For the married immigrant in Korea

I started my other blog with the goal of posting about life as a married immigrant in Korea. However, I couldn’t really update it as much as I wanted to although I’ve thought of so many topics to post. There is a section for the “married immigrant” or people like us who’ve chosen to marry and live in Korea.
I once posted before that when I first came here, it was quite difficult for me to find information about living here as a married woman. “Altair”, whom I met on Pinoyexchange almost seven years ago before I even got married, was my source of information about Korean life. My husband is a good source too, but then he’d mostly focus on the culture and traditions rather than practical day-to-day living. He also didn’t know that there are government programs for married women. Duh!
Anyway, I’m thinking of merging the two blogs as I don’t have as much free time now. The “Married Immigrant” section of that blog contains info on Acquiring F-2, F-5 and Korean nationality. I have posted about the Mother-Child Welfare program of the Korean government and the National Basic Livelihood System. There is also a Reminder to Married Immigrants.
Fellow Pinay bloggers in Korea also have posted information useful for those planning to get married to or are already married to Koreans. Visit their sites for more info.


  1. It must be hard for you being married in another country. What are you thoughts on how it would be to be a Korean woman married in the phillipines?

  2. hi, im working here in dubai and planning to have days stopover in korea before ill go home in Philippines.would that be allowed or what are the things i should prepare or must process to go there.i have a cousin married to korean for 3 years now.ty so much a 15

  3. hi! ms. betchay ^^
    i’m an avid fan for your blog. actually i came across your blogsite while doing a research paper for filipina married migrants. and i would say that your blog is indeed helpful for all filipinas in korea (and for researchers like me as well :D). even though i am not a married migrant and just a plain filipina student in korea, i can truly relate to your experience of discrimination here. when i first came her in 2006, i was shocked on how koreans looked at filipinos. i’ve always thought that they are less discriminating that western people, but d*mn…i was wrong. people would often ask me, what are u doing here in korea? are u married to a korean? (in a condescending manner). i also had a teacher (yes, a Korean TEACHER for foreign students) who once told me that “you know, i don’t understand why filipinas would like to marry koreans. in my opinion, koreans are for koreans only.” (and then he goes to congratulate an american for finally tying the knot with a korean girl … in my face!). wow! my heart breaks every time i hear stories of our kababayans who are continuously being look down upon by koreans. and hey, i am not generalizing that all koreans are like that. there would always be good koreans.
    anyway, i just would like to share some stories and thank you, ms. betchay for your blog posts. salamat po! mabuhay ang mga Pilipino!

    1. Hi Katherine! I think you should return the question to her like: “Seriously, I don’t know why Koreans would like to marry Filipinas? They even flew to the Phils. In my opinion Pilipinos are for Pilipinos only. Period”.
      I honestly believe that your teacher is an obnoxious kind of individual who’s life only revolves around his own narrow way of thinking. He is a perfect example of how mean can some people get.
      This is a democratic country and your voice should be heard. Say something that might keep their big mouth close… and oh never be afarid of these roaches, ok 🙂

  4. hi ms. betchay. i have some questions regarding marriage(korean-filipino) and others too. i don’t have any friends here in korea, i hope u could help me answer all my questions. my email is thank u

  5. hi! i just have aquestion. hmmmm…
    as i’ve gone through your blog it seems very informative for me and i just have this thing going oni n my mind that maybe you could help me find the answers to my question(s). i have stayed in korea for 3 years, it has been on and off since i regularly go back to our homeland (philippines). i had a korean boyfriend for 8 years but we have separated and now i’m in a relationship again with a korean lad. to cut the story short, we plan to get married any time soon, probably in january or february next year. i have been trying to locate the website of korea emabssy in makati however, i end up landing on weird sites (is the site really… i don’t know. anyway, i’ve checked almost all the sites that i think i need but i just couldn’t get enough out of them. i just want to know the exact requirments on getting a marriage visa to korea and i wonder what the exact procedures are that i (or i and my future husband) should go through when i apply for a marriage visa. my boyfriend is now in korea, he just left the philippines last november. but our plan is he’d come back for our marriage and then we both leave for korea right after i get the visa or perhaps he’d go first and i ‘d do the things needed to be done. could you please help me?

    1. Hi Ivy! I had the info on my other blog – that I couldn’t access anymore! Anyway, I’ll try to find the backup and post it tonight.

  6. hi Ivy,sorry i don’t know your email ,that’s why i am writing you thru betchay’s blog…
    if you’re going to get married in the philippines,your husband-to-be should first get a singleness certificate from the korean embassy in makati,that’s the first requirement when you get married get that singleness,he needs to present there at the embassy his family census(호적등본 or 호적증명서)from his local govt office(동사무소) here in korea..he has to file it personally (daw)pero noong kami ng asawa ko e ako ang nagfile sa korean embassy..and pre-requisite daw these days na dapat ay at least 14days na nandyan sa pinas ang korean..kasi nga ang daming matched marriages dito.if you know someone from your locale,baka pwedeng makiusap sa mayor or judge na kung pwede kayo ikasal agad.kasi may time requirement pa rin yata kahit civil wedding e..pag nai file na yung marriage certificate mo ng local govt sa NSO,doon mo naman pupuntahan di ko alam kung ilang araw naman hintayan,kasi pre-requisite naman yung marriage certificate mo sa embassy to get your needs to be valid ..but before you can get a visa,of course you need to have a valid passport..the visa will be realeased 7days upon filing..i guess you will get F-1 or F-2 visa.di ko sure kung magkano o kung may bayad ba..
    yun lang Ivy ang maii-share ko for now..

    1. Hi ning bakit anong klaseng match merrid daw yun?tsaka sa tagal ng mc makuha sa nso malabong mag stan ng matagal ang korean sa pinas dahil mas important sakanila ang wrk pls repply tnx.

  7. thank you so much Ning for responding to my query. the singleness certificate required by the embassy signifies that he is actually single in korea before getting married to me or to anybody or it’s just a proof that he’s really not married to anyone( in korea). right? so, does it really have to be that he should first go to the korean embassy to apply for the singleness certificate before getting married in the philippines? does it mean that when he comes here in the philippines, he should have already brought with him his family census from his local government in korea and then he or he and i can go to the korean embassy in makati to apply for the singleness certificate. after that, if we have already arranged a wedding , we get married and then file for a marriage certificate then bring the marriage certificate to the embassy of course with a valid passport and some id pictures. is that right?
    hmmmm…i’ve heard and read that there’s this thing called cfo seminar and they said that it lasts for 2 days, there’s also an interview when applying for the marriage visa and that they require some wedding pictures ( which i don’t really mind, but i just wonder because if they really need it then i should bring some of those with me when i apply) and do they really need a certain statement or certificate showing one’s financial capacity. are these all true? if they are, then how are they done? i mean which comes first and which comes next? i wonder how long will all this take to get a visa because my boyfriend (future husband) needs to know how long should he ask for a leave from work.
    .-= ivy´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

    1. hi ivy! sorry i couldn’t put up a post last night… went home at around 11PM! anyway, ate ning is right, your fiance needs to apply for a certificate of singleness (proof that he’s free to marry) first that he could get at the korean embassy… then you should go to your city hall and apply for marriage license and attend a marriage counseling seminar… you need to wait 10 days for your license to come out before you can actually get married…
      after the wedding… bring the marriage certificate to the embassy and apply for the spousal visa… the consul will interview you… then wait for an NSO copy of your marriage certificate… your husband should translate it and register in Korea… when your husband had send you his register bearing your name as his wife, bring that to the embassy and they will process your visa… it will only take 3 days… you won’t need to show any financial documents since you are married to a korean…
      while waiting for your NSO or other papers, go to the CFO and take the seminar… when you get your visa, bring that to the CFO and they will place a sticker on your passport… do not lose the CFO certificate… some immigration official at the airport are strict about this…
      your fiance should be in the philippines for AT LEAST 3 weeks…

      1. thank you very much ms. betchay! sorry for the delayed reply. uhhmmmm…i understand now.
        however, i won’t be getting married anymore. anyway, it’s a long story. sorry for bothering you about the marriage thing. but who knows, it will still be useful for me in the future and for other filipinas out there.
        instead, i’ll be going back to korea to continue my masters in chung ang university.
        i’d like to meet you someday if you wouldn’t mind. i’m very much interested in your site and i hope i could keep on learning more from you (not about marriage this time …^^).once again, thank you.

  8. ello po kababayan,
    I juz need some information bout korea, hope anyone here can help me.
    1. Cost of leaving?
    – How much do I need to spent everyday for food? transpo? accomodation and evrything?
    How much do i need for 1 month?
    Thanks and Best Regards ,

  9. Hi!
    Can I ask you if what agency in Korea that will help me answer my question regarding the status of my fiance.He said that he is divorced but I dont think he is. I was so terribly down because I found out that he’s ex-wife is pregnant with his baby but never admitted it. I really dont want to ruin a family.
    I will appreciate your help.
    Thank you!

  10. hello always i liked marry with korean man.i love kore and culture of korea.i am single now.can i marry in korea?please answer to me

  11. hello ate good morning! i am married po(korean guy) gusto kung layasan for some rerason.i have a fiancee where not planning to get married yet but i wanted to go with it possible for me na makalabas sa ibang lugar without hes knowing.wht about the korean immigration arent thy going to file me any criminal case for abandoning my husband!pls hope to get a reply from u soon God Bless you!

  12. hi po ate bechay good evening po sa inio:)
    aq po c chara 22 years old…
    may katanungan lng po sana aq at sana matulungan nio po aq sa aking problema…
    may asawa po aqng koreano 36 years old at 1year and 7months na po kming kasal,sa pinas po kmi ikinasal at may isang anak na lalaki na 9months plang d2 q po xa ipinanganak sa 1ng taon na po sana aq mahigit d2 sa korea pero nacancel po ung visa q na f2 nung umuwi po aq sa pinas nung january 2010 dahil po nag away kmi ng asawa q,bumalik po aq d2 sa korea nung feb2010 at panibagong visa ng f2 po uli. dahil ndi q po matiis ung baby q na iiwan q lng sa asawa q kaya bumalik po aq d2 sa korea,nung bumalik po aq d2 nasasaktan po aq ng asawa q sa maliit lng na bagay dahil mainitin ang ulo ng asawa ilang beses na po nia qng cnasavhan na magdivorce na raw po kmi sa 2wing nag aaway kmi ndi nawawala sa kania na savhan aq ng “KKKAAAA” at magdivorce daw kmi,kht man sa maliit lng na bagay pinapalaki nia.pero aq po ang ayoko dahil iniicp q po ang baby q,ate qng magbabakasyon po vah kmi sa pinas kasama baby q at asawa q maaari q po vang makuha ang anak q ibig q pong savhn qng magpapagawa po aq sa pinas ng birth certificate ng bata para lng magkaron record baby q sa pinas.ano po vang dapat qng gawin sa pinas kapag nagbakasyon po kmi dun at balak qng mapasaakin ang anak q?sana po ma2lungan nio po aq sa aking problema…
    lubos pong nagpapasalamat:)

  13. diba po after ko mapa-authencate ung marriage certificate namin iseseng ko sa asawa ko tpos ibabalik nia ulit skn. question ko po, isang page lng ung bumalik skn, ngyon hinahanapan po ako ng cfo ng ilang pages pa…pero sbi ng asawa ko isang page lang daw po tlga ang ibinigay sknya. ano po tawag dun sa korean…thank you po!

  14. divorce n po ako sa asawa ko pero nakastay p dn ako d2 korea,working as an English teacher sa isang hagwon.gus2 ko lng malaman kung gang kelan ako makakapagstay d2 korea kc nakalagay sa alien card ko january 2012 period of stay ko.pwd ko p b magamit un or i should go back in the Phils.thnx,pls reply.

    1. Hi Yuri! Pwede ka daw mag-stay hanggang bago mag-expire ang visa mo. Hanapin ko lang kung saan ko nakita and post ko later.

  15. Hi Betchay!thank u s reply napakahelpful ng site n 2.I have 1 more question balak ko kc umuwi ng pinas by January 2011.makakabalik p kaya ako d2 magagamit ko p dn b nakatatak sa visa ko or mapuputol na un.Sinasamantala ko stay ko d2 kc gus2 lng makaipon ng konti pa para sa family ko.Kung sakaling pauwi n ako pinas hnd b ako haharangin sa airport dahil divorce n ako sa asawa ko pero ginagamit ko p dn visa ko?thanks for answering my questions.i will be waiting for your reply.

  16. good day, ang tanong ko pong ito ay para sa kaibigan ko sa abroad… dati po sya asawa ng koreano, isa po sya sa mga babaing nakasal sa pamamgitan ng agency and the sad thing is dalawang buwan lng sila nagsama na divorce kaagad, ang tanong nya po maari po bang ma renew ang visa nya? paano? o meron po bang paraan legally na maconvert yong visa nya into other type of visa? paano po? sana po malinawan ang tanong ng kaibigan kung ito… salamat po..

  17. betchay,
    divorce n ako sa asawa ko pero and2 p dn ako KOREA ngwowork s isang company.magulong magulo isip ko ngayon nakikipagbalikan po asawa ko sakin.mahal daw nya ako at gagawin daw nya lahat para bumalik n ako sa kanya.nagdivorce kami nun dahil may problem attitude sya.gusto ko syaa bigyan another chance kung magbabago talaga sya kahit pano minahal ko din naman sya nung kasal pa kami.problema ko ngayon divorce n kami dito pero married p dn ako sa kanya sa pinas.magbabakasyon sana ako sa pinas pero nagaalala ako baka hindi n ako makabalik dito dahil puputulin na visa ko pag umuwi ako satin.ano po b dapat ko lakarin n papel para makabalik ako uli dito KOREA at magpakasal kami ulit ng ex husband ko.hihintayin ko po reply mo.please help.thanks.

  18. gd morning ms.betchay… my asawa akong korean malapit na akong pumunta dun,,, ung parents in law ko mukhang mababait,, mabait kaya tlaga un or sa una lang kc ung frnd andun na sya sa korea mabait mother in law nya ung una lang,,tapos ung frnd ko na un my anak sya dto sa pinas na dalawa ngunit di alm ng koreano ang alm ng koreano ay pangkin lng nya ang dalawang bata maaari bang magalit ang koreano or mananaig parin ang love pls my question here my fb add thanks you

    1. hi marygrace… isipin mo na ikaw ang koreano (kailangan isaalang-alang din ang kultura nila ha)… kung nag-asawa ka na may itinagong lihim sa ‘yo, ano mararamdaman mo? depende na sa tao yan di ba? pwedeng maunawaan niya at pwede rin namang hindi…

  19. hello! miss betcha
    its me again nais ko lang poh itanung kung ano poh ba ang dapat kung gawin kc poh nd pa poh kami kasal ng bf ko koreano manganganak na poh ako this comeng dec. first week panu poh ba magiging korean baby ang anak ko at gusto nia din poh na this dec.28 or january fisrt week eh! makapagtour na kmi mag ina sa korea.pwede ko na poh ba isama ung baby ko khit one month plang sya……..umaasa poh ako na mabibigyan nyo ako ng sulosyon sa problema ko salamat poh ate betcha

    1. Hi Gina! Hindi pwedeng i-register yung bata as Korean kung hindi kayo kasal. So hindi pa siya pwde maging Korean citizen. Pwede na kayo mag-travel kahit one month pa lang ang baby. Apply mo siya ng passport sa Pilipinas at ask mo ang DSWD kung may iba pang requirements. Apply ka ng tourist visa sa Korean Embassy.

  20. HI Miss Bechay..
    Ur blog is so informative..ang gnda ng mga topic na naipopost mu at marami akong nalaman about korea and korean. My husband is also korean,we choose to stay here in our country. We have two kids n0w but i never been visit korea since marry him. Our kids are n0t yet registerd as korean children here in embassy. They have only fr0m NSO. I want to ask if do i need to registered my kids at korean embssy as a preparati0n to visit korea s0meday?
    Thank u Miss Bechay..take care.

    1. Hi Jolina! Ask your husband to have them registered as his children in the family register. Kung may mangyari sa asawa mo, mas mahihirapan sila na ma-claim ang citizenship nila. Ask your husband to call the Korean Embassy, kasi siya lang ang pwede maglakad ng papeles.

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