Super Junior CD signing event!

I got an invite for a CD signing event of the Korean pop group “Super Junior.” The CD signing will be held at the auditorium of Nowon-gu’s Citizen Center near Hagye Station on line 7. I’ve heard of Super Junior but I don’t really know them. As in I don’t know any of their songs. Only 350 people would be allowed inside the auditorium.
Five members of Super Junior will be at the event on April 2 at 4PM. KyuHyun (who had the “honor” of singing with Charice), Ryewook, DongHae, Sungmin, and Heechul will be there.
I was tempted to sell the invite but they will check IDs. Shall I go there with 349 screaming middle and high school fans? Hmm… Ok, I’ll just pretend I’m doing it for my husband’s niece (who’s really an Epik High fan).


  1. omg! can i be the “pretend niece”?! hehe. just kidding.
    hope you at least have a good time!
    they’re latest single ‘sorry sorry’ is pretty catchy.

  2. i am not a big fan of SuJu but i love their new album “sorry sorry”…you’re lucky ahahaha!:)

  3. youreee so luckyy , i m a super juniorr fan ! im like obbssese with the hope you have good timee thereee !

  4. I’m here now. Seems like I’m the eldest. I once attended a wedding here. Nice place.

  5. awws… yatta super junior hehe love em’ especially kyuhyun xD wahhhh i would so want to go take me with you ^^ too bad i don’t live in korea though hehe I heard(read somewhere) super junior will come to the phil in the summer of this year. 😉

  6. Hi again. How was the SJ Fan signing event? Wow you just don’t know how envious I am you saw Heechul up close. Was he accommodating? handsome? I hope you can write something about the event (esp that precious moment being with Heechul hehe). By the way, I am a huge SJ fan here in the Philippines. I know this would be wishful thinking but If you want to sell the signed CD, I am so much willing to buy it.

  7. ahhm..what is the website tht i can buy the CD’s of SJ? and how is it?…thanks..
    i really want the CD!!!T_T

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