The $12 adapter plug

[singlepic=1095,250,250,right]I knew before I even packed my things that the electric plugs in the US are different from Korea’s round prongs. I remember packing the adapter plug with flat prongs but I just don’t recall if I put them inside my suitcase or not. I wasn’t able to use my netbook right after we arrive in Los Angeles. There were only 15 minutes left of the battery charge when I turned it off before our plane landed. I went to the nearby Target and Home Depot, which are both walking distances from my brother’s residence, but I didn’t find the “foreign” adapter plug as one of the salesmen called it.
I’d found adapter plugs in Amazon at $2.99 but I’d have to pay $6.95 shipping fee plus tax. On Monday afternoon, I took the bus (Foothill Transit) to Westfields in West Covina and visited the Radioshack store. I found the “foreign” adapter plug but I was shocked at the price – $10.99. That’s like 11x its price in Seoul! Anyway, I really wanted to use the netbook and my battery charger (for my Eneloops) so I just bought it. With California’s 9.25% sales tax, I paid $12.01. Yikes!
I should’ve searched for other places to get it cheaper like at The Source, where I’m planning to get a new Xbox from. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’ll need a US to foreign adapter plug for it and I already have one back home. Some things here in the US are cheaper, but I’m quite surprised at how expensive that adapter plug is!


  1. Ouch! Radio Shack is absolutely the worst (most expensive place) you could have bought it. Too bad you didn’t get it at the airport! Would have been cheaper there! Anyway, have a nice trip!

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