Big Bang's Dae Sung in a car accident!

As I was taking my break, I visited my favorite Korean portal site and was surprised to see the number one most searched item – “대성 교통사고” or Dae Sung in a car accident.
The report says that Dae Sung, a member of the group Big Bang, had a car accident at around 4 o’clock this afternoon after shooting for SBS’ Family Outing in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggido.
He was brought to a hospital in Anseong in the same province (Gyeonggido) and is being examined. Now I’m not really a big Big Bang fan but I ordered a lot of their items this morning for a big Big Bang fan!
Back to work…


    1. lol yes he does resemble minji from 2ne1 now that you mention it, they could pass for siblings!! haha

    1. he’s ok na daw… oo nga he’s so popular… i mean, the group is so popular in korea that the news quickly reached number 1

  1. Is Dae Sung going to jail? I just heard about this, I live in Europe but I’m still a big fan of Big Bang. I hope he is okay!

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