The best things in life are free!

It’s monsoon season in Korea but I know that a few days later, it will be hot and humid and it will be the perfect time to hit the pools! Back home, we’d spend time and money preparing for summer vacations to tourist areas. Living in fast-paced and high-tech Seoul made me appreciate that the best things in life are the things we get for free. Ever wonder why the food samples in supermarkets taste better than the ones you paid for? LOL
One of the things that I miss and hope that I could do once again is to take a bath in the rain. Last year, my then 2-year old son had his first “rain bath” in Namsan (Mt. Nam in Seoul) and how I’d wished that I could do it too. He didn’t get a cold.
At Children’s Grand Park, kids and their parents uninhibitedly swam at the shallow pools near the falls of the park. My son and husband enjoyed that time too while I just took pictures of the people at the place.
One summer afternoon, we just decided to drive to the nearby province. We ended up in Namyangju and saw a river filled with people swimming. We just parked our car somewhere and found this not-so-crowded spot. Don’t let the picture fool you, the water is just below my chin. I remember spending four hours soaked in the river. We went home in our wet clothes. It was just a 45-minute drive anyway. This is something that I’ve never ever done in the Philippines as a grown-up and yet I had more fun on our impromptu swimming than in the expensive resorts we used to visit during the summer season. And this is what I’m looking forward to this summer!


  1. wow! Seems like everybody is having a great time making tampisaw in the ilog. LOL! Sana magawa din natin yan someday sa ilog pasig.

  2. that’s deep, children should be watched all the time at a place like this, nice pictures by the you’re getting better at it =)

  3. we have lots of nice beaches as well as rivers to have fun especially during summer. i remember whenever i go to my hometown in Batangas, we go to the river nearby and swim there. my cuzins would cook lugaw on a very big kaldero so everybody could have a second take of lugaw on bowl.

  4. It’s absolutely a great place for us to relax! Hopefully, people will be responsible enough to maintain the cleanliness of this place. Sigh I hope to spend my vacation in our province soon.
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