Korean copyright law: over the top?

As I was doing our laundry, I caught a glimpse of what my husband was watching. He was tuned into KBS’ Friday night current affairs program. A pixelized video of a young boy singing a popular song while doing the original singer’s moves too. The video was uploaded by his parents in a popular site similar to Youtube. A few days later the parents received a letter informing them of copyright infringement.
I haven’t been able to watch the news lately since I get home past 9PM, after picking my son at his aunt’s house two districts away from us. I try to catch the 11PM news whenever I can but I really prefer to use the computer downloading documentaries that I can watch while on the subway.
Is Korean copyright law over the top? What I’ve been reading is that the law is too broad and netizens are confused – and scared. I enjoy watching netizen versions of popular dance moves and songs and it surprised me that with the new law, they are considered illegal. If the dancing prisoners of Cebu where in South Korea, the uploaded video of their “Sorry, Sorry” dance would be considered a copyright infringement if they didn’t ask permission from the copyright owners of the song. I even read in one news article that the mere mention of a song title without permission from the copyright owners would constitute an infringement… now that’s over the top!


  1. Just a mere mention of the song title?? That’s absurd.O_O Everyone would be guilty of the crime if that’s the case..And I also happen to like the watching little boys copy the dance moves of their kpop idols in youtube. I’ve seen one fan of dbsk do that and all I thought was that he was sooo cute.. Hindi ko alam kung siya din yung sinasabi dun sa news te. Sana hindi.

  2. Thats hypocrisy on their part (Korean govt). Although in a different sense, in the scientific field, Koreans are notorious for copying bulks of sentences and paragraphs verbatim from other publications (plagiarism), then publishing it again in a different journal without mentioning the original reference, as if its their own.

  3. well its too much.. they dont know na the little boys or even the others are doing it because the artist are famous? so u mean to say, the IT girls.. (from ASAP) made their own version of Nobody of wondergirls is an infringement? its crazy.. tsk tsk

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