Lee Byung Hun and Sienna Miller

Lee Byung Hun is part of the Hollywood movie “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.” The cast had a press conference in Seoul last Wednesday morning at the Shilla Hotel. The movie, which is directed by Stephen Sommers, stars Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller. What caught the press’ attention is how attentive was Lee Byung Hun when it came to his female co-star. Pictures of him assisting her climb up the stage and of both of them whispering to each other are all over the net. They probably enjoyed working in the film. Lucky Sienna!


  1. hi! I know this is off topic but I just want to ask about the shopping hauls.. is skinfood a lot cheaper in korea? and how much po ang shipping costs. thank you! 🙂

  2. she’s such a hottie, lucky Lee Byung Hun. Did you guys know that Sienna Miller was in the movie “Karate Kid” lol

  3. LBH and SM? Why not?? LBH is the only korean actor that i would love to make it really big in Hollywood…he deserves it..this man can really ACT!!

    1. i thought so too… but i’m pretty sure that when it happens, korean ego will shot up 1000 notch

  4. awe their adorable together!! He’s so cute! Haha. I think we need more couples like this I love asian guys and I know a lot of girls who do too 🙂 go sienna!

  5. …..i don’t like the way he brushed off Megan Fox. let’s hope he’s more respectful w/her……

  6. omg! i really like lee byung hun. he’s a great actor. he’s been here in ph a few years ago to film a movie. oh those sexy smile and gesture! you’re a treasure.. any woman would do anything just to be with you. i wonder who would he marry? he’s 40 years old. aww.. he really looks like my hubby. 사랑해 최호철 wink

  7. Lol, it was Jung Ji Hoon (Rain/Bi) who brushed off Megan Fox, not Lee Byung Hun. I’d say he’s setting a nice representation for Korean men in the Western world.

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