Million Dollar Smile

As I was checking the translations request forum of one of the few Korean websites I read, I saw this translation:

A woman with million dollar smile – Ji min Han

I immediately searched for Ji Min Han or Han Ji Min’s pictures to find out why she is considered “a woman with a million dollar smile.” I remember when I was really young that the same title was given to Rita Avila, a Seiko Films starlet in the 80s. I often wonder what it is about her smile that is so fantastic. I tried imitating her smile (I was really young!) by posing in front of the mirror and then I thought that I don’t have the perfect teeth that would go with a really beautiful smile. Maybe I should use the toothpaste she was endorsing?! Now that I’m in my mid-30s, I’m pretty sure that no amount of that toothpaste would help with my teeth.
Who do you think has a really beautiful smile? I just melt when I see pictures of Jang Dong Gun smiling (and not smiling). Although I know he smokes, he has the money to still keep his teeth nice and clean. Jung Woo Sung’s smile in that notebook commercial of his five years ago literally made hundreds of thousands of ajummas buy their products.


  1. han ji min is one of my favorite korean actresses. i liked her in Dae Jang Geum as Shin Bi… i also watched Capital Scandal–she was really cute and now i’m hooked to Yi San… (reason for not updating my blog..hehehehe)

  2. Koreans love putting trademarks on their actors just like the Filipinos. But most of the time it doesn’t fit their actors like that one Korean actor which they named “Mr. Killer Smile.”

  3. i can’t put my finger why it’s a million dollar smile. i think every smile is worth more than million…lol, but then again, that’s just me. keep smiling!

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