May is Family Month in Korea

Today is April 30th and there are just so many things to look forward to in May, which is considered the Family Month since a lot of special days are celebrated during this month.
If May 1 is Labor Day and an official holiday in the Philippines, it’s not considered an official one here.
May 2nd this month is Buddha’s Birthday. Time for Buddhists to visit the temples and pray. This is also the anniversary of the Candle light rally held last year.
May 5 is Children’s Day. This is an official non-working holiday in Korea. On this day, most theme parks, zoos, and other destinations are quite crowded.
May 8 is Parents’ Day. We don’t celebrate separate mother’s and father’s day in Korea. Instead we have one Parents’ Day and it’s traditional to give flowers to parents, specifically carnation.
May 15 is Teacher’s Day. No explanation necessary. This is also the day that the Migrants Center had chosen for us to go to a noraebang or singing room. As early as last week, I’ve been thinking of what Korean song to sing.
May 21 is Couple’s Day. It is also Nora Aunor’s birthday. I know because it’s also my eldest sister’s birthday.
May 24 is Seonggyu’s Birthday. That’s my son’s name and he’s turning 3!


  1. that’s a lot of holidays. i wish we have more holidays here. may 25th is our only holiday…sigh.
    advance happy birthday to your son =)

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