1. naawa ako kay hauden when i saw this on tv.i know i should be angry for what he did and maybe some of us would say that he deserves it.but i guess the main objective of the senate hearing is for our senators to make the right law for these kinds of violation,and not to humiliate anyone.

    1. sabi ng iba staged daw yung pagbuhos ng tubig for hayden to gain sympathy… kamag-anak daw ni afuang ang lawyer ni hayden???

  2. hayden is a very sick doctor period. are videos of those women trophies of his sexual exploits?. he needs sychiatric help at the very least. did you see his mom on ‘tv patrol’, i’m not surprised he turned out this way.

  3. whether this was scripted or not, it’s still an improper behavior. and to think that it happened right there in the senate. Filipinos, which direction are we heading now?

    1. yup, i agree it’s improper and i hope we’ll have better senators next time 🙂

  4. well i dont think magpapagamit si afuang kay hayden…knowing him as a fighter…just because cousin nya ang lawyer ni hayden.yes…he deserve more than that.naaawa ako s knilang lht.

  5. I’m so disappointed din with the senators handling this case. Halatang nagpapabibo lang for next election. Please dont vote for them again, maawa tayo sa pinas.
    Besides andaming problema ng pinas, baket ba ito ang major topic sa Senate! kaloka!

  6. +1 here for the improper behavior comment. (scripted or not)
    — By the way, regarding that video scandal, i dont agree that we should condemn Hayden down to his toes for what he did. What he did is wrong i agree. But do you think he was the only one who did that? With the advent of camera phones, video cameras and the likes, it is but natural for humans to go beyond what is normal (although what is normal is subjective). There are more immoral crimes than this like engaging in extra marital affairs, fathering a child with so many women etc..
    — Its not eerie nor surprising. Im sure this practice is prevalent all around the country, as well as the rest of the world. Many people/couples have their secrets, intimate moments buried inside their cellphones, laptops etc be it in the form of video or photo. Whats wrong with that? (Disclaimer: i dont have one 🙂 )
    — Besides these politicians are focusing too much (specifically) on this case. This is not the first sex video scandal that hit us. There are so many, but what is the fuss with this one?
    — Lastly, the people i want to blame in situations like this are the ones who uploaded this video in the internet, the ones who distributed copies of it to their friends, the ones who encouraged their friends to watch it and lastly all the people who watched this video (that includes me, sorry). If you (we) really respect the people involved in this scandal especially the women, dont watch it and delete your copies if you have one.

  7. to this guy named “aswang” or “afuang”..whatever!..if he really has beef with hayden, he shouldve waited after the hearing then ask for a fist fight in the parking area..his actions will never justify his so-called anger to hayden..dont disrespect the senate house!!!..its bad that our senators are disrespecting it already..pasikat ka lang!!! if you want media attention then jump over the cliff…and to this sen. revilla who is trying to fight for womens right..dont be a hyporite because you yourself is a known womanizer..shame on your momma’s ass!!! other countries are dealing with issues like the economy or threat of war but the philippines is busy making a big deal of sex scandals..we love to hype up controversial news but we dont really solve it or come up with a clear cut resolution to it..i bet you guys, this controversy will be covered up by a new one..guys, pls dont buy the scandal dvds & just spend it one something worthy..

  8. naaawa ako kay hayden… though mali talaga ang ginawa nea…
    purgadong-purgado na xa sa masasakit na salita at mga judgments ng tao…
    pero indi lang naman xa ang ganito sa mundo… ang problema nga lang ay sikat sya at sikat din ang mga sangkot… indi ako naaawa kay katrina, indi bumenta sakin ung paawa effect nea… gumawa gawa sya ng kalokohan.. nakipagrelasyon na nga sa bf ng iba, nakipagtalik pa… sabihin nea nagmamalinis xa… nakakadiri xa…
    and dun ke revilla… wag sya pasikat noh,,, isa syang malaking babaero, pati ang tatay nea na kung kni-knino nagkaanak… kaya wag sya maglinis dahil pag-naungkat tong isyu na to… mapapahiya sya…
    wag nyo na ito iboto!!!
    sorry nadala ako ng emotion ko..

  9. oo nga.. nagmamalinis pa si bong revilla!!! dami daming kaplastikan na pinapakita, siya naman ang tatay nung anak ni jennylyn mercado!

  10. Seriously, tandaan ninyo yang mga politikos na sumasakay lang at huwag ninyong iboboto sa susunod na election. please lang, maawa naman tayo sa pinas.

  11. i just wish na matapos na ito. sobrang naging sensationalized, na pati ang gobyerno nakisawsaw na. kung tutuusin, mas madaming malaking problema kesa dito. nakalimutan tuloy nila yung nangyaring pangho-holdup sa Park Trade Bldg. sa Alabang.
    marians last blog post..Maja Mais / Maja Blanca

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