A few months ago, a popular telecommunications company – SK Telecoms – had Jang Dong Gun and Rain sung “bippity boppity boo” on their CFs (commercial film). And almost every child you meet on the street right after was singing that famous song from the Disney animated film “Cinderella”.
Last month, KT – another telecommunications company in South Korea – started broadcasting their new CF with the new catchphrase “Olleh!” It’s actually “hello” spelled backwards. As expected, kids (including my son) caught on and they have been greeting each other “Olleh!” instead of “annyeong”.
There are currently 9 “Olleh!” CFs on television, 2 online versions (shown on popular portals) and there’s even a UCC contest. If you don’t know what the “olleh!” is that I’m talking about… better visit the KT olleh site.


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