"I Don't Care" is #1

[singlepic=1152,450,450]I already posted about 2NE1 before and I wouldn’t post about a topic again if there’s nothing new. Well, the thing is I heard their song six times yesterday. First was in the subway while I was waiting for the train before noon. Second was when I passed by a Samsung Plaza branch (electronics shop) near my hagwon before 1PM. Third was when I heard a student singing it (that should count) a few minutes before I started my first class. Fourth was from the radio at a kimbap store when I went out for my 4PM break. The fifth time was at a Skin Food branch I pass by everyday to pick up my son at my agasshi’s (my husband’s younger sister) house and lastly at 10PM when I went to the grocery to buy OJ and patbingsu (red beans on ice similar to the Philippines’ halo-halo).
2NE1’s second song has been on the number one spot for three weeks now and it looks like they’re going to stay there. They actually have two songs in the top 10 – the other one being “Pretty Boy” at number seven. I’m not a big fan of bubble gum poop but when all you see and hear are a group of girls in their shortest skirts and the fakest of eyelashes singing – or shall i say whispering? – cutesy songs then the group of Dara, CL, Bom and Minzy is a breath of fresh air. The four girls have an attitude and they remind me of the typical Korean ajummas. LoL


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