Techie Tot

[singlepic=1121,250,250,left]Before I went on vacation, I was already thinking about the things I’d buy for my son. He has a laptop that his cousin gave him, but the activities are for “tweens” though. I was looking to get him one of the kids’ computers abroad since they’re priced higher here.
While I’d complain that the choices are limited here, it’s also quite overwhelming when there are just so many to choose from in the stores overseas. The guide to Educational Supplies for Kids is useful for parents looking to buy their kids toys that are not only entertaining but will support in their academic learning as well. You can get suggestion on the appropriate toys for their age with prices. If not for online shopping sites, I would scour every store comparing their prices. In short, it will take me forever before I could make a purchase!
What I got my son is one of those popular software for preschoolers. This Children’s Educational Software buying guide will help you choose age-appropriate software for your kids. My 3-yr old son likes playing with the computer but I only give him up to half an hour to use it. It makes him feel like a grown-up using mommy’s computer, although personally I don’t want him to grow up fast!

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