Swine Flu in Korea

Great timing! We’re flying to Los Angeles in June and that’s just a month from now. The parents-in-law are a little bit worried that we might get infected with swine flu while we’re there. I think I might have to bring some kimchi to the US then!
Seriously, swine flu is not a laughing matter and people have died because of it. Hopefully, it will be contained soon so that travelers won’t have to worry about contracting the disease.
Here in Korea, it has been reported that about 23 suspected cases are being monitored by the government. It has also been reported that the first confirmed victim in Korea is recovering.
Thankfully, the WWW is full of information regarding swine flu. As a parent, I’m happy with the easy to understand Q&A format of What Parents Need to Know about SI from WebMD.
For more reliable information on SI or Swine Influenza, check the WebMD Swine Flu FAQ.


  1. You don’t have to bring your own kimchi. I’m sure there are lots of Korean groceries in LA that sell kimchi. 🙂

  2. yeah. I’m pretty sure there’s lots of korean stores— expecially downtown LA where there’s a korea town. Hmm.. there’s quite a few people staying low right now in terms of traveling because of the swine flu outbreak.

  3. Swine Flu can be scary but by following some simple guidlines you can help prevent any symptoms. I agree its especially worrying for parents.
    People seem to have forgotten about Swine Flu of late and are putting it down to a slightly stronger version of the common cold.
    The virus is coming back in a much stronger form so people should not let their guards down. Clean hands regularly, catch it and bin it still counts.

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