the whole test. Businessmen who want to improve and learn how to write business correspondence and business communication are also a different story, accent is just secondary, because before in the Philippines, I had one student who is a Vice President of an Electric Company in Korea and he wants to learn how to write business correspondence and learn business terminologies.
    Licence is needed but it can’t guarantee that after the study duration, students would be able to speak, read, write and listen correctly and clearly.
    Thank u guys, Oh sorry please check my grammar, hehehehe, I know you guys are ESL teachers, Isn’t you, Oh sorry Aren’t you? hehe

  19. This topic is getting crazy thanks for making me laugh, to gossip I have a question.“teacher ka ba talaga?” base on your attitude you’re not, because you don’t act like one.You are not a good model to your student,are you? You don’t know how to respect people and yourself as well. By the way I’m from Davao.I’m not a teacher in school but I am a teacher to my kids in order them to be nice you have to be nice also so they will follow you.How could you become a teacher if you can’t even teach yourself a good moral? Oo nga ang galing galing mong mag english kaso sablay ka naman sa grammar but that’s not my point…Kung magaling ka sa english sana magaling ka rin sa magandang pang uugali.Bahala na kayo sa grammar ko yan lang kc ang kaya ko. Thank you and peace.

  20. Hi Ms. Angel, bisaya man ko gid. Nakakatuwa kasi ang ibang mga taga manila eh yabang lang pinapairal…kala mo ang iba dyan kung cnu na….Ang mga nainterview ko dating mga education teacher from manila at sa exam na binibigay namin sa language school eh sablay din…hehe. Tnx for your humility…. Importante kasi yan. Ndi natin kailangan manlait kasi wlang perfect na tao at babalik kasi satin yan…We can correct and criticize others, but in proper way not in yabang way… Thank u …

  21. xoxogossipgirl-msyado ka nmn magsalita.grabe k sa racial descrimination pra kang hndi pinoy.u should be thankful n mgnda ang pag english mo.saan k b nag aral?gusto mo englishan tayo dlwa eh.bisaya ako tignan natin kung hndi dumugo yan gilagid mo kpag nagkausap tayo.maubusan k ng english saakin hangeukin p kita.

  22. what kind of comment was that?!lahat ng mga taga visayan region di maganda ang english accent? tinamaan ako ah. day gossipgirl bisaya man ako pero hindi naman ganyan yung pagpronounce ko noh! sobra ka namang maglait. sana sinabi mo na lang “some of our kababayan” instead of visayan. have a soul! fis (peace)

    1. Hindi naman nya nilahat ang sabi nya sa comment nya SOME OF THEM. Hindi nya generalize.
      Nakakatawa naman to. Bisaya gid ako pero may point din naman sya.
      Saka isa pa bakit ba tayo magpapapekto sa kanya? and Alam naman ng nakararami na maraming Visayan ang kilala sa iba’t-ibang larangan.
      Hwag nyo na idepensya pa ang sarili. Both parties have the right to give opinions.
      Bisaya man ako pero di ako galit kasi OPINION LANG NAMAN YAN! ibig sabihin walang katotohanan o basehan..okay?

  23. Hello jeffry agree ako dyan….baka di nya lang alam na halos kilalang tao galing sa bisayas n mindanao.ummm except pacman lol

  24. All of you seems to have problems and personal issues to deal with. So stop playing Angels versus Demons, and vice versa. So sick. Most of the comments/replies(in defense) in this thread instigates indigenous ethnic divide, which doesnt help at all. We are all individuals. If you start talking and generalizing a group of people either in a form of criticism or in defense to an ethnic slur (to where you belong), using your few acquaintances and limited experience as a basis, then the real issue is you. Be logical.

  25. in defense to XOGG, i could feel her frustration. course, all of you trying to gang up on her would not think logically.
    one: who amongst you will not agree that MOST visayan accent is difficult to bear when speaking english? i said MOST, not all.
    and besides, it’s A JOKE! go to any school in metro manila, be a bit DORKY and they’d call you “bisaya” immediately regardless from where you are! i was a bit dorky when i moved from a privvy to a coed and i was called bisaya.. even if i was from the same city. it has no MEANING other than the stereotype even from before: promdi’s in the city.
    and two: who amongst will agree than the majority of Filipino here deserve their posts?
    you do and i will honestly say you’re delusional.
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..YWCA: The last installment =-.

  26. well… .well….well here you go 2 lawyers of xoxoxo or maybe xoxo herself!!! I don’t give a damn.or maybe this is the time you have to stop calling stupid,dork or fool people a bisaya!!!

  27. LOL.
    you really are not thinking clearly, are you? and if you don’t give a damn, then what the effing hell are you responding for?
    i stand by what i said. and i’m NOT XOGG, and so is arvin. teachers can differentiate writing styles. you missed. and you said.. you’re a teacher??
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..Not thinking, Rather feeling. =-.

  28. Interesting commetns from this logical girl… ins’t she?
    Can u explain further what is logial ideas? The main issue were the accent wherein according to miss accent girl, XOGG and was depended by miss logical girl, accent really counts a lot in teaching ESL….secondly, non-teachers cannot teach ESL because they are not teachers…and licence teachers were affected because of unsatisfactory performance of these non-teachers including me.. Where did she get these ideas and statistics? Can she show proven evidences so that ms. logical girl can convince me to think logically?…She also quoted bisaya…Bisaya is not a hindrance in teaching ESL,only training is needed to at least minimize the use of mother tongue and to pronounce words corretly and clearly…And take note that there are many bisayans who excel in public speaking using the three elements of communication, i.e. ethos, pathos and logos….As operation manager of language school before, take note that licence teachers cannot justify that after the study duration, students would be able to speak, read, write and listen correctly and clearly using English language… I can proved that there are non teachers who can teach correctly, and appllied the right techniques in teaching ESL to koreans. And I terminated a licence teacher from manila because we received lots of complain from the parents of our students because of her teaching capability which is terrible…
    Now read my ideas, tell me if my ideas are logical or not… Explain wat is logical since maybe you have philosophy subject…after that , you maybe use the word logical after your research.
    thank you..

  29. @ XOXO
    Just be careful next time with your statements. And refrain from making generalized commentaries. Bisayans and Non-Bisayans, we all have our flaws. We all contribute to the negative stereotypes thats been afflicting all of us here in South Korea, primarily the non-NS english teachers
    @ jeffry
    I dont want to be mean to you, but ill give you a dose of your own medicine. Fair enough? ok. You commended a poster here for his criticism of someone’s grammar? (You are both pathetic) Why not look at your own first? How many times you pointed out in your post regarding your qualifications as a teacher, and as operations manager of a language institute? How many times you littered this site with your boring lectures about something you dont even understand? You are PROVING yourself wrong. You are an exact PROOF of the argument here. I have to hit my head many times in the wall just to get the gist of what youre saying. As for myself, I never flaunt about my grammar, nor my qualifications regarding it because i know im not good at it, and lastly because i dont work in that field.
    There is NOTHING WRONG with the accent of bisayans as well as tagalogs. Ive met many bisayans with almost perfect accent, as well as those with the worst accent. It goes the same way for non-bisayans Ok???? Get over with that please. Are you not getting enough sleep just because someone bashed you and your fellow bisayans?? What is wrong is that you are creating a DIVIDE between bisayans and non-bisayans using your (and your friends) anecdotal examples/stories, which is clearly an expression of your subconscious mind as a way of covering up your weak ass. Geez, Grow up!
    To all of you acting as grammar police, you are all pathetic, english experts wannabes.
    And to all, please STOP pushing and insisting your morals unto others.
    I think the poster James nailed it well. Nice dude.

    1. Tinuod ka dong!!! 100% agree. Minsan mag-inoman naman tayu. Salamat gid sa imong pag-appreciate sa poster ko.
      Sa inyu lahat mga inday at koya, ayain ko kayu tagay! Basta kayo mag-bayad uy! Wla man ako masyado kwarta.
      Hhahaha! Hinde biru lang.

  30. ANGEL.
    oo nga no.. kse naman wala akong makitang spaces eh, hindi ko tuloy NAPANSIN na teacher ka lng ng kids mo.
    “accent really counts a lot in teaching ESL”
    you think so? because i don’t. teaching this language GOES beyond accent. it needs PRONUNCIATION. There are four aspects in every language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. You yourself mentioned that. ACCENT can only go with SPEAKING if desired, but we don’t need it. we need PRONUNCIATION… oh and do i need to state this: KNOWLEDGE OF WORDS, and HOW TO SAY IT RIGHT!! i thought you said you were an operationS manager of language school before? then why did you miss this fact? (children VS cheldren VS childrenS)
    ” non-teachers cannot teach ESL because they are not teachers…and licence teachers were affected because of unsatisfactory performance of these non-teachers including me..”
    where did you come up with these assumptions? i’m not a LICENSED teacher, but i HAVE perfected my craft. and since this language evolves (are you even aware of that fact?), i am TRYING to keep up with it. you mentioned it yourself, there are tricks and techniques when it comes to teaching, but not everyone has the ability, or the knowledge on applying it.
    “She also quoted bisaya…Bisaya is not a hindrance in teaching ESL,”
    did i say it is? tagalugin ko ba ng maintindihan mo?
    masakit pakinggan ang accent ng bisaya, true enough. pero HINDI SINASABI na LAHAT ng mediocre/BAD TEACHERS e bisaya. wala rin akong pakialam kung anong ethnicity ng teacher. IT’S AN INSULT pag hindi UP TO SCRATCH. ako din natawag ng BISAYA, pero hindi ako bisaya. TINAWAG akong bisaya KASE yung lunchbag ko was SAILORMOON, and i was in a PRIVATE SCHOOL. nakikita mo yung connection? mahirap BA? isa png example?
    pag hindi mo ALAM ang pronunciation ng ESPRIT or ng GIRBAUD or ng PETIT MONDE, natawag din na bisaya yun. it’s an expression na invented from WAY BACK: PROMDI IN THE CITY, and evolved into something new: BISAYA. how it got there i don’t know. painful, but if you want to sue someone for it, gather up all the elites, the bourgeois, and the spoiled brats coupled with the bullies in school. tulungan pa kita.
    and JEFFRY.. and you’re asking for statistics? goodness man! look around you! your JOB from before should have given you an ability to SPOT the good ones from the bad ones, even if it’s just in the form of writing, OR COMMENTS.
    AND, if indeed, you were an operations manager before, then you are also aware of the DESIGNED CURRICULUM. then i would ask this: WHEN CAN A KOREAN STUDENT GET AN ACCENT TRAINING, SLANG AND COLLOQUIAL DIFFERENTIATION, TOEFL, AND INTERNATIONAL NEWS AND CURRENT AFFAIRS? which LEVEL should they be in before even DREAMING of these subjects?
    lastly, use my name. it’s not too difficult to COPY-PASTE.
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..Not thinking, Rather feeling. =-.

  31. Perfect comprehension from mr arvin and ms, reijene…. Congratulations…
    To mr. arvin, who told you that there’s something wrong with the visayan accent or tagalog accent? I pointed out in my comments, that bisyan accent can be improved through training in order to pronounce word corretly and clearly… All the issues which I raised came from ms. xoxo which I commented, except for one issue that I got to miss reijene as she pointed out to think logically…
    To mr. arvin, face the mirror look at the dictionary and try to understand the word pathetic and police which mirrors your personality coz you depend illogical ideas rather than to correct such. Then blame your “ass” which is your word considering that your professional enough to understand wat is proper word and wat is not…
    To my dear ms. reijene, I would be inviting you for a dinner pag uwi ko dito galing saudi…
    Anyway, I only commented in your comment for your word “logically”
    And the quote below is not my quote that was the quote of ms. xoxo which I strongly disagreed because I’m not a teacher also, considering I’m a management graduate and just enter the feild of ESL through training..
    ” non-teachers cannot teach ESL because they are not teachers…and licence teachers were affected because of unsatisfactory performance of these non-teachers including me..”
    Your comprehension ms. reijene pls. As you said you perfected your craft even if your not a teacher. I’m not a teacher also but i can’t say I perfected my craft or anything….Even in the feild of management…Even an English man cannot say that words… Also you asked me series of questions, wherein you did not ask first yourself if you have the right to ask me or not? You can ask that if you gonna accept my invitation for a dinner in makati…hehe.
    I would not ask someone a question if I don’t know that person… logical or not?
    Who are you then if I gonna answer your questions? You are noy my boss, nor my friend… You are not my family nor my professors…..
    And about the statistics. I’m not askin you for the statistics, I’m asking ms. xoxo girl for it… Congratulations in perfecting your craft… The only issue that I commented in your paRT was the quote ” think logically” after our comments to ms. xoxo… Which I dont need your advice to think logically after commenting to ms. xoxo…
    Pronunciation; thank you for giving examples like girbaud etc… But I’m not your student….
    My only point in pronunciation is clarity and correctness… by which ms. xoxo generalized that bisayans pronounced differently… which she was correct but not all. and I said training will do…
    And finally, the most important is we are not licence both, but you perfected your craft and I didn’t.
    And I only commented to your quote “we have to think logically” that’s it… all the issues I raised came from ms. xoxo which I gave my comments…
    Thank you and I look forward to set down with you in a dinner or a cup of coffee so you can ask questions and in return I can ask you questions….

  32. By the way the issue about accent also came from miss xoxo, which i said in other blog it’s only secondary since clarity and correctness are first… I don’t know maybe I got wrong in writing, but I read again my comments, and all the issues I raised came from miss. xoxo and I only quoted which you thought I SAID ALL THOSE ISSUES AND IT CAME TO ME…
    Anyway ms. reijene, go over my previous write ups before you give comments…

  33. tinagalog ko na hindi pa rin naintindihan.
    sabi ko, as a defense to XOGG, hindi bisaya ETHNICITY ang tinira nya. ginamit nya lang yung word na magde describe sa mga taong MAY PAGKUKULANG. binigyan na kita ng example hindi mo pa rin na get. (at bakit naman kita tuturuan ng pronunciation through typewritten words? you’d have to hear it to learn, ba yun!!)
    AGAIN. HINDI ETHNICITY yung tinatawag na BISAYA. sila yung mga taong ignorante sa kung anong DAPAT. (na-english lng nagkaroon na ng massive welga dito!) walang pakialamanan sa accent. tamang pronunciation lng okay na.
    think LOGICALLY. bakit aatakihin yung isang buong ethnicity? bakit bisaya at bakit hindi kapampangan e masakit din naman sila pakinggan? e yung accent ng bulakenyo, paano na? matigas din naman ang dila ng ilokano pero walang pakialalamanan. IT’S A TERM. walang personalang TERM. WORD na ginagamit sa mga taong hindi up to scratch. yung tipong PROMDI in the city description na sinimulan ata nina TITO VIC AND JOEY. (uulitin ko pa ba?) ang dami kong friends na bisaya, and i respect them ALL. they have this kind of humility that i KNOW i can’t have, they’re amazing people, successful on their own right, and they’re not INSECURE about their ethnicity.
    saka marunong ako magbisaya. (hindi waray, ha ne?)
    paano pa yung powerful and famous sa pilipinas? hindi na ko lalayo, hindi ko naman sila kilala lahat.
    “Even an English man cannot say that words”
    you might be right. because this language evolves. but the CRAFT of teaching, the ones needed to teach ANY levels. what’s needed to keep a class fun, educational and not boring, where every student can feel he/she is a part of the class, without sacrificing their age (or maturity), that was what i was referring to. TESL can only do so much, but there’s more to it than just spoonfeeding facts.
    i have NOT mastered ENGLISH, not yet. but i’m trying to keep up with it. the new words, the latest changes, what’s phased out, the old styles, THOSE. who said anything about me being perfect in that area?
    oh, don’t answer that. obviously, you’d be thinking i’m being too forward. and besides, it’s to prove that you are what you claim. not too difficult, is it?
    as for reading your earlier posts, i must say it took me a while to understand what you were trying to say. libre naman siguro yung pag hit ng enter button, right? anyway, irrelevant. nauna kang nagyabang with your degree, your previous position, where you’re at, and you still cannot justify what you were claiming.
    and as for that invitation: no thanks. we still are not planning to go back to the Philippines… not yet. but i’ll hold you to that. there’s one thing about reijene that she loves the most: PROVE HER WRONG, and that she takes that chance ALL THE TIME.
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..Not thinking, Rather feeling. =-.

  34. Ms. reijene, read all the comments of ms. xoxo not only one. She mentioned in particular bisaya, which she gave clear example in pronouncing ” I beg you pardon” “I big you pardon” Not only in this blog but in other blog also. She didn;t mention any other ethnicity but only bisaya,nor she mentioned ethnicity word.
    Yong tagalog mo lalong lumala explanation u…I’m bisaya, you depend bisaya, and I depend bisaya too in other blog..If u speak ethnicity, then refers to all not only bisaya but ms. xoxo did not mention the word ethnicity instead she just quoted the word bisaya in other blog even in this blog…
    “Accent”; I did not even agree with the point of ms xoxo in this blog and in other blog for the accent because I said clarity and correctness in pronouncing words are enough. and accent is just secondary, which I pointed out in this blog and in other blog.. so wats your problem with the accent? Can you go over in my previous comments again, and scrutinize my point of views? Review many times before you reply? Hehe, so interesting!!!.
    And with your words; you “perfected” the “craft of teaching!!! Pls. define the word perfect first!!! you can depend yourself but you can’t convince me to believe you…For me no one is perfect in teaching even if he/she holds master’s degree, doctoral degree or a brilliant professor in the world…For me human error can’t be avoided in teaching…
    In terms of humility however’ I didn’t mean to mention my position in my previous langauge school, I just demonstrated an example to prove that a license teacher cannot prove and justify his/her license in teaching ESL…Because I terminated other teacher who has license since we received lots of complains from the parents of our students wherein they cannot demonstrate good teaching capabilities…. I’m bisaya and I’m not license teacher which I pointed out in all my comments…This is a proof that whether you are license or not, bisaya or not,as soon as you are qualified to teach and with teaching capabilities, you are in…
    Thanks ms reijene, my pleasure to share ideas with you, Sang bansa u ba now?Take care…

  35. bakit? ang bikolano ba hindi nagkakamali with it? i will say this again. IT’S A TERM. walang pakialamanan, walang personalan. hindi nya inimbento yun. GINAMIT LNG. and in english kaya nag react ang bisaya community. ako din gumamit nun, bumisita ka sa blog ko, maghanap ka. pero at least had the sense not to use BISAYA. marami naman kse akong words na pwedeng paikutin. Kahit hindi na maintindihan ng average housewife.
    kse pag tinawag na bisaya, lahat na yun sakop. simple lng. bakit naman lalahatin ang mga bisaya e maski yung bulakenyo meron ding parehas na misdemeanor? the only mistake that XOGG made was she used a very popular term VISAYA which enraged the sensitive and the insecure bisaya. kung bakit naman kse may mga NAUUSONG words na nakakasakit sa mga bisaya, at kung bakit naman kse may ignoranteng hindi nakaka alam why it’s used.. kailangan ba talaga i explain kung bakit bisaya ang tawag sa tatanga tangang tao, or yung yaya na umorder ng lat (latte) sa starbucks? so what kung yung popular term yung ginamit nya? if you were the better person, the only thing you’d do is shake your head, shrug your shoulders.
    rather than condemning this girl who obviously is worked up with the system, and is FRUSTRATED.
    AND AS FOR READING YOUR PREVIOUS POSTS… di ba kakasabi ko lng na napaka hirap basahin kse akala mo yata may bayad yung enter button.
    … nahanap din sa wakas. i had to use a magnifying glass.
    “Accent however is just secondary thing for me; the most important is letting students understand how to pronounce words correctly with focused on clarity.”
    so you say. but how about a good command of english? in written and spoken terms? kailangan lng ba yung “ability to teach” na hindi kayang sabayan ng personal ability ng teacher when it comes to delivering a lecture? i’m going to bet my hair you’d sound as bad as you write, because you can’t be a better speaker if your writing is this bad. but you can be a good writer without being a good speaker.
    DEFENDING myself to you is irrelevant, because unlike you, i pride myself to giving my thousand percent on what i do (even if i’m a bitch, and an apathetic turd most of the time). human error, like what you said is unacceptable to me, not in this business anyway. besides, it’s common sense to keep on learning while teaching. i’m sorry you met mediocre teachers who just stopped evolving. to me it’s just wishful thinking to make teachers, or aspiring teachers to understand that.
    “I didn’t mean to mention my position in my previous langauge school, I just demonstrated an example to prove that a license teacher cannot prove and justify his/her license in teaching ESL…Because I terminated other teacher who has license since we received lots of complains from the parents of our students wherein they cannot demonstrate good teaching capabilities….”
    but you did, and you kept on mentioning it anyway, your degree, and your insignificant whatnots. if you meant to give an example, you should have tried to use FACTS and not your personal information.
    sharing ideas with me… bakit? may input ka ba na may natutunan ako?
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..Signs that you’re a Snob =-.

  36. hehe, very nice write ups, read you post and listen to your sound… San ang substance sa mga sinulat mo? Actually sounds nothing,,, at kayabangan din lng,,,If i have my friend from manila and if i call him bisaya when he/she speaks, will he/she agree? I am bisya, and bisayans vernacular intonation is different from that of manila, even if we say they pronounce words incorrectly…San ang logic sa mga cnabi u? And u said how about good command of English? In written and spoken terms? Good Command? Only good? ah ok,If you are just good? then how can you say THAT you perfected your crAFT ? iN MY OTHER COMMENTS, i MENTIONED AND USE AGAIN YOUR magnifying glass, as i observed this is just your work to go over my comments and scrutinize 24 hours a day, hehe.. I said that in teaching ESL, teacher should focus on four macro skills i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening and ensure that after the within the duration, these skills are properly disect and impart to the students using aprropriate teaching methodologies within their grasp..
    And anyway, I said my pleasure to share ideas with you…Only share, i didn’t tell you to use my ideas, because I believe you already perfected your craft.hehe …
    Perfect?/?/? And agian you’re giving me job, use your magnifying glass to look for blogs,,,because this is not just my job, busy me sa office, cnasaglitan ko lang kasi nakakamis ka,,,,,Good luck and i want you to be my English teacher, hehe… mmmmwah. take care…

  37. Anyway ms. reije, again. my pleasure to share ideas, not for you to use or learn from it as i said, you already mastered, perfected your craft…At paki correct nalang, mam, this quote”that within the study duration”….And how much if I get you as my private tutor? and i wanna study philosophy with stress on logical ideas….Thanks

  38. To Reijene and Jeffrey,
    You’re right ma’am Reijene, I am so frustrated… I have been reading your blog since the past months. You have a strong characteristic as a writer. I just realized the softer side of you after reading your comments here. Thanks a lot dahil naunawaan mo po ang point ko. Tama ka may pagkakapareho tayo ng point of views. Ang pagkakamali ko lang ay nabanggit ko pa kasi ang salitang Bisaya. Wala naman po talaga kong layunin na masama. Nagkataon lang kasi na ung mga aspiring teachers na un ay mga Bisaya at pang-apat na sya na natanggal sa academy. Kumpara po sa akin kasi, graduate lang ako ng education at sila may mga certificates tulad ng TESOL / TEFL tapos yung huli nai-refer lang ni hindi nga naka-graduate ng highschool. Nakakalungkot lng kasi na ginagawa lang ila ung paraan para kumita ng pera tapos hindi ginagawa ang trabaho ng maayos. Sana kasi gawin naman nila ang trabaho nila ng tama para namn maganda nag impression sa ating mga Pinoy at para ung mga kababayan natin sa Pinas na nagnanais na makapgtrabaho bilang guro dito, ay lumaki ang tsansa na matanggap
    Ang gusto ko lang naman po sna sabihin ay maging responsable tayo sa pagtuturo.
    Para naman po kay Jeffrey,
    Humihingi po ako ng dispensa sa inyo at sa mga kapatid nating Bisaya.
    Una, tama po kayo na pede maimprove ang accent or pronunciation nila, pero hindi po dapat na gawing training ground nila ang mga academies dito. Bago po sana sumabak sa gyera, dapat ready na sila sa mga possibilities na kaakibat ng tinutuntun nila.
    Ikalawa, wala po tayong pinagkaiba. Kung sa tingin nyo siniraan ko ang mga Kabisayaan, ganun din naman po ang ginawa nyo sa mga manilenyo. Tinira nyo rin po kami. Yun po ba ang dapat na i-acto ng isang operationS manager na katulad nyo? Sa palagay ko naman mas mataas ang narating nyo kasi nga sabi nyo operations manager kayo dati. Sana nga lang nakikita sa mga naisulat nyo dito. Kayo po ang PURO YABANG lang ang alam at ipagmalaki ang sarili imbes na ipagmalaki ang pagkakaisa nating mga Pilipino dito. Hindi po ba kayo na nahihiya na bilang isang operations manager eh you were expected to stay calm at saka just sa mga acts, salita o commentaries nyo. Tinira nyo ako ng husto pero hindi nyo man lang na-gets ang ibig kong sabihin. Nakakalungkot na nauna po ang pagyayabang nyo. Buti pa sina Ms. Reijene at Mr. Arvin sign eh malawak ang comprehension. Sila ang karapat dapat na maging operations manager hindi kayo.
    Ikatlo, binabasa nyo po ba ang mga write-ups nyo kay Ms. Reijene? Nakakahiya po kayo. Operations manager turned pervert po labas nyo. Hahaha! Nang-aasar ka sa kanya pero hindi mo napapansin na lumalala ang tama mo!
    Ikaapat, Alam kong babatikusin mo ulit ako dahil sa salitang naka-underline sa Ikatlo. Katulad ng pagkapuna mo sa salitang ginamit ni Mr. Arvin sign na WEAK ASS! Baka nga mas malala pa ang maabot ko. Di bale nakahanda na po ako jan.

  39. “If i have my friend from manila and if i call him bisaya when he/she speaks, will he/she agree?”
    you are still MISSING it! ok lng, tawagin mo sya bisaya, but it has NOTHING to do with HOW HE SOUNDS. he must be an idiot, or he must be an ignorant heathen, or the LIST COULD GO ON! are you that DIM?
    then bisaya ka nga. (again, nothing to do with ethnicity, just that the MAN is DIM.)
    ” And u said how about good command of English? In written and spoken terms? Good Command? Only good? ”
    so now we’re on technical terms. where’s the sense of asking me to prove to you that i have perfected my craft? i don’t know if i have a good command in english, but it sure is better than you and MOST of the ESL grammar police whatnots here.
    my teaching skills VS my english skills
    two different things that you CANNOT distinguish. which is better, i don’t know. but one cannot exist without the other. you, on the other hand, one exists WITHOUT the other. go figure.
    “in teaching ESL, teacher should focus on four macro skills i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening and ensure that after the within the duration, these skills are properly disect and impart to the students using aprropriate teaching methodologies within their grasp..”
    that one i totally agree. although you could use a bit of that “writing” yourself.
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..Signs that you’re a Snob =-.

  40. “Actually sounds nothing,,, at kayabangan din lng”
    because i can.
    you ideas are just that. kung wala akong substance like what you’re saying. then i guess i could do with a bit more reading.
    but can you say the same thing with angel, with the others here who cannot even express their thoughts?
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..Signs that you’re a Snob =-.

  41. Magtataglamig na mis ann dito, do u wanna join? hehe..No,no,no, enough is enough, cnu pa nga ba panalo, lagi naman babae,,,,,,At to miss xoxo, lumakalas daw tama ko, hehe, ramdam u ba? Just depending my points and nothing I will change nor altered, what i said is what i said,,,,
    And i cant imagine that u gave meaning to my comments using my position which i just pointed out what I did before and my previous job but still related to ESL,.Even you ms, xoxo u mentioned that your teaching, so you are a teacher, by wherein pinangalandakan u ang ACCENT U,, NDI KAYA KAYABANGAN YON? mS REIJE also quoted that she perfected her craft in teaching? who will agree? herself? NDI KAYA PAGMAMAYABANG YON? ako position lang nabanggit ko at hindi ko cnabi at pinagmalaki na perfect ginawa ko.
    At Ms. xoxo, you evaluated myself na ndi dapat ako naging operation manager, who are you then? Manager of a human resources division with strong behavioral science and psychological background?hehe. Ang galing u rin…And even isa lang akong ordinaryong empleyado, you have no right to evaluate myself nor conclude in your own nonsense way….You are not my superior anyway…
    And are we using technical terms here in ESL ? English skills and technical skills are of big difference. Narinig ko lang mga technical term na yan dito sa mga engineers namin sa site, and i cant agree na my technical term tayo sa ESL….aNYWAY tHANK YOU PANALO MGA GIRLS NATIN, sympre sabi nga nila dapat daw minamahal ang babae… ohhh. I luv u girls….But dont mind my words they are just words, Because i refrain changing my points of view,as i stand to what i said….
    Take care kayo!!!

  42. Grabe ang tira ni ms, reije huh umaapaw, hehehe..yup i could write myself and you do write yourself too, TO EXPRESS PERFECT IDEAS,,,obvious naman ang pagiging perfect u po, pati tehnical term meron tayo sa ESL,,,,Baka po English terminology…Now mis reije I can now use that we HAVE TO THINK LOGICALLY BEFORE we have to elicit points, ideas, etc….
    Isa lang ang nagustuhan ko words dito sa blog na to, word po ni ms. reije, LOGIC… which i am fond of learning…Thank you guys and i wanna greet you MERRY3X X MAS and a PEACEFUL new year.!!!!!!Ms. reije thanks. ms xoxo, ms. angel and to all who contributed for this intersting blog…..

  43. “yup i could write myself ”
    talaga? that’s not what i meant. hindi mo talaga naintindihan? wag mo na intindihin kse maski tinagalog na e hindi mo pa rin na gets.
    “mS REIJE also quoted that she perfected her craft in teaching? who will agree? herself? NDI KAYA PAGMAMAYABANG YON? ”
    yeah.. because i CAN. one thing about perfection is that it keeps on progressing. to be stagnant with what you HAVE is pathetic. (learned that one from another wiseman.) and don’t call me reije. the extra NE is needed here.
    “i cant agree na my technical term tayo sa ESL”
    thank GOD hindi ka natuloy tuloy as an ESL teacher. wag mo na rin i career. lalo na hindi ka prepared to its evolution and its loopholes, leave it to the newbies who wants to aspire for it. heaven knows we don’t need more mediocre teachers.
    “But dont mind my words they are just words,”
    then you shouldn’t have insulted anybody. and paraded to the whole site that you are mediocre too.
    “Because i refrain changing my points of view,as i stand to what i said….”
    good. keep it that way. i mentioned my reason above.
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..Signs that you’re a Snob =-.

  44. Alam mo ms reije, ang airy u rin, Yes continous learning is important as it is a way to progression. But why did u associate perfection to progression? Alam u you cannot accept even if you knew its already nonsense explanation, you made…
    Remember that no one can say he is perfect his/her endeavor because when i seat in your class, I can evalaute that you’re only mediocre teacher…In logic no one can say to herself she is beautiful wherein in my own opinion she is not..But you are doing that….
    Anyway thank you for reviewing my comments, and giving more time to edit, good job..but nothing gonna change in my point of view…You cannot accept that you’re the one who is pathetic…hehe… You know every individual has its weak points and I’ve found more on you….
    I respect your opinion, because that’s your point of views, but respect mine coz that’s my views too. Kahit lait laitin u yan, manigas ka, heheh…
    By the way I noticed at first your comprehension since then, and I found it very low in fact… Thats my opinion base on your write ups, and you are free to criticize mine also until you find yourself a winner…hehe…At Mapatagalog ka man o mapa English, wala parin, in writing you should emphasize substance and clarity…Ganyan ba pagkaperfect you sa craft u?
    And i said dont mind my words, yes don’t mind it, kung sa palagay u eh mali why you mind it, because in my point of view tama sya so whats the big deal, you are free to criticize but be ready to be criticized,, parang masyado ka affected, hehe…Sau una nanggaling ang logic, tapus ndi u maapply sa mga cnasabi mo? That’s why I’m criticizing your comments and other comments because it’s not acceptable for me, and you are free to say something to other’s comments too, as simple as that, hala patay tayo dito ne..
    And you cannot accept also na wala tayong technical terms sa ESL…You need to have research ne,.. We have technical terms in computer studies, in law, in engineering, and in other feild but we have English terms in ESL? Go over ESL,TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, if you can find technical terms.. In English we have latin words, greek words, slang, but no technical.,, Take note that or subject is ESL…..ESL…Where is Tehnical in ESL???
    Thanks ne,,, mmwah

  45. reijene and xoxo whatsoever… who do you think you are???walking dictionary? or a … bitch…you know what? you belong together masyado kayong nagmamagaling, but I beat your just good in writing not in speaking.Try to make a speech in front of thousand people tingnan natin kung di uurong dila nyo.angel is right stop calling stupid people a bisaya!!! because you hurt some feelings.Di lahat ng bisaya stupid you two more stupid than we are!!!!

    1. pwede ba hindi naman tayo magkakakilala ng lubusan dito wag kayo magpredict ng hindi tutoo.
      Para sa yo BISAYA….pakibasa muna ang mga comments sa taas!!!
      “Di lahat ng bisaya stupid you two more stupid than we are!!!!”
      Ga** ka pala e di inamin mo ring stupido kayo!!!
      Hey, here’s my point wala namn akong nabasang stupid ang mga bisaya… Bisaya ako baliw ka!! at hindi ako sang-ayon sa yo! BOBO

  46. ang tanga talaga sumagot.
    ilang beses ko bng uulitin na hindi ETHNICITY ang ginago dito?
    go see me BISAYA. i dare you. making a speech is useless, because it is memorized. how about actually having a conversation? You can’t accuse someone and hope that they’re not to respond. bring your words with you, match it with correct grammar to make sure that you and i won’t be speaking our mother tongue. call out my mistakes and i’ll call yours.
    and we’ll bring in spectators. how’s that? (original idea from someone i know)
    Oh, i almost forgot. I AM A BITCH. i’m actually beyond the word.. i’m a COLD BLOODED BITCH, cruel, and blunt. but i’m a teacher. only, i turn into that sociopath when people like you, or jeffry, or the rest of the nonsensical idiots go out and pretend to be great. (there’s too many of them!!)
    and jeffry: wag ka na sumagot, nakakahiya kang sumagot eh. i used the expression “technical term” and you used it literally. wag mo ng dagdagan yung ignorance na pinapakita mo. i chose to ignore it and you kept on pressing on. ikaw kaya ang mag expand ng word usage? baka maintindihan mo? yung loopholes na tinutukoy ko hindi mo rin maiintindihan. wag ka na mag lecture, you don’t know what you’re talking about. stay at your desk and evaluate your staff. kung meron.
    perfection if explained to you would be pointless. sarado utak mo remember?
    i’d agree on that one: i’m an idiot. But guess what… i can still do this better than you, or the rest of you ganging up because someone frustrated used a FILIPINO WORD translated to english and is synonymous to an ethnic group.
    so yes, i’m pathetic. because i can understand people better than you. because i’m an ignorant yet arrogant heathen who can still do this job better than you and some of the degree holders here.
    and if comprehension skills are being picked on here: then i guess it’s weird that i am reading PERVERSION leaking on every word typed. only, i kept on ignoring it as it’s grossing me out. STOP CALLING ME REIJE. the extra NE is needed.
    you’re not a friend, don’t “muah” me.
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..and i’m done hibernating. =-.

  47. Oh puso mo ne!!!!Ang saya pala dito…U said You can do better than me or someone else!!!! Watch your words, you can tell it to yourself not to me or to someone else… Bakit u dito pinangangalandakan yan? Do you think I will agree? You can praise your self either or you can say to your self you are perfect but do it alone not here….Because I can say you are the one who is pretending,,,…
    Your words, and your expressions now turned zero (000000)…
    And I will again stand to my point that you cannot use the word technical term in ESL…..OR ELSE YOU LOST YOUR WAY HOME NE….aSK THE TRUE ESL INSTRUCTOR / PROFESSOR and if they will agree that i can use that word in ESL, THEN you will get a low blood pressure…hehe…. ImaginE,,, “GOOD COMMAND OF ENGLISH” is a technical term in ESL????? How can you say that?Oh my Goodness!!!
    At yong perfection na cnasabi u? Wala kana ba maidagdag?Parang nawala u dun,,,Common, depend more, elicit more,,,more explaination ika nga more mistakes…At sa paikot ikot ko sau, nawawala kana sa focus,,,,Paanu yan pag nasa witness stand ka? Bka pag tinanung kita ” Anu kinain u sa Shakeys? baka sabihin u SAKIN eh “JUICE”…
    tHANKS NENE, …

  48. By the way I’ve seen one point in your comment to bisaya, I’m not depending someone else, take note that, I’m only after to someone’s point of view…
    You said MAKING SPEECH IS USELESS!!!!!yOU CAN SAY THAT to yourself,,, but to me biG NO… Public speaking is more difficult compare to speaking in the four corners of the wall… Imagine you said it;s only memorize, and babaw you lang pala…Kala ko pa naman ang galing galing mu….Take note that in public speaking, you need to consider three major elements of communication, the ETHOS OR CHARACTER, the PATHOS or compassion and the LOGOS or the factual content of your speech.
    Tapus sabihin u lang, memorize lang yan okey na,,, patay tayo dito.. Lumalabas na rin ang weakneses u..Even those public officials are hiring experts to draft a speech, train the speaker, correct improper posture, gesture, expression, voice modulation, how to get the attention of audiences, how to stress important points, HOW to touch emotion, etc… tapus sabihin u USELESS!!!!!??????????????????HALA SAN NA PINAGMAMALAKI MONG CRAFT. Even to students of ESL it is applicable.. Anu pala ginagawa u sa klase mo? Are you not considering those points when talking…Although me pagkakaiba ng kunti ang public speaKing at class discussion, ang 3 basic elements na yan ay ginagamit for effective communication…
    Even reading loud is applied to ESL teaching and those elements should be observed applying 125-160 words per minute….
    Ang again it is not acceptable for me that you will say that public speaking is USELESS….Anyway it is acceptable to yourself, don’t worry, hehe. Sabi ko nga You are free to ctitisize but be ready to be critized…Tirahin u ng tirahin points ko it’s okey, pERO UNTI UNTING LUMALABAS KAHINAAN U,,, KALA KO PA NAMAN EH YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN ME AND TO SOMEONE ELSE,, YES SAY IT TO YOURSELF NOT TO ME, kasi nawawala kana,,,,,

    1. Mayabang ka rin naman ah!!! matagal ko nang nababasa ang mga comments nyo! nakakasawa na! nagmamagaling ka! anu ka, POLITIKO para magPUBLIC SPEAKING! Baka naman construction worker ka jan sa SAUDI!!! Pa-public PUBLIC SPEAKING KA PANG NALALAMAN! AT eto pa, ekumpara ba naman ang public speaking sa speaking in 4 corners of the wall! wala ka talagang ka-sense sense uy!!!
      TAMA KA NA! dinudungisan mo ang lahat ng OPERATIONS MANAGER na katulad mo dati!!! take not!operations manager daw!
      May nalalaman ka pang pa-witness stand! Anu to criminal investigation department??!!! at nagfi-feeling imbestigaodr KAH???!!! Uy gising kayo!!
      Itigil na to!

  49. relax, Jillian. Let me.
    Jeffry, wala ka ba talaga naintindihan sa sinabi ko? i brought more eyes on this particular display of nonsense, all objective spectators, and all of them didn’t know my alter-ego.
    They said the same thing: you’re not making sense, you sounded a bit pervy (asking me for a coffee when you don’t even know if i were human or a camel), and had strayed over the topic, and still not get what i kept on saying.
    I said i’m better than you, why? because you’re showing me that i am. care to prove me wrong? start by doing a decent form of comment.
    i pointed out that making a speech between HIM AND ME would be useless. memorized (or practiced) na kse. You mentioned it yourself. It had to be edited (in all aspects) to make maximum impact. Paiiyakin mo pa yung BISAYA e baka pag natanong ng something unrelated he might wish this one: SWALLOW ME WHOLE.
    My friends and i had experienced that… great speaker, then after asking an impromptu question, naloko na. Akala ko ba Operations manager ka? you should know this.
    technical term is a figure of expression MEANING picking on details.. kawawa ka naman. it’s NOT A PART OF SPEECH. is it too difficult for you to think outside the box?
    “At yong perfection na cnasabi u? Wala kana ba maidagdag?”
    bakit? you’re going to use it?
    don’t lecture me with speech. I do it everyday in another form.
    ” Anu pala ginagawa u sa klase mo? Are you not considering those points when talking…Although me pagkakaiba ng kunti ang public speaKing at class discussion, ang 3 basic elements na yan ay ginagamit for effective communication…”
    baka sex. ewan ko lng. ang tanga ng tanong mo.
    and since we’re back to stupid questions, let’s bring back that particular phrase:
    “good command of English? Only good?”
    e ikaw? meron ka nyan? saka ano palang ine expect mo? great command of english? o baka naman best command of english (naloko na)…
    word of advice: articulate yourself better. baka nga may point ka hindi mo lang alam kung paano sabihin.
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..and i’m done hibernating. =-.

  50. Walng naintindihan sa cnabi mo? Ms. reije hi,,, hehe..Don’t make illogical question…So people would understand…Kaya pala naliligaw kana ng landas, sa kakahanap mo ng daan para mkalusot ka lang sa mga usaping eto. hehe.
    Yup it’s useless sabi mo nga, kasi memorize lang, in other words, ganun nalng tingin u sa public speaking, yabang…Ah memorize lang yan tapus….Wow a great speaker!!!!Dito pa nga lang eh sabit na…
    And don’t voice out here your experiences coz it’s illogical in nature…You can tell yourself you perfected your craft. you can praise your self, you can say to yourself you’re a great speaker, you can even buy a medal, put on yourself and recognize yourself, and all those terrific characteristics in you, ,,, but not in this blog, because stupid people will believe you at mag mukha ka lang tanga nyan … hhehe
    Balik tayo sa technical term? San ka naman nag research, na hanggang ngayon, eh nawawala ka parin? Tehnical term is a figure of expression and not a part of speech…”You quoted”. “GOOD COMMAND OF ENGLISH IS A TECHNICAL TERM”…Go ask true and brilliant esl professor, if they will agree that GOOD COMMAND OF ENGLISH is a technical term, then I will not recommend you to consult your physician now…hehhe…FOCUS ON YOUR IDEA…don’t make rubbish explanation coz those readers might be confused…And they might not perfect their craft like you… hehe
    And You did a very nice reply to my question…hehe, can we? Kahit me edad u na mam ok lang sa akin, hehe…Anyway, if you think logically, it’s just a breeze to respond to any ideas RIGHT OR WRONG, STRAIGHT OR CURVE, LOGICAL OR NOT…
    Also you gave me a piece of advice,,, hehe how much was that? You know, I would suggest ne that let yourself to be your first client in your new found career…hehe…Before you advice, mend yourself first,,,It is illogical to give advice to someone who u don’t know, not your close family, not your student…Pag asawa kita it’s my pleasure, hehe. pero hindi eh…
    To jilian,,,If you have nothing to say, nothing to elicit, nothing to do, then stop making drama,,,Do your household chores, put something to yourself and be ready to share…
    Thanks ne…Til next time

  51. OMG.. wala ka ngang naintindihan.
    oh, before i forget, it took me this long to respond because i can’t put my life to hold because of your idiocity.
    “And don’t voice out here your experiences coz it’s illogical in nature…”
    then why did you in the first place (ano daw? operations manager daw?)? we went from a discussion of the term bisaya to whatnots, and now you’re insinuating that i don’t get anything, when it’s YOU who can’t understand ANYTHING!!
    Lemme say that again…
    after a rather lengthy response from me, you picked a particular expression.said “good command of english? only good?”
    and i said.. “so now we’re on TECHNICAL TERMS” (MEANING namili ka ng particular phrase).
    wala ka bang naalalang ibang parts of speech?
    wag ka na. you’re messing yourself up. stop explaining, simply because you’re making excuses for something you misunderstood. I’m a good teacher, because i have patience.. even for you. you’re perverted, i guess kulang sa sex, and you keep on shortening MY NAME yet it’s pretty simple. call me reijene.
    and since you don’t want a rather intellectual word of advice, i’d go for something with your level: go get laid.
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..and i’m done hibernating. =-.

  52. OMG.. wala ka ngang naintindihan.
    oh, before i forget, it took me this long to respond because i can’t put my life to hold because of your idiocity.
    “And don’t voice out here your experiences coz it’s illogical in nature…”
    then why did you in the first place (ano daw? operations manager daw?)? we went from a discussion of the term bisaya to whatnots, and now you’re insinuating that i don’t get anything, when it’s YOU who can’t understand ANYTHING!!
    Lemme say that again…
    after a rather lengthy response from me, you picked a particular expression.said “good command of english? only good?”
    and i said.. “so now we’re on TECHNICAL TERMS” (MEANING namili ka ng particular phrase).
    wala ka bang naalalang ibang parts of speech?
    wag ka na. you’re messing yourself up. stop explaining, simply because you’re making excuses for something you misunderstood. I’m a good teacher, because i have patience.. even for you. you’re perverted, i guess kulang sa sex, and you keep on shortening MY NAME yet it’s pretty simple. call me reijene.
    and since you don’t want a rather intellectual word of advice, i’d go for something with your level: go get laid..
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..and i’m done hibernating. =-.

  53. Hey mis reije, buhay ka pa pala, eto buhay pa din me, hehe…
    I want to get laid with you girl, how old u naba? baka pwd kapa, hehe…. And How many times you praise yourself in this blog, youre the best speaker, you perfected your craft, you are good teacher at kung anu pa, .. In my part i just mentioned my position and not describing myself,,, Kasi para kang tanga ma pinupuri mo sarili mo, hehe. at cnu maniniwala sau? of course sarili mo rin, so just like youre thrwing party to yourself drinking alone, and you yourself is your visitor, parang tanga lang pag ganun, … Yon ang attitude mo dito sa blog na to…
    Wag u na po palusot ha, kasi wala ka nang lusot, SAU NANGGALING ANG SALITANG good command of english is a technical term….. Is that idiocity or stupidity? what do u think? hehe… Kahit kanino ka pa magtanung na kung ang GOOG COMMAND OF ENGLISH is a technical term, pag sagut nila eh yes then bigyan ko kayo ng parangal, hehe… Sumabit ka dyan ne, hehe… At wag mo ako sabihan ng part of speech kasi sa elementarya palang tinuturo na yan… baka ngayon u lang natutunan yan, …
    Bakit u pala ako pinapahinto sa pag explain? bakit wala kana ba maidagdag sa technical term mo? wag u paikutin po ang idea ha kasi ndi ako gaya mo na kapag pinaikot eh nalito na at sumabit na, heheheh…..
    See you ne, mmwah

  54. My big question in this blog!!!!!

  55. Pare, gawa ka ng sarili mong blog para maganda. Ahehehe! 😉
    ….everybody deserves to post his/her opinion here, pare. Maaaring mali syo o kaya naman tama sa kanya or vice versa. ang babae minamahal pare. itigil mo na yan…
    Ms. Reijene,
    Nakakahiya n para sayo tong pinagsasabi ng isa. Ikaw ang mas nakakaintindi, so ikaw na ang huminto.
    More power sa blog mo.

  56. Hello pre salamat. But i already said that words in my previous comments… Sabi ko nga ang babae eh minamahal….Dut in terms of ideas, I have to stand for it til the end of time…hehe
    Anyway we discussed views only and not to hurt someone…
    Thank you and I understand my words as well as my points….She can reply anytime she wants…
    Yes everyone can post blogs, but there were ideas wherein we emphasized our views and you can’t just say maaring mali sakin o sa iba o sa kanya… Everyone is free to critisize even all bloggers here could critisize me, share views and comments. However, if you can’t stand to your points, then mag isip isip kana…and better stop if you want…
    If you critisized someone, make sure that you’re ready to be critisized too…
    If you can stand to your points, then go, if you can’t, then stop.
    Thank you for this interesting blog…..

    1. Pare, bastos ka na wala ka pang modo. Tama bang magbiro ka ng you want “to get laid” with someone here? Gaano ka ba kapangit at kabaduy at tila walang nag kakagusto sa iyo?
      Halatang halata ang kalidad ng edukasyon mo. Idiocity? di ba dapat idiocy? english kanto pala gamit mo. “Critisize”? Langya mas marunong pa mag spell sa iyo yung aso namin, wag mo sabihing typo error at 3 beses mo nabanggit yan sa comment mo. In short, tanga ka talaga na nag papanggap na may alam. Yung tipo mo yung mga taong sabik sa papuri subalit walang natatanggap. Nakakaawa ka. Nakakapurol ng utak na basahin iyung english comments mo, ni hindi mo alam kung paano gumamit ng tenses. Magtagalog ka na lang, or bisaya kung gusto mo.

  57. scuse me, but i’m not to stop my life just because you don’t understand anything. unlike you, i have a blog to manage, a research on hold, holidays, lesson planning on top of level tests, and two kids. ikaw? any life you need to go back to?
    i used it As a FIGURE OF EXPRESSION. ever heard of that? MEANING namili ka ng PARTICULAR word in a phrase, or A PARTICULAR PHRASE to discuss in an entire topic. mahirap ba intindihin?
    i’m guessing you didn’t like what you saw on my blog. GOOD. wala ka ring maiintindihan dun. (like, when did i say i’m the best speaker?) LOL. amazing how you can assume things you didn’t even get in the first place.
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..Passing time because… =-.

  58. Uy dumadami ah…Thank you pre, pwd ka palang editor, professor, pastor, paki correct spelling ha..
    Before ka makisawsaw, tingnan mo muna sarili u sa salamin ha, if you have the right to act like my professor,,, If you have nothing to talk with, hanap ka nalng ng gaya ni ms reije…in the first place you just come out in this blog and you don’t know the real score…
    Look at the comments of ms. reije who perfected her craft last sept. 26 and she mentioned idiocity word and we are not in the esssay writing competition checking all the spelling. And i also reiterated in my comments the same word but we established same meaning…
    In fact i can make just like sending text message…As soon as with logical AND precise ideas at hindi lumiko dun sa TECHNICAL TERM hehe…I didn’t even say that I’m perfect in grammar, because stupid people who can say he/she can perfect Grammar test considering all aspects of grammar…
    At pare kung masyado kang sensitive, this blog doesn’t need you. On 26 September, a good adviser reijene advised me to go and get laid so I said I wanna get laid with you!!!!Ibalik ko sayo pre cnabi mo ha, wag mo kawawain sarili mo kung wala kang mailalabas…mahirap yan….
    If you cant carry that kind of expression, we don’t need you here…And next time before you say that think hundred times first if you are ready to express yourself in public…
    And to miss reije!!!,,, I miss you,,, First, Dont tell me your personal activities in life, If I’m your husband, then you can, hehe…I wont tell you mine, its illogical anyway….Sana naintindihan mo cnasabi mo,,,If you’re busy, then I am…No need to narrate…
    And you said, when did you say that you are a great speaker? Aba marunong kang magreview sa mga cnusulat mo, don’t give me job, hehe… Kasi how many times you described yourself not only on characteristic but many best selling characteristics you mentioned recognizing yourself,,You can say teacher ka ng ESL, manager ka, Pastor ka, but stupid who will describe himself/herself using best selling adjectives in this blog kasi mukhang kinawawa mo naman sarili mo…blog po eto….
    Again balik tayo” GOOD COMMAND OF ENGLISH” and you called it technical term, Wag mu linlangin naman ang readers,, I’m in ha miss reije indi ako out sa topic, hehe
    You cannot say, that a good command of English is a technical term,,,And i will insist that you cannot say that,,,How come? At wag mo sabihin na indi ko naintindihan,,,
    What is the technicality of the expression, good command of English? U used before as a sentence, go and pick what you said before,,,Kahit anu pa yan , sentence, figure of expression, idiom, phrase, or whatever BUT THE POINT IS YOU CANNOT SAY THAT IT IS A TECHNICAL TERM, HEHE…Wag ka mag assume ha,,,,,,,mahirap yan…

  59. you still didn’t get it did you?
    you picked a particular phrase on an entire paragraph, and picked a particular word to go along with it. THAT’S WHAT TECHNICAL TERM over there MEANT! a figure of expressioN (somehwat like an idiom, remember that?) meaning a PARTICULAR PHRASE/WORD/WHATNOT in an ENTIRE PARAGRAPH.
    Naintindihan na ba? mahirap pa rin?
    O sya: ibalik natin:
    “good command of english?” (figure of expression)
    “only good?” (there’s the technical term i was talking about!!! GOOD) an oxymoronic point of view usually has that.
    naintindihan na? o baka naman slow ka lng talaga?
    can’t blame you. not everyone can understand easily. hence the point of this argument.
    “If you cant carry that kind of expression, we don’t need you here…And next time before you say that think hundred times first if you are ready to express yourself in public…”
    then what are you doing HERE? somehow you have learned to use the enter button. GREAT. may natutunan ka rin pala.
    “go get laid.”
    or you wouldn’t ask me over and over again. wala bng prostitute jan na pwede mong pag tyagaan? because asking me out when you’re not even sure if i’m a camel or a spambot… that’s just perverted.
    I perfected my craft. you didn’t like that? you don’t have to. It’s not the end of the world. bring it up again? you’re just jealous. because you know you can’t.
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..Passing time because… =-.

  60. “only good?” (there’s the technical term i was talking about!!! GOOD) an oxymoronic point of view usually has that.
    -hmmm…. “an oxymoronic POV??” what is an oxymoron??

  61. It is really pathetic to some point that a lot of Filipinos doesn’t realize that it would be better for teacher to teach here in the Phils Koreans instead of our teachers going there. Why?
    Philippines will generate more income if Koreans are going to deluge our country with their presence because there are lots of people or establishments will benefit like:
    1. Shopping Malls where there are thousands of minimum earners sales personnel working.
    2. Our country will earn tax arrivals and excess luggage’s fee from them.
    3. Post office charges and custom for their letters and packages coming from their family in Korea if their studying here.
    4. Restaurants and fast foods chains will have Korean costumers too. They love eating…
    5. Our teachers can walk out or resign immediately if the Korean manager shouted at them while if they are in Korea they can’t go anywhere, anytime but just to swallow and suppress their ego.
    6. And our Filipino family will be intact, living together here and not one of the members going out of the country and leave their young without personal guidance just to teach Koreans in their country.
    7. Resorts, golf courses, hotels, home stay etc. will earn from the students coming here in the Phils.
    So, why don’t you let them come here? Dream big… if you want to experience snow, aim to visit there as tourist or put up your own English Academy and not just to become as an overseas contract worker. Accepting small salary because you are not a native speakers.
    There is no place like home!
    .-= MAESTRA VIAJES-´s last blog ..What a Lovely English !!! =-.

  62. Filipino’s will never be seen as appropriate English instructors in schools for a few simple reasons unless changes are made to correct their English.
    Firstly, they utilise U.S. based Phonetic methodology.
    Secondly, because they can only speak using this form of English, they are unable to teach others how to pronounce words that defy the rules: eg Merry, Mary, Marry.
    They would need to speak using a non-rhotic accent, meaning /r/ does not occur unless followed immediately by a vowel. Pairs such as father/farther, pawn/porn, caught/court and formally/formerly are homophones.
    They would need to show that their accent has not undergone the weak vowel merger, meaning that pairs such as Lenin/Lennon are distinct. Also that it has not undergone the Mary-marry-merry, nearer-mirror, or hurry-furry mergers: all these words are distinct from each other.
    There is no h-dropping in words like head or horse or herb.
    I could go on, but I think the point has been made.

  63. hello everyone..
    I am a teacher.Currently, I am teaching English online for Koreans.
    I just felt bad when I saw this video.
    they were comparing Filipino teachers to other native speakers.
    And the worst is, they were laughing about it.
    Do they think it’s funny?
    If you’re concern about our teacher and our country, make a stand.
    I hope they listen to themselves first before they say against others.
    this is the website.

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