CUK Graduate Student Recruitment

If you’re looking to pursue your graduate studies (Masteral or Ph D), the Catholic University of Korea is opening its doors to deserving FILIPINO students. Prof. Emely Dicolen-Abagat (a Filipino and author of “And God Smiled Back”) is accepting applications until today, May 29. The University President and some Deans will travel with Prof. Abagat to the Philippines on June 7 to 13 to interview the applicants.
Send your applications to (Prof. Abagat’s email address.) Successful applicants will be entitled to free tuitions, roundtrip airfare, dorm and allowance (in exchange for English Assistantship.)
The deadline is today but Prof. Abagat said they are still accepting applications.
Philippine passport holders living in South Korea are also welcome to apply! Hurry!!!

Link to the application form is at the bottom of this post.

CUK Graduate Program for Philippine Students
– To provide top-level students from the Philippines with opportunities for higher-education in Korea
– To enhance the globalization of the CUK campus by creating a more diverse atmosphere
– To promote international exchange in education and mutual friendship between Korea and the Philippines
– Around 25 students
Recruitment Plan
1. Entrance period: Fall semester, 2009 (September 2009)
2. Programs: graduate program
Department and Majors
– Business Administration
– International Studies – American Studies, Chinese Studies, International Relations, International Trade
– Public Administration
– Computer Sciences & Engineering
*As for the science and engineering departments, students admitted with undergraduate degree in same or related majors
*Information, Communications and Electronic Engineering
The opportunities for admission to other majors shall be extended in the future.
3. Language of Instruction: English
A minimum number of courses about Korean language will be offered.
4. Eligibility
Program Eligibility
[Graduate] Nationals of the Philippines
Graduates or graduates-to-be of college (undergraduate program)
(as for the graduate-to-be, the student must be able to study from September, 2009 in CUK)
5. Screening
The screening will be conducted on the basis of overall evaluation according to paper screening and interview results.
1. Exempt from tuition and on-campus residence fee during the whole study
§ Graduate program: 2 years
(※ On condition that the applicant shall meet GPA of over 3.0 in a scale of 4.0.)
2. Monthly payment is available for the students who work part-time jobs on campus (such as English Assistantship).
3. Round-trip airfare provided
4. Internship opportunities at local companies arranged during study (as for candidates)
5. When the applicant completes the degree in CUK, Job opportunities with Korean companies may be offered
6. When the applicant acquires a Ph.D. at CUK, a job opportunity as a teaching staff at CUK will be offered
Application Deadline:
The end of May, 2009
Required Documents
1. Application for Admission (CUK Form)
2. Study Plan and Personal Statement (Free Form)
3. A copy of Certificate of college graduation (or certified expected graduation form)
4. A copy of college official transcript of whole year (all the ranks and marks must be included on the transcript).
5. A recommendation letter by teacher or professor serving as relevant department head
6. Proof of Foreign Status (i.e., A copy of the first page of passport)
For further information, please inquire to Office of International Affairs
Address: Office of International Affairs, The Catholic University of Korea
Tel. No.: + 82-2-2164-4116, 4957
Fax No.: + 82-2-2164-4751


CUK Graduate Program for Philippine Students
CUK Application Form
Application for Admission


  1. acck. sayang! ngayon ko lang nabasa to.
    anyhoo, thanks for sharing this ms bechay! looking forward sa iba pang opportunities na ganito. ^^

  2. I am scheduled for an interview on Thursday next week. I am just lucky I read this information last May 29, the last day of application. Thanks a lot to Ms.Betchay. I hope to be selected even if I’m not a Catholic…^^

    1. hi moonlady.. i heard your a current scholar sa CUK.. i jaz wanted to ask if when poh cla ulit magkakaroon ng opening for scholarship application? i’m really interested n mag-aaply for this.. hope you can help me.. thanks poh..

  3. @moonlady >> I hope you get selected… then you’ll have to treat me to a dinner!

  4. hahaha! sure ms.betchay. hiya nga ko sau kc di man lang kita nacontact nung pumunta ako dyan. wish ko lang talaga mapili ako. i don’t know how many applicants so im not sure about my chances. wish ko lang talaga!

  5. i think the application was extended.. i was there at CUK and had my interview there, i had no papers with me so they gave me a different date.. its nice to know a lot appplied..

  6. Just finished my interview today, there are total of 21 applicants and we were the second batch. 3rd and 4th batch will be by tomorrow morning and afternoon. According to Ma’am Abagat, those applicants who were scheduled for an interview were already screened, meaning not all applicants had the chance to be interviewed. It’s a panel interview conducted by 3 koreans from CUK. Questions are just like when you are applying for a job, and follow up questions depend in your answers. They will only select those qualified, with 25 as maximum. If there are only 21 applicants, doesn’t mean that they are all in.
    I sucked with that interview. I’ve been too honest with my answers that I’m not sure if it is a merit or demerit to me. After the interview, I wished that i just lied with some of my answers.

  7. Hi Moonlady! I think you did the right thing. Being too honest = stupidity. I don’t think you were too honest. ^^ So you weren’t asked whether AH1N1 is a security threat or not? Or about the election in Iran? -_- I applied for the Spring semester. Nabasa ko kasi ung post a tad too late. Prof. Abagat told me the app was already closed but CUK’s still accepting applicants for Summer 2010.
    .-= Elliot´s last blog ..Learn Korean =-.

  8. Yey.. the resultsare out already.. they have sent the email of acceptance.. 🙂

    1. Hi Glen, are you in Korea right now? coz there were applicants who were interviewed too here in the Philippines.

    1. Hi Ma’am Betchay,
      Good day! My name is Alessa Mae D. Entienza from Batangas City. I would like to ask if CUK is still accepting applicants for graduate studies.
      Thank you for your immediate response.

      1. Hi Alessa! You might want to check the application for Fall 2010 later. Last year, they started accepting applications in May.

        1. Hi M’ Betchay! Thank you very much for the info..I hope they’re still accepting applicants. I am currently working as an auditor but I would be very interested to take up masteral major in Business Administration.
          Thanks again! Godbless.=)

  9. I’m really thankful to ms. betchay. if not for this blog, di ko malalaman ang about sa scholarship na ito. many thanks to you ms. betchay! God bless!

  10. to milo:
    nope im in cebu but i had my interview at CUK campus when i went to seoul last may…

  11. I just want to ask, is it necessary to know the Korean language to apply for a scholarship in Korea?

    1. hi ryan! this is only for filipinos (students or professionals)… you might want to apply for their spring semester next year

  12. hi betchay! thanks very much for your prompt reply. i look forward to getting the scholarship this coming spring semester.

  13. Hi!is there any available scholarship for this coming 2010?…i really wanna study in korea but i badly need a scholarship…i need the info…please do reply…thanks^^

  14. ..hi ate betchay. I’ve been visiting your blogsite and I find really interesting and usefull due to the info’s that you share and am so thankful that there’s a blogsite that helps people like me, korean fanatic, to gain and know much about korea. I appreciate it!!
    I would also like to ask when is the next application date for CUK..I am really interested. God bless!!!
    pls send me an e-mail..for your answer!! thanks

  15. I would also like to apply for scholarship in Korea but I just found about this today. When is the next application? Please reply. Thanks!

  16. yhel i would also love to apply for scholarship in Korea but I’ve only just discovered your wonderful blogsite now..pls help..thank you!!!

  17. am i disqualified from applying if i don’t have a friend or relative from korea? Based on the form for admission, i’m supposed to have a financial supporter there?

  18. hi miss betchay are you in korea now? i have some questions kaso i dont know who to ask… it would be a great help if you could email me or give me your email… 🙁 thanks ma’am. 😀

  19. hi mis betchay! is there any way on how to download the application for admission form and the CUK form? i can’t download it. i don’t know why? or can you email it to me? pleasE??? i really want it badly. i’ve been waiting for this. please email me at: thanks!

  20. oops. i miss it. i just saw it today. i want to continue my staying here in korea in other way. currently taking my masters degree in computer engineering and i will be finish by next year. so i wish there will be another program to continue studying for my phd. please email me for updates. this is my number here in korea
    010 8556 5999 thank you very much

  21. hi, what;s the exact email to address kung saan isesend yung application? I emailed my application to and naka CC si prof. Abagat. my matatanggap bang confirmation? narelease na po ba schedules ng interview or names ng mga shorlisted? pls reply po. 🙂 Haay, I’ll get frustrated if di ako nashortlist..kidding…sayang naman kung di ako nakasama..

  22. hi. im interested about this one. should i send a letter of interest (email) first to prof.abagat or the duly signed application form and other requirements in order for me to be included in the interview list (if there’s any)? PLease help! thanks! =)

  23. hi po!
    Just would like to ask if CUK is accepting nursing graduate for graduate studies???
    please please…waiting for any response.
    Thanks so much!

  24. Hi Ms. Betchay
    How can I download the application form?I’m interested about the scholarship?

  25. Hello Ms. Betchay
    Ako po ulit ito sabi po ng friend ko na baka sakaling msagot nyo po ung tanong ko hopefully about my plan to go to korea.
    Actually I’m currently working as English Online Instructor of Koreans, a company here in the Philippines. I’m teaching my students for almost 2 years now..usually students change their teacher after 6 months but in my case they don’t want to change me as their teacher so I really love them.. My student’s family invited me to go there and they are going to shoulder everything for 1 or 2 weeks including accommodation, my ticket as in everything..I’ve met the student twice her in Philippines. The family loves me so much so in return they want me to go there.. LAst year december 2009 sinend nila lahat ng documents na kailangan ko to apply as a tourist visa ksao nadenied ako hindi ko po alam kung ano mali sa papers ko. The parents called the embassy sabi nila sa purpose of entry ako may problem dahil nilagay ko tour daw..ano ba po dapat ilagay?nagun taong gusto po nila magtry po ako ulit pano po kaya ang gagawin ko please help me naman po..thank you so much

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