Summer Vacation

Picture taken at Donggang (East River) in Gangwondo three weeks ago.
I’m packing our tent, outdoor pillows, portable grill, tubes, and travel essentials for our very short summer vacation.
When you’re working in South Korea, it’s almost impossible to choose the date for your vacation. Almost everyone takes their vacation at the same time! This is the reason why during the summer season, almost all the highways are clogged with travelers and airfare is at it’s highest.
Summer vacations usually start at the end of July until the second week of August. We’re having ours from August 3 to 5 and today we’re heading to my parents-in-law’s house. We planned on going to Ulleung-do, which is an island located at the eastern side of South Korea, but my husband has an appointment on Monday afternoon. In short, we need to go back to Seoul on Monday morning so we can’t go anywhere except Gangwondo or probably Gyeongsangbuk-do. I wouldn’t mind going to Gyeongju once again for the third time but that’s out of the question since we’re traveling with my husband’s second brother and his family.
I guess we’ll just do what we did the last time then, find a river where we can park and dip ourselves in water. Luckily, most rivers here in South Korea are quite clean.


  1. hi ate! si alex nga bitin din summer vacation. he was given july 29-30 na leave, ako naman july 30-31,aug3.. so nasayang yung 1 day nya, there was so much to do last wednesday so i still went to work… we went to a certain valley in gapyeong last thursday and just started home around 2pm yesterday… sinulit na namin and we were just as lucky to still find the highways not as clogged as today maybe, haha…

  2. we were in KAngwondo just a while ago, at Ocean world, grabe sobrang daming tao.we are in Ganeung CIty right now, lucky to have an internet access in our reserved room. nakapag-comment tuloy ako.hehehe.
    right, rivers in Korea are very clean.anyway, have fun

  3. hehehe, we’re from gangwondo but we spent our vacation in seoul, we live in the province so why not try city this time. have a wonderful time to all…enjoy ur vacation.

    1. Last week of July until middle of August. August 1st is when majority of Koreans goes on vacation.

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