Expensive Niagara

[singlepic=1100,250,250,left]We drove to Niagara on Sunday morning and we arrived at Niagara Falls in Canada six hours later. It wasn’t a tiring trip at all since the roads are well paved and there are rest areas or restaurants along the way.
Entering Canada from the United States wasn’t difficult at all since Korean passport holders don’t need visas to stay in Canada for six months.
We stayed at the Courtyard (Marriott’s budget hotel) for just $60. The room with two queen bed was huge, almost as big as our two-bedroom apartment in Korea. When I saw the price of the bottled water, I was totally shocked. Hotel items are expensive (I worked at a hotel before) but $4.50 is too much.
We had dinner at the Riverview (or was it Riverside?) International Buffet. It was $15.95 per person but it was the most awful buffet I’ve had. There were only a few choices. One woman asked if there were more pizzas but the crew told her to wait for 25 minutes! There were no forks and the food? Bland! It was an experience that made my sister and I laughed on our way out and we joked about the next day.
The following morning, we thought about eating breakfast at Denny’s, just right across the hotel. Their big breakfast? About $15 – so we just left and had breakfast at the hotel. It was cheaper.


  1. Wow Betchay! If you happen to visit NYC during your vacation travels, let me know! I’d be more than happy to show you around, and I really want to see your son! =)

  2. Its really overprice when we went to baguio with my step dad(american) they sell soveiners for 100pesos(suppose to be 25-30 or something) hehehehe we didnt buy then they change it to 50 and told us thats the normal price but we didnt buy until its 25,i hate oppurtunist people…they keep taking advantage on people weakness i would like to give them the taste of their own medicine hehehehe

  3. Niagara Falls is a tourist hotspot, and because the tourist season is limited to the late spring-late summer they try to bring in as much money as they can in that short period of time. It CAN get to be a little pricey when you are in the heart of Niagara Falls, however if you travel outside of the downtown area there are many great and inexpensive things to see and do. It’s just a matter of discovering those things.

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