Video production services

I enjoy taking pictures and videos so aside from a digital camera, I also have a video camera that I use in special occassions. Back home, I used to do amateur video editing of things that I took with my video camera and taped shows. That was almost a decade ago and I’m not into that anymore. I got frustratred seeing that I couldn’t really do it well. Well, my needs were amateurish. Companies in need of video editing, post-production and so on would require the services of professionals.
An example is the Richter Studios that specializes in high-end corporatevideo production services. They are based in Chicago but they have a nationwide reach of 26 states and 9 countries to date. I’m assuming that even a company in Korea or anywhere else can get their services – which is not limited to only video production but for every multimedia need such as presentations, touchscreens, interactive CDs/DVDs, web design and content management, and even photography.
When I visited their company website, I browsed the portfolio section to see samples of their works. They have a professionally designed website that is easy to navigate and has information on the things you wanted to know. In short, it isn’t cluttered and easy on the eyes.
I may not need the services of a company like Richter Studios but who knows. If I won the lottery, I’ll have all my photos and videos professionally done. 😀
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