Women Friendly Seoul

I saw the news last night about Seoul’s project to make it more women friendly. It’s also posted on Korea Times today.
One of the issues raised is the number of toilets for women. I was surprised to learn that it’s a fact that there are more toilets for men than for women. That justifies our use of the men’s toilet at one time. However, I thought the long lines outside the women’s CR (as we call it in the Philippines) is because we spend more time inside them than men do.
Aside from the fact that there are more toilets for men, there are also unisex ones in Korea. This could be quite embarrassing especially that most men wouldn’t lock the door in a unisex toilet. I’d experienced entering one while a man was inside peeing! After that I became more careful.
Anyway, Seoul’s “Women Friendly Project” is a good idea. It might not suit every women’s needs but at least it’s a positive step. I’m pretty sure stilletto-wearing Korean women would mostly appreciate the “female friendly road”:

A “female-friendly road,” on whose sidewalk women can stroll without worrying about getting their high-heels stuck in crevices, is another plan. Streetlights will be improved to expand the paths to 51 kilometers by the end of the year.
Source: More Female Toilets Planned


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