Pacquiao vs Hatton on Korean TV

Where to catch Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton’s fight in Korea?
Pinoy and British boxing fans alike surely wouldn’t want to miss what is hailed as the “Fight of the Year.” On May 2 (US time), the People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao will share the boxing ring with Ricky Hatton in Las Vegas.
Us in Korea can watch the game on cable channel KBSN Sports on May 3 (Sunday) from 9:50 AM, broadcasted live via sattelite (위성생중계).


  1. Pacquiao is a living legend in PI and his life story reads like it was ready made for a book. When I was growing up in martial arts we always had a few guys who lived at the DoJo becasue they didn’t have a home or they were told to stay there by the master to keep them out of the street life and trouble. I wish both boxers well and this should be an exciting fight…

  2. It’s really fun every time Pacquiao will have a fight. Families and friends get together like a big party.

  3. Because of Manny Pacquiao’s consistent winnings and intelligent fights, the world has started to look at us differently, that is with HIGH respect. I salute him for he has always played fair and showed utmost discipline inside the court. He was never too proud, never intimidating, and never has he discriminated anyone. His humbleness, which is typical of Filipino trait, and being dauntless, to say the least, has elevated our stature against racial discrimination.

  4. Nice win Round 2….yahoo….marami na naman siyang matulungan sa Mindanao….Thanks also for sharing that the best thing to do in any challenge is to pray!!!!

  5. I thought my 7 months Buntis Asawa was going to have our baby right there in the living room after Pac-Man won the fight, she was so excited! Congrats to all Pinoys! Lot of partying in the Islands tonight!

  6. wow! so happy to see Pacman won.My Korean husband was happy too. God bless you Pacman! God bless the Philippines!

  7. I knew Pacquiao was fast and accurate but honestly I’m a kickboxer myself and that KO punch was devastating to Hatton’s career, KO like that it’s hard to come back as same fighter as Ricky was…. Pacquiao dominated everyround it was if I was watching a match between high school kid against elementary kid, he was in different level, simply outclassed.

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