Kogi Truck

I first read the story of the Kogi Truck (bulgogi taco) at an online newspaper in February. It was on KBS news this morning. It took more than six months before the news reached Korean shores. Bwahahahaha. Anyway, here’s the original article I read and bookmarked but never got to post about. After reading it, I thought that I’d hunt for the truck when I’m in LA but I of course I couldn’t drive.
What interested me most was that the Kogi Truck is a Filipino-Korean idea for it was the Filipino husband of a Korean woman who first thought of the concept. If you visit Korea, you’ll find out how popular “fusion” food is – pizza with corn on top and pickles on the side, donkatsu and kimchi and of course, fried chicken and vinegared radish. I once saw a store in Myeongdong selling spaghetti on cone and I’m not sure if they still have it but that’s really weird.
I wonder how long it would take for the korean-bbq-to-go to reach Seoul. I might as well line up and have a taste of that bulgogi taco.


  1. hello! it’s been a while since i checked out this blog and am doing a little backtracking. i’m a big fan of your blog! i actually tried kogi truck on my summer trip to LA and i gotta say the food is delicious and the concept is just so interesting and fun! really worth the wait in the long line. if you do make a pit stop to kogi on your next trip to LA i suggest the burritos. very flavorful.
    hope all is well for you in korea! looking forward to reading your future posts! 😀

  2. Hi, I just found your blog while I’m researching an upcoming trip to Korea. You have lots of good info on here. Thanks. If you’re in LA and want to eat kogi food without having to drive around tracking it down, check out the bar called Alibi Room in Culver City (which is in the west part of Los Angeles close to Venice). You can have a seat and a beer and it’s not as crowded. Menu there and the trucks are exactly the same. Have fun!

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