Never travel without one

[singlepic=1120,250,250,right]Before my son and I left for our vacation in the United States, I made sure to get a travel insurance. We were covered from the time we boarded the plane until we came back. As tourists, we are not financially protected if we ever needed hospitalization and I’ve heard how expensive it is in the US so getting an insurance when traveling is a must.
I bought the insurance at the 3rd floor of Incheon Airport. There are about four insurance companies offering different coverages. It only took me 15 minutes to purchase ours. The insurance clerks didn’t speak English and the forms were all in Korean but I was given an English booklet explaining the coverage. For some, it would be easier to get an insurance quote online. They can also choose the type of insurance that will suit them best. It’s really good to compare insurance to get the best value.
I got the insurance for 57,000 won for my son and I. We never use them and I’m glad we didn’t! It’s not money down the drain because it gave me the peace of mind that we’re protected.


  1. If you’re travelling in a foreign land, insurance is a must. Nothing funny at all about needing medical care where you don’t speak the language and/or have no friends or relatives.

  2. You were absolutely right, whenever you travel in a foreign land you must to get a travel insurance. Here in Italy it is a law that you must to get it before you travel. When I was in Korea I always get it whenever I travel in a foreign land.

  3. where do i have to purchase my travel insurance?
    in my own country? or to the country im going to?
    nalilito lng ako ate betchay:D
    salamat 🙂

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