[singlepic=1096,250,250,left]My son and I were at the Los Angeles International Airport with my brother and mother at almost 1-1/2 hrs before boarding time. There was a really long line outside United’s e-ticket counters in the morning that even if we arrived earlier than the 45-minute cut-off time, we were still late for our flight.
My 3-yr old son isn’t the most patient boy and I had to chase him a couple of times while he explored the environment barefooted while we were on standby at gate 72 of LAX. Luckily, three Korean “ajosshis” who heard my son spoke Korean helped me played with him. I suddenly miss Korea, where people are relatively child-friendly.
What it’s like to be waitlisted? This one I’m charging to experience. We had to wait for three more flights before we were able to board a flight for Chicago’s O’hare International Airport. We had to wait a total of four hours! My niece drove from Columbus, Ohio for six hours to pick us up. She had to wait two more hours for our flight to arrive. I was surprised at how slim she now looks. From a size 14 at her biggest, she went down to a size 4! Thanks to diet pill, exercise and a pesco vegetarian diet. She weighs just fine in time for my sister’s wedding tomorrow.
We’re now in New Buffalo, Michigan, where the timezone is eastern. I’m loving the resort we’re staying at. A two-bedroom suite near Lake Michigan.


  1. wow, that’s a long wait. i was wait listed once in alaska, but just for two hours. have a wonderful time at the wedding. you’re now in my time zone – eastern…lol. hope the family’s adjusted.

    1. hi kayni! it’s even more difficult when you have a small child with you who’s so excited to board the plane only to find it he has to wait

  2. Yes…we all LOVE the airports in the US. Can’t wait to see what kind of adventure awaits me on my way to Manila!

  3. That is really distracting to wait that long but it is now very common everywhere. I always enjoy watching kids at such places while waiting flights.

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