Celebrity Sighting in Hollywood

Or shall I say, I saw a “former celebrity” in Hollywood when I went there on June 11.
Like every LA tourist, I visited Hollywood with my son, mom and older brother. It wasn’t my first time but it seems that it’s a “must” that LA visitors should come to the movie capital of the world. Anyway, as I was standing at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre while waiting for my brother who brought my son to the toilet, a guy who was carrying things walked past me. I thought he looked really familiar so I called his name “Tom!” He looked at me and I asked “Aren’t you Tom Taus?” He answered in Tagalog, “ako nga!” I asked if I could take a shot and he said it’s okay. I thanked him and then he moved on. Sayang, I didn’t ask about his sister. Hehe!
A few moments after seeing Tom Taus, the people were asked by the guards to vacate the forecourt. They rolled out the red carpet for an event that evening.
O di ba, nakakita talaga ng dating artista sa Hollywood! LOL


  1. “…it seems that it’s a “must” that LA visitors should come to the movie capital of the world…”
    yes, I agree 🙂 I went to Hollywood when I visited LA a few years ago and it was fun , fun, fun 😉

  2. Mukang cute nya sa pic ha. hehe
    i heard meron sila showbiz magazine sa LA, headed by his sister A. Taus (sorry cant spell her name.. haha!)

  3. One of his movies that I like is Cedi [batang prinsipe] but his role as “Uro” in “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” was unforgettable. ^^

  4. As you say, Hollywood is a must when visiting Los Angeles, but I was very disappointed with Hollywood when I went there. It looks so glamorous and sophisticated when I went there, really it is just like any other street with its fair share of scruffy shops and side streets.

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